Harrisburg, PA: Solemn Mass Video

Apparently there was a Solemn TLM yesterday in Harrisburg, PA at St. Lawrence Chapel.

The sender wrote:

Though this is an apostolate of the Fraternity, it was the first Solemn High Mass celebrated there since the post-conciliar reforms. For many of us it was also a first, as all but the priest who sung the Mass were seminarians from Mount St. Mary’s seminary. The seminary’s Schola sang and a number of us who have been practicing for some time served as Deacon, sub-deacon, MC, acolytes and thurifer. The reason was no more than the availability of a priest looking to help seminarians learn while improving the liturgical life of his community, and the allowance of the Rector to make the Solemn High Mass happen[Excellent man.  I met him.  He was a real gentleman.  If sounds as if he is trying to do his part as a rector to see to it that seminarians know both uses of their Roman Rite.]

Here is a YouTube of the event.  There are others.


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  1. TJM says:

    Fabulous news. Totally unthinkable 5 years ago. The rector should be commended. Tom

  2. Maureen says:

    This kind of generosity and broadness of thought is really practical as well.

  3. Daniel Muller says:

    There are three uses in the Roman Rite. And while it would not be practical to train all seminarians in it, United States diocesan seminarians should be acquainted with the Anglican Use, especially if it is offered in their respective dioceses.

  4. I have been told several times by Catholic friends that all of the bishops in Pennsylvania are warm to traditionalists, save the bishop of the Altoona diocese.

  5. TJM says:

    rightwingprof, where is Bishop Trautman located? I think he might find these fine seminarians “too rigid” or “non pastoral.” Tom

  6. Jon says:


    I was at the Mass yesterday. That’s my wife’s veiled head at the lower left corner of the screen, and I’m next to her. One of my son’s is one of the torchbearers.

    The Mass was truly magnificent, and a veritable miracle considering the world we lived in a scant few years ago. Deo gratias for Benedict XVI.

    I’m truly grateful for Bishop Rhoades, whose generosity created our Community, and who has encouraged it to thrive, and to Father Frank Parrinello, FSSP, a better pastor and dare I say friend, you will not find. This beautiful, living parish, has arisen from what had become a veritable museum piece to become a real home to the People of God in Harrisburg.

    The seminarians were wonderful. Several of them assist at Holy Mass at St. Lawrence each week. Everyone out there reading this should be excited at the thought. We had seminarians from not only Harrisburg, but from Charlotte, Columbus, Kansas City, Atlanta, and other places. A few of the seminarians singing in the schola were from St. Charles Borremeo in Philadelphia.

    These young men are engaged in actively learning the Traditional Mass in seminary, attending class where it’s taught. They are all bright, polite, intelligent, enthused, and holy. They have our gratitude and prayers.

    Brick by brick.

  7. Deo volente says:

    It is probably known to all, but Bishop Rhoades was a former Rector of Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary. May God bless him for this opportunity for the current seminarians and for this marvelous Mass!


  8. RichR says:

    A gift from the Pope, to the Rector and his seminarians.

    Even if only a few of these seminarians in the video actually go on to offer the TLM, they will all carry this experience with them into their approach to the liturgical events they participate in.

    I was a member of an Anglican Use parish while I was in dental school in San Antonio. I sang in the choir and was an altar server. The solemnity of everything stays with me to this day, and it inspired me to start a men’s schola (which is enjoying it’s 6th year).

    It’s not just the Mass. There is a ripple effect in every aspect of worship. It goes beyond clerics.

  9. Thomas says:

    I have attended St Lawrence a few times and was lucky enough to have attended my first EF on the day Bishop Rhoades founded the Community and Installed Fr P. the Chaplain. Beautiful Church and a thriving community made of people who travel from MD as well.

  10. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Father, This is my Church! – the wonderful Latin Mass Community where five of my children and I were formally received into the Church and confirmed last weekend at the Easter Vigil. Sadly, we had to be out of town and missed this Mass yesterday. Thanks for posting this!

  11. Mike Morrow says:

    Just think how much of the post-Vatican II damage could have been healed by now, had PP John Paul II in his long and notible reign exerted the effort of Benedict XVI.

  12. Geoffrey says:

    “Just think how much of the post-Vatican II damage could have been healed by now, had PP John Paul II in his long and notible reign exerted the effort of Benedict XVI.”

    Everything happens according to God’s good time. And let us not forget that the FSSP was founded by John Paul the Great and then-Cardinal Ratzinger!

  13. Ann says:

    God bless that rector! It is so exciting to see the extraordinary form put into use. What a blessing to all of the Church!

    This sort of news makes me feel so happy–just happy. :-)

  14. Brian says:

    I work at Mt. St. Mary’s in Emmitsburg and every Tuesday morning the Seminary has an extraordinary form mass.

  15. marie bishop says:

    I almost stopped going to mass. It was a circus. Then our priest Fr J.D Mac started saying the Triditional Mass for his parish. I cried the first time I whitnessed it. I joined the parish. I have an 8 year old son who made his First Holy Communion on Easter Sunday. Joseph wanted to receive on his knees at the TLM and not standing with his class. I actually argued with him and we went to the priest. Well they won and he received alone. I dont consider myself a holy person but even I know that Our Lord deserves to be reverenced as our King. The TLM will never die because it is the Mass!!!!

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