PODCAzT 83: St. Augustine on the challenge of remaining faithful

In this simple PODCAzT, we will pry open St. Augustine’s sermon to newly baptized Catholics.

He talks to them about the hardships they will face in remaining faithful under the onslaught of temptations presented by the unfaithful.

In s. 376A Augustine is preaching on this very Sunday, the Sunday after Easter – Dominica in albis – Low Sunday – Divine Mercy Sunday.

The newly baptized are gathered in the church in their white robes, which they will now put off as full members in the Church.

The old bishop explains that they will face challenges in remaining faithful.  Others, who say they are just as faithful as they are – but aren’t – will as tools of the devil try to lead them astray.  They must be on guard.

This sermon reminded me of the problem we face today with those who say they are Catholic and yet scandalously promote anti-Catholic policies.  I have in mind pro-abortion Catholic politicians and institutions such as the University of Notre Dame.

I read the sermon in English, and – because it isn’t too long – in Latin with my own comments and digressions before and after.http://www.wdtpr



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  1. Clinton says:

    Thank you, Father, for the reading and your commentary. Truly no one can say that St. Augustine’s sermons
    are merely artifacts and have little to say to us today. I especially liked the imagery of the threshing and the
    observation that there is neither chaff in heaven nor wheat in hell.

    The saint’s warnings about those who would lead us astray remain solid advice. It’s chilling to think that the
    malice (only sometimes unconscious) that prompts some to wish to draw others away from their faith is only
    a pale, pale reflection of the malice borne us by the evil one.

    Thanks again, Father.

  2. Edward Martin says:

    I listened to the podcast on the way into work. Thank you Father. “Plus c’est change plus c’est la meme chose.”

    My $0.02 would be that with regard to “witch doctors” one could also look to the likes of all the various new age healers. [Good one! Think of the recent statement about Reiki.] After a serious illness struck my wife was led down that path. Fortunately it was a circular path that led back to God, only with greater faith.

  3. Sandy says:

    For a new Catholic, this has very special meaning… thank you…

  4. Sandy: I am glad it was helpful for you!

  5. Jonathan says:

    Dear Father Z:

    Thank you for another great PodcaZt. As I have posted before, these are such a Godsend on my frequent business travel, an opportunity to grow when it is easy to be diminished. I listened to this one in the emergency room this morning while waiting for treatment after hurting my ankle on a piece of hotel furniture.

    There is much to reflect on in the notion of being in the Church, yet bad. While it may not rise to the level of pro-death Catholic politicians, there is ample opportunity for those of us that hold ourselves out as committed Catholics, to give scandal in all sorts of small ways in our often lackluster example.

    You have had two postings recently on the subject of whether silence in Church is next Godliness. They have both been a hotbed of uncompromising views. We all need a reminder, “ubi caritas et amor”; sometimes we traditional Catholics sound in need of evangelization.

  6. joseph says:

    Father Z,
    where can I find the text version of this
    St. Augustine sermon?


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