First Holy Communion

Here is a great photo from St. Norbert’s in Roxbury, WI.  This is a solemn Mass with the priests of the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.

First Holy Communion!

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  1. Father,

    These are truly magnificent photos. I wish that all
    First Communion ceremonies around the world were
    this beautiful.

    In the traditionalist parish that I attended when
    I first converted First Communion was usually
    administered on Corpus Christi. The children
    scattered the rose petals along the road for
    the monstrance after Mass. It was thoroughly moving.

  2. Kneeling and on the tongue! It’s hard to find the norm being used these days.

  3. Curtis says:

    What beauty! Are these angels on Earth or men in Heaven?

  4. irishgirl says:

    Lovely picture! And what cool priests!

  5. TJM says:

    I understand this parish offers the TLM. Fabulous! And look how young those devout priests are!!!! Tom

  6. Ray from MN says:

    The age of those priests appears to be about 28. This bodes well for the future.

    The Church has been receiving wonderful good men in recent years.

  7. wolskerj says:

    These priests have been an enormous blessing to the Diocese of Madison! Fr. Miguel Galvez, Fr. Jared Hood, Fr. John Del Priore (l to r) along with Fr. Faustino Ruiz live in community, and assist each other in administering 4 parishes in our Diocese. I don’t know how they manage the logistics, but they seem to be everywhere at once and no longer employ extraordinary ministers at Mass. (I sometimes wonder if some of them are capable of bi-location). The TLM is offered at 3 of their 4 parishes and they celebrate the Novus Ordo with tremendous reverence and dignity.

    Best of all, two new priests of their Society will be ordained here on July 31st! I hope I won’t sound greedy if I say I hope they will be asked to stay and serve here in our Diocese.

    Sorry to rattle on, but when I saw this picture I couldn’t resist the chance to brag a little about our beloved priests!

  8. That is so right. Mother with her head covered. Son on bended knee with his hands in prayer and ready to receive the King of Kings on the tongue. As for the priests, these men if they continue like this will be responsible for many seminarians I’m sure.

    Praise the Lord.

  9. God bless that child (those children) receiving his (their) First Holy Communion.

    The day of one’s First Holy Communion is the happiest day of anyone’s life this side of Heaven.

  10. Lori says:

    What a lovely difference from the photo-op feelgood First Communion we attended on Sunday. The pastor of the parish didn’t even know how to distribute the Eucharist in an orderly fashion (church is semi-circle, stadium style, with lots of cut-ins that produce a very disorganized path of procession, etc)

    I remember thinking as I received for the first time, as an adult re-vert, “I could die now, and be happy.” It is a blessing.

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