Davenport, IA – 13 June – Extraordinary Form workshop for laity

From a reader:

Una Voce Quad Cities is happy to announce a Workshop for the Laity in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (the “Latin Mass”), Saturday, June 13, 2009 (the feast of St. Anthony of Padua) at St. Anthony’s Church, 417 N. Main St., Davenport, Iowa 52801.

Fr. Scott Haynes, SJC, a priest of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in Chicago, will speak on the history and ceremony of the Roman Rite, the Divine Office, and Gregorian chant. Mass will be included in the schedule, and we will conclude the day by singing the short mid-afternoon service of None in Latin according to the traditional Gregorian Chant melodies.

To register for this event, visit the following link, call 1-800-838-3006 (When you call request the “Workshop for the Laity”).

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  1. momoften says:

    I highly recommend attending this event if the opportunity presents itself to all. I have met and
    listened to Father Scott…he is a very gifted speaker!!!!!!!

  2. TJM says:

    Father Haynes is top notch! These folks are in for a treat. Tom

  3. marcum says:

    Great news for Davenport area Catholics.
    The TLM up and down the Mississippi – re-seed the heartland with the TLM.

  4. Supertradmom says:

    Pray that some of the priests of the diocese who do not support the TLM attend and have their hearts and minds changed. The four to six priests who support the TLM have been heroic in their efforts to get the Mass in the Diocese and to maintain its continuity, despite coming great distances to provide the TLM in Davenport.

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