Ad multos annos Fr. Ray Blake!

Our friend Fr. Ray Blake, parish priest of St. Mary Magdalene in Brighton and author of the homonymous blog has celebrated a milestone.

25 years of priesthood.

There was a solemn Mass for the jubilee.  His Hermeneuticalness was subdeacon!

Would you drop by his place, spike his stats to highly spikey levels, and leave some congratulatory comments?  Visit him 3 or 4 times today to see who chimes in!

Ad multos annos, Fr. Blake!

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Alina ofs says:

    *Quote: His Hermeneuticalness was subdeacon!*


  2. puella says:

    Alina – His Hermeneuticalness is Fr.Z’s name for Fr. Tim Finigan.

    Whom I know you know :)

  3. irishgirl says:

    That’s Father Tim Finegan, of Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Blackfen, London, England.

    His blog is called, The Hermeneutic of Continuity.

    ‘His Hermeneuticalness’ is Fr. Z’s nickname for him!

  4. irishgirl says:

    Sorry for the ‘repeat’-Puella beat me to it! [grin and shrug]

  5. TJM says:

    Father Blake – per multos annos! By the way, the vestments worn for the occasion were absolutely splendid! Tom

  6. irishgirl says:

    Oh, shoot-I spelled Fr. Tim’s last name wrong-grrrr.

    It’s ‘Finigan’, not ‘Finegan’….that’s what happens when brain gets ahead of fingers….sheesh.

    Anyhoo-congrats to Fr. Blake on his Jubilee!

  7. william says:

    Irishgirl – you’re half right –

    While the subdeacon was indeed Fr (Tim) Finigan, the deacon (and preacher) was Fr (Sean) Finnegan – he of the Valle Adurni blog.

    “Finigan to the left of him, Finnegan to the right of him …”

  8. irishgirl says:

    William-yeah, that’s what’s so cool about this-and my last name is FINNEGAN, too!

    Is that quote from a song….?

  9. Ottaviani says:

    I believe that Fr. Sean Finnigan of Valle Adurni blog ( was deacon, if my eyes don’t deceive me.

  10. william says:

    “Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them, Volley’d and thunder’d …”
    Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade
    Sadly, neither Fr Finigan nor Fr Finnegan is, as far as I know, a Canon :)

  11. kd says:

    I was taught that it is a sin to correct a priest, however: Fr Z, my pocket Merriam Webster dictionary says that “homonymous” means ambiguous. I think you mean “eponmymous,” don’t you? (Just trying to be helpful). [I think you need a new dictionary. “eponymous“…. “homonymous“]

  12. Fr Ray Blake says:

    Thank Fr Z, it would have been tremendous to have had you here for the Mass, I hope we see you in England in the summer, for a dribble of the Old W or splash of Bolly, a mutual friends jubilee is coming up, I understand.
    Thanks too for the 30% increase in the stats.

  13. irishgirl says:

    ‘Cannon to the left of them, cannon to the right of them’….

    Ah ha! Thanks, william….I should have known….’The Charge of the Light Brigade’!

  14. Andrew, medievalist says:

    According to Fr Blake, there was a “Canon in front of them” [stanza 3] in the procession, sent by the cathedral of Arundel and Brighton to ensure the return of said splendid vestments. But I’m not sure that “Introibo ad altare Dei” is quite the same as “into the jaws of death”. :-)

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