Orlando, FL: 3 May – Mass of Reparation for Notre Shame

From the website of the Diocese of Orlando with my emphases.

This isn’t just a group of concerned Catholics.  This is the Catholic diocese in the cathedral with a bishop.

All are Invited to the Mass of Reparation

As Catholics we are aware of the many shortcomings and transgressions committed against the dignity and sacredness of human life in our world. That is why it is inconceivable that Notre Dame University, a Catholic institution of higher learning, should receive and honor anyone who promotes policies that are contradictory to who we are as a people of faith.

As our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI stated in his visit to the U.S. last year in reference to Catholic university presidents, "to justify positions that contradict the faith and teaching of the church would obstruct or even betray the university’s identity and mission."

Mass of Reparation
May 3 at 6:00 p.m.
Cathedral of St. James
215 N. Orange Avenue
Downtown Orlando

Come and pray with Bishop Wenski for all of our transgressions against the Gospel of Life.

Reparation is the making amends for a wrong done or for an offense against God. By his death on the cross, the Son of God offered his life out of love for the Father to make reparation for our sinful disobedience (CCC #614).

We are obliged to make reparation for personal sins against justice and truth (CCC #2412 and #2487).

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  1. Scott says:

    This is good. It really is great to see Bishops actually taking a stand and doing something about it. Of course prayer is the best thing anyone can do and in the spirit of reparation is even better,
    Kudos to that Bishop

  2. TNCath says:

    This is amazing! Any word yet on what Bishop D’Arcy plans to do yet?

  3. Franzjosf says:

    Bishop D’Arcy has expressed a desire to join a “prayerful and dignified” demonstration.


  4. Rob says:

    I think this a brilliant idea–it says so much more than a written statement from the bishop could convey.

    (Although I am proud to say our new bishop in Knoxville, Bishop Richard Stika, has added his name to the list of bishops who have publicly written about the poor choice by the school administration)

  5. magdalene says:


    This is how we must approach many things that are beyond our control–with prayer and in making reparation, even public reparation.

  6. a catechist says:

    WOW! I’m a long way from there, but maybe I can request a Mass (and send an offering) at a monastery to celebrate a Mass of reparation for these actions by my alma mater’s leaders. Certainly a public Mass is powerful, but let’s not underestimate the power of the Holy Sacrifice hidden away in a cloister. I will certainly ask my guardian angel to attend with Bishop Wenski!

  7. Sandy says:

    Wow! Some of these bishops are showing themselves to be courageous defenders of the Faith (which all of them should be, of course). Let us pray for them, because you know the devil is on the prowl and loves to target the clergy.

  8. Mark says:

    The guy must have absolutely no shame to not have resigned already in the face of such shaming.

  9. michigancatholic says:

    I think it’s important to make sure that we don’t just protest and then continue to reward ND by our actions afterward(and Georgetown too, for that matter).

    If you don’t like what they’re doing, do something about it and make it stick. Get out of Notre Dame if you can. Cover up or throw away your Notre Dame apparel. Cancel and reschedule your events that were supposed to be at Notre Dame. Take ND off your acceptable college list. Same for Georgetown. Put them on your crap list. They deserve it til they straighten up.

    And keep up the prayers about and for Notre Dame and all such despicable & contradictory situations after this silly display of theirs is over.

  10. LCB says:

    A donor really should sue Notre Dame for fraud. They were defrauded into thinking they were supporting a Catholic University.

    Faced with a similar challenge from the free masons in court, St. Louis University used as their defense “we aren’t really a Catholic or even a religious university.” SLU got their public funding, and the masons lost the case. The masons were stunned– it was the one defense they never expected.

  11. michigancatholic says:

    Or at least stop donating. I’m sure they’re getting beaucoup bucks from the Feds. That’s what this is mostly about, I’m sure.

  12. michigancatholic says:

    Brace yourself. What happens when the same choice confronts a big Catholic hospital? Abortion on demand vs. loss of fed funds. What do you think will happen?

  13. Ben says:

    Praise God for this, and for the good Bishop. Now if we can only get such a Mass offered here on campus…

    To all readers of this blog, continue to pray for us–especially in light of the Eucharistic Procession tomorrow.

  14. therese b says:

    Guys and gals – have you seen this site. Looks like someone has been reading this blog.

  15. LCB says:

    ND doesn’t get huge amounts of federal bucks, but it isn’t chump change.

    ND has the nation’s largest ROTC program, which is a significant source of revenue.

  16. Peggy Olds says:

    The Wanderer newspaper had an article suggesting that parishes designate Masses on May 17th in reparation for all aborted children and for the loss of the Catholic identity of Notre Dame.

  17. Peggy Olds says:

    Forgot to mention that I made 12 copies of the article and sent them to pastors I know around the country. Perhaps if we all mentioned this to our pastors, we might start a grass roots national day of reparation for the loss of our Catholic universities.

  18. Peggy Olds says:

    forgot to mention that I made 12 copies of the article and sent them to pastors I know around the country. Perhaps if we all mention the intention to our pastors, we might begin a grass roots national day of reparation for the loss of our truly Catholic universities.

  19. I am not Spartacus says:

    Fantastic. Add Bishop Wenski to the list of masculine Bishops.

  20. Peggy Olds says:

    Forgot to mention that I made 12 copies of the article and sent them to priests I know around the country. Perhaps if we all mention this intention to our pastors, we might start a grass roots national day of reparation for the loss of the Catholic identity of our Catholic universities.

  21. Chironomo says:

    Unfortunately this is a Sunday evening and I have a 6:00 Mass myself or I would be there in a moment (actually, about 90 minutes or so to get there from my house…)

    This is without a doubt the BEST solution to this problem. Can you imagine how Fr. Jenkins must feel having a Mass said for reparations for what HE is doing? If this were repeated in perhaps a dozen or so Cathedrals around the country (maybe in Notre Dame’s diocese?) wouldn’t that be better than all of the letters, articles and the such?

  22. Thomas in MD says:

    This is wonderful and appropriate, however, I think that the Georgetown offense is far greater than that of Notre Shame. UNS will honor a sinner and give him a platform to speak , but Georgetown dishonored the Holy Name. Now THAT calls for reparation in a major way. Shall we all say an extra Rosary on Monday to make ammends? Who’s in?

  23. Thomas says:

    The backlash in from the Church and, in particular, the BISHOPS is unprecedented. I’m very proud to see such a robust defense of the Church, but very sad that Fr. Jenkins could be so obstinate in the face of such criticism from the successors to the Apostles in this country.

  24. Supertradmom says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if the 76% of the alumni who are against the Obama talk and degree would attend the Mass? What a witness that would be.

  25. EDG says:

    Thomas, I think both Georgetown and ND are horrible, but ND hasn’t happened yet and maybe there will still be time to prevent it. I think the wonderful thing is that so many bishops actually are trying to prevent it, but at the same time, the appalling thing is that Fr. Jenkins and his order don’t seem to care. I agree, however, that somebody somewhere (preferably in DC) should offer a very public mass of reparation for the Georgetown stunt.

    I live in Florida and I plan to go to this mass (it’s about 2 hours away from where I live). I am hoping it won’t be necessary because in the end Obama won’t have been given the degree, as the result of the combined voices of the US bishops and Rome. But I’m not very confident about this, so I’ve marked my calendar.

  26. Tomas says:

    I’m extremely surprised that Bishop Wenski would take this step. He has been a notorious liberal, as Catholic Media Coalition member Orlando Truth would tell you, particularly regarding catechesis. I could be wrong, but I believe his DRE has ties to Call to Action. Perhaps someone from Orlando Truth who frequents this blog could confirm or elaborate?

  27. Crazy Man says:

    I’m not too surprised at this. The bishop is quite pro-life. His Excellency also led a pro-life rosary procession through downtown Orlando last (Holy) Saturday to an abortion clinic and hopes to make this a montly thing. So, on issues of life, the bishop is spot on. However, the rest of the diocese as others have mentioned here with the pro-abortionists/CTA nuns, religious education program, etc. is quite troubling, in addition to the other faults of the diocese (which is great in lenghts) that we see throughout, including recently the false accusations against the SSPX that Fr. Z posted a few months ago that appeared on the Orlando diocese website/E-Scroll list.

  28. JPF says:

    God bless Bishop Wenski, as a local I can say that I am proud to see our diocese taking action against this. Our diocese is not perfect, I know this. I do know one thing however, having come to know personally the up and coming seminarians for the diocese, I have expectations for a stronger and more robust Catholicism for the area. the parishes that are not up to snuff, they know who they are and it would be a matter of time before they meet with the JP2 generation, until then please keep us in your prayers.

  29. Karen Hall says:

    I live in Orlando. I wish Bishop Wenski would show as much concern for what goes on in his own diocese. I moved here from L.A., and Orlando is worse. That’s saying something.

  30. Colleen Barry says:

    Number 1. Please Note there is so much Catholic and Ecumenical Help for the 100’s of 1,000’s of women, couples, families and communities that are suffering because of a past abortion. Please check in your local area. The church is reaching out to these people and of course women facing a unexpected blessing (pregnancy). Lookup “Abortion Alternative” in your area.

    Thank You to all the Bishops, Cardinals, Notre Dame students and faculty that are sticking by the catholic churches teaching’s, logic and nature by defending LIFE and speaking out against Notre Dame inviting the President to speak. It is more than sad that the commencement speech, a time to inspire students is being offered to a strongly Pro-Abortion and Abortion Promoting President. This is simply WRONG and DAMAGING.

    President Obama’s Abortion promoting actions so far- Overturning of the Mexico City Policy, which had prohibited U.S. funds from being used to promote or provide abortions overseas, FOCA, Working to overturn conscience protections for healthcare workers concerning Abortion, past votes against an Infinite Born Alive Protection Bill (while in state senate) and much, much more.

    Thank You,
    Colleen Elizabeth Barry
    Proudly Pro-Life

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