PODCAzT 79: Augustine on your solidarity with Christ; your voicemail

This PODCAzT, the first in a while, is a bit of a blast from the past.  I am going back, on this 1st Sunday of Lent, to the topic of the very first PODCAzT I made.

It seems appropriate.

I am learning to use new hardware, a wonderful new microphone sent by a reader from the amazon wishlist, together with new software on a different computer!  Therefore, I had to find all new settings and balances and… well… everything.

Also, I have started to think through what I really want to do with these PODCAzTs… Where do I want them to go?   I would like to build them in such a way that they could be used by others more easily.

Anyway, day I pick up the Liturgy of the Hours and drill into St. Augustine’s take on a couple verses of Ps. 61… 60 in Augustine’s day.

Then I offer some of your messages left on my skype voicemail.

Some of the sound levels might not be quite on target here.  Again, I am re-learning everything!

Still, in realistic humility about my own capabilities and in appreciation for so many of you who have been asking me for more PODCAzTs….. here you are!

Finally, I think the iTunes feed is working.

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  1. Frank H says:

    The new podcazt came through my iTunes okay.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I also got the podcast on my iTunes just fine.

  3. Bob says:

    Time travel! Awesome!

  4. Ann says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast! Really nice.

  5. Jillian says:

    Podcazt downloaded on my iTunes as well (Yay!). Thank you, Fr. Z, I love these podcazts!

  6. Jose says:

    More usefulness:
    1. Post as “timeless” as possible, that is, a Lenten audiocast should be, as much as is possible, 100% relevant in any calendar year. Your translation of prayers is somewhat like this format I propose.
    2. To accomplish this, you can follow the Calendar for the Mass, or the Divine Office (OF or EF).
    3. That way, on any given day, for centuries to come, one can find this:

    March 1, 2008 – something about Lent
    March 1, 2009 – something more about Lent or today’s Office of Readings
    March 1, 2010 – something about a Saint or feast or celebration of the day.

    Just some thoughts.

  7. Kaneohe says:

    Received both St. Augustine and Way of the Cross from ITune today.

    Grace and peace!

  8. TomB says:

    It (79) downloaded automatically in iTunes, no problem.

  9. Peter says:

    It downloaded just fine from iTunes for me, as did the Way of the Cross. Excellent podcazt.

  10. ChadS says:

    Fr. Z, This podcast isn’t showing up on my iTunes listing. The last podcast about St. Alphonsus Liguori downloaded without any problems.


  11. Anastasis says:

    I tried to subscribe via iTunes, but in the iTunes store there is not a single episode visible. When I looked it up yesterday two episodes were listed.
    Maybe it is possible to subscribe directly using the URL of the RSS feed of the podcazt, if you could provide that.

  12. Antonb says:

    Dear Fr Z,

    I am not quite sure why but the podczt don’t automatically come through to my ITunes. I received the two from this week but I would like to download the one above. Is there someone who can assist without tearing Father away from the more important work of creating the podcazts.

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