Yesterday’s WDTPRS

I am sure some of you noticed yesterday that WDTPRS was down for a while.  In the evening the blog was down for a few hours.  The server was okay, but there was a problem with WordPress.

Many thanks to the techies who helped.

But on top of that, I had internet blackout here for several hours yesterday as well.  I had to work from my phone.

Odd… no?

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  1. Ed Casey says:

    I have thought for a long time, especially in light of some of the comments in the press, the growing secularization and imminent increase of attack on the Church and those who speak the authentic truth, and especially the “societal” changes in our nation that it might well be time for you, Father, to engineer a disaster recovery / business continuity plan. For instance, a BGP-enabled multihome redundancy and a second host which mirrors your blog content. It would also not be a bad idea to have a regular archive of your content sent overseas for safekeeping. One would hope that measures such as these would not be necessary, but alas, they are.

    As a dear retired diocesan ordinary said to me just a few days ago on Good Friday, “If you think the devil is not working today, here and now, you’ve got another thing coming.” He continued, “It’s exactly in those places where truth is spoken and real faith exists that he attacks, from within and from without, and mercilessly.”

    You should be prepared for an assault. I can lend my experience and advice where needed.

  2. Choirmaster says:

    Maybe have that archive available for download so we could all have a full backup of that valuable content.

    Don’t forget the PODCAzTS! Wouldn’t want to loose all that Don Camillo!

    BTW: More Don Camillo, please.

  3. Ann says:

    I am very glad to see your site up and running again. I love reading about the happenings on here and get a sane rendition. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jackson says:

    I checked with nutty nan, the talker ofthe blouse. She said the next time you post something like that, she will shut your site down for at least 24 hrs.

  5. mrsmontoya says:

    Ed, I am certain you are correct – the internet has become a wonderful source of connection and strengthening to us and our leaders. Someone surely realizes this, and we should expect steps to be taken to break our connectivity. Your ideas are very practical!

  6. Maureen says:

    Of course, Murphy’s Law is a constant threat.

    The good thing about it? The Devil’s subject to it just as much as we are. :)

  7. Sandy says:

    I just read that a secular, very conservative, wonderful blog that I follow was also down yesterday. Wonder what’s going on? God bless you, Father, and may He keep all voices of goodness loud and clear!

  8. Megan says:

    Interesting. I had no internet or cable for more than 12 hours from late Monday night until Tuesday evening. Did anyone else experience this? I’m in TN.

  9. michigancatholic says:

    Especially given the topic of the immediately previous post. I’d back everything up and get a mirror image going too if I were you, Fr.

  10. Fr. Z, you’re just too popular and too much traffic is taking down parts of the internet via overload. Of course, that can also be “engineered” by “them” who do not like what you say.

  11. pinoycatholic says:

    We, WDTPRSers, all sensed a disturbance in the force when the blog went down! THE LIBS ARE ATTACKING!!!

  12. pinoy: Do not give into the dark side.

  13. pinoycatholic says:

    Don’t worry Father Z. I graduated from a different Notre Dame.

  14. Well done my young apprentice.

  15. I noticed that your blog was down and at first wondered if the trouble was in my own computer.

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