St. Anselm – 900 years

Today is the 900th anniversary of the death of St. Anselm.

His feast day coincides in both the traditional and post-Conciliar calendar.

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  1. Supertradmom says:

    St. Anselm is one of my favorite saints. He was a genius and is worthy of study today. Pray for us, St. Anselm.

  2. WCR in Pittsburgh says:

    Interesting way to phrase it – “His feast day coincides in both the traditional and post-Conciliar calendar”. Rather more bluntly, and honestly, it could be said that “Abp. Bugnini and his minions evidently couldn’t be bothered with moving this one.”

  3. Andreas says:

    Two letters written by the Holy Father are posted on the Vatican website related to this event:

    Feb. 3: Venerabili Fratri Nostro IACOBO S.R.E. Cardinali BIFFI Archiepiscopo olim Metropolitae Bononiensi


    March 7: Reverendissimo Patri Domino Notker Wolf Abbati Primati Benedictinorum Confoederatorum

    I was particularly touched by the March 7 letter extolling the merit of “lectio divina” done quietly and without any hurry. Made me think how much I need to slow down my own life.

  4. Jill of the Amazing Wolverine Tribe says:

    Do you know why they dropped the saying of the Credo in the 1962 from the feast days of the Doctors of the Church? [Instead of the Credo, the Gloria is now said]

  5. prof. basto says:

    The Holy Father sent a Letter, the first words of which are “Nongentesimus Sancti”, to the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation, to commemorate the event.

    It’s in today’s bulletin of the Holy See Press Office:

  6. Emilio III says:

    BTW, prof. has a name: :-)

  7. peregrinator says:

    Hurray for St. Anselm!

    Hurray for all Benedictine Saints!

    That is all :)

  8. Cliff W says:

    And now in heaven he sees the face of “IQM.”

  9. Prof. Basto says:

    And today the Holy Father sent yet another Message on the subject of this anniversary, this time to his Special Envoy, Cardinal Biffi. This brings the number of papal documents on this event to three.

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