It isn’t London

But it isn’t bad.

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  1. Sharon says:

    What? There is nothing there.

  2. Greg Hessel in Arlington Diocese says:

    Dogfish 90-minute IPA is the greatest beer on the face of the earth!!!

    Russian Imperial Stout (Victory Storm Stout is excellent) is a man’s beer and will put hair on your chest!!!

  3. Brian Kemple says:

    I’m actually going to disagree with you Greg, and say that the Dogfish Double IPA, the Burton Baton, is superior to the 90 minute. As far as Russian Imperials go, Northcoast’s Old Rasputin is probably my favorite.

  4. philip says:

    Fr. Z have you ever tried homebrewing?
    Then you could make something BETTER than London, Dublin or Munich

  5. ben says:

    The 90 Minute IPA is very good. But, yuo gentlemen have clearly never tasted The Sixth Glass from Boulevard Brewing in KC, MO. I’m willing to bet it is the hands down favorite in Bp. Finn;s diocese.

  6. Pomeroy on the Palouse says:

    How cruel! I had teeth pulled today and can’t have anything alcoholic to drink for another 24 hours.


  7. Joe Gallaher says:

    I agree with Phillip.Home brew is always best.$2.50 a six pack is cheap and also better beer.

  8. mike hurcum says:

    If you were drinking something that looked like that you were probably in Bristol drinking rough cider at a couple of bob a pint. Unless you were wimpy and adding orange juice

  9. Amy D says:

    >Russian Imperial Stout (Victory Storm Stout is excellent) is a >man’s beer and will put hair on your chest

    So that’s why I’ve had to shave my chest for years. Here I was thinking I needed an endocrinologist. ;)

    Personally I lean towards Weyerbacher’s Heresy (, which unfortunately I can’t get in MN much to my eternal chagrin.

    Not a hops girl, but I can’t seem to get the DH away from Bells Hopslam.

  10. Sharon says:

    Oh, there it is…
    It does look like cider. Too bad it’s only a photo.

  11. chironomo says:

    A bit obscure, but the “Witch’s Brew” from Salem Brewery (Salem,MA) makes Guinness seem like you’re drinking Coors…. a definite “Man’s Beer”… don’t know if they still make it though, last time I was there was 1998…

    Having a bottle of relatively ordinary Chimay right now…

  12. MargaretMN says:

    Looks like a red ale or possibly a belgian wheat ale and judging from the condensation on the outside of the glass it’s served American style (cold). Which would be appropriate if it was as hot as it was today in Minneapolis. Too hot for stout.

  13. jersuza says:

    We prefer on draft, “Old Speckled Hen”. London brew.

  14. Jon says:

    I’ve got to agree with Greg. Dogfish Head 90-minute is what St. Michael drank the day he gave the what-for to you-know-who.

    Unfortunately, I’d stay away from the 120-Minute though. It’s very different. I had some on Friday night for the first time ($12 a pint!) and although there’s a hammer-blow to every sip, it has a sweet, treacly taste.

    Stick with the 90 or 60.

    PS – I bet Bugnini didn’t even drink Pabst! ;^)

  15. Ross says:

    The Southerner in me made me think it was sweet tea at first, but then I noticed a lack of ice.

  16. Quanah says:

    I was looking forward to my gin and tonic tonight, but after seeing that cold one
    it’s just not sounding that good any more. Fortunately, I live in the land of
    microbreweries, aka Oregon.

    Oh, consider this another vote for Old Rasputin. It’s great for chili too.

  17. Looks like some nice apple cider!

  18. Daniel says:

    Fr. Z,

    ‘Not London’ perhaps, but I think we all know there is only one beer capitol of the world: Portland, OR, which has more breweries than any other city in the world, whose inhabitants consume a higher percentage of craft beer than anyone else in the world, and which, on the whole, produces a majority of the best beers in the world. Yes, Belgium, I hear you, but these are just facts. For fans of Dogfish Head, I have only to say “Hair of the Dog.” And for those seeking an IPA, the reigning one (National IPA Championship) is Laurelwood’s ‘Workhorse IPA’.

  19. Hmm. That’s a welcoming change from politics :)

    Yummmmmy :-D

  20. Immaculatae says:

    Crisp Apple Hard Cider- YUM – looks really good

  21. Altbanater says:

    Father, that’s not the “The Kool-aid” I hope!


  22. John Enright says:

    C’mon, Father. What the heck is it? It looks tasty enough, but I’d have to guess that it is some type of Lager. Right?

  23. TC says:

    Is there such a thing as Italian beer?

  24. Yes, well, sometimes it’s not what you drink but where you drink it. And that’s not even Southwark.

    Anyway, I still think that a good strong mead is the way to go. It’s the drink of scholars and all in-your-face ecclesiastics throughout the centuries. It’s a hermeneutic of continuity kind of thing.

    The honey should begin to flow any time now. Penjing will have something to say about that for sure.

  25. Andrew, medievalist says:

    “‘London is all corporate breweries,’ he said with a scoff. ‘If you want real beer my son, go to Yorkshire. Go north my son.'”

  26. Sylvia says:

    I’m actually going to London this week–any pub recommendations?

  27. brit says:

    As an Englishman, I would say that doesn’t look like any beer I’ve ever seen, certainly not a lager because it is cloudy which lagers never are. Looks like ice-tea lol.

  28. TomG says:

    TC: … Italian beer?

    Definitely. While there in 2006 I enjoyed immensely Perroni and Nastro Azzuro (sp) on tap. Excellent medium lagers.

  29. TomG says:

    It’s hard to imagine a beer as good as Augustiner Oktoberfest, the special brew only available (from the keg)in the greater Munich area and only (as far as I know) available in one-liter glass steins. And only during Octoberfest, of course.

    I’ve had the types of brews (and brands) all these guys are talking about.

    They (the brews) are just pretenders.

  30. B Knotts says:

    I homebrew as well. I wonder if there is any correlation between homebrewing and traditionalism. Probably not…although there is something traditional about the practice.

    Anyhow, I generally make an ESB and an old (very dark and 10% abv) ale.

    Fermenting should be done at the top.

  31. Here’s more recommendations from one who loves great beer:

    Weyebacher — Try the barleywine “Blithering Idiot” is the best barleywine I’ve ever had and at 11% it packs some serious punch

    Old Rasputin — I agree with the above reviewer that it is excellent. However, I strongly recommend that if you are drinking more than one beer and one of them is Russian Imperial Stout DO NOT drink it first. The Imperial Stout will dominate the taste of any other beer after.

    Bell’s — Two-hearted IPA is an excellent IPA and at 7% is not too strong.

    Stay away from Dogfishead beers that get into the > 12% range of alcohol. Once beers get up there, no matter what their name, they taste way too sweet.

    La Fin Du Monde — I am usually not a fan of Belgian style beers but this is about the best Belgian style beer in the world.

  32. MAJ Tony says:

    Re Italian Beer: don’t leave out Moretti. That’s some molto buono birra. (I hope that was right, as “Ich spreche wenig Italienisch.” ;) Don’t speak a whole lotta German either.

  33. The ales produced by Ommagang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY, are among the finest in the country — and cheap. A 750ML bottle will set you back only around six bucks. I first tried them in my hometown of Rochester, but they’ve been getting wider distribution. Try the Abbey Ale, but all of them are excellent.

  34. Mattk says:
    I wish there were more reviews, I guess one only has so much time(and so much beer..)>

  35. Frank H. says:

    Mattk – I can attest to the joys of the first brewery mentioned on the Catholic Beer Review site. Whenever we get back to Wisconsin to visit family, we load up the mini-van with cases of New Glarus Brewing Company’s various offerings, especially Spotted Cow and Totally Naked.

    I’m wondering, with Fr. Z’s familiarity with Minnesota and northern Wisconsin, whether he has tried those fine beverages?

  36. Baronius says:

    Am I the only one who likes Arrogant Bastard Ale (Stone Brewing Co, CA)?

  37. Baronius,

    Old Bastard line of beers is excellent.

  38. Doug says:

    ‘I would like a great lake of beer for the King of Kings;
    I would like the people of heaven to be drinking it through time eternal’
    -St Brigid of Ireland

  39. Sara says:

    Ice tea hhmmm?? Would folks actually believe it??? Even with a lemon floating on top??

    The reason I ask is that the air conditioning is broken at work and it has been over 90 degrees in my office the past three days…Purgatory on Earth…especially with the crabby and uncharitable folks…a nice cold one sure would ease the pain a bit..

  40. Dominic H says:

    Sylvia, I’d recommend looking through the website for pub reviews in London.

    One characterful pub in London (with an interesting and Catholic history behind it) I’d recommend (with the proviso that it is small and hard to find) would be Ye Olde Mitre, off Hatton Garden (near Chancery Lane tube station). Used to be the premises of the Bishop of Ely (in the east of England) and is next to a glorious pre-reformation church (with fine music and use of latin), St Ely, Etheldreda Place, that, unusally, was returned to Rome in the 19th century.

    After that…there are many, many options. For excellent beer brewed nearby, the Greenwich Union (in Greenwich, a bit out of the centre, but a very charming and historic neighbourhood) is probably my current favourite place You can get there by boat from the Tower!

    But.. there are many many other options. That fancyapint website is reliable and trustworthy in such matters I find.

  41. fxr2 says:

    I have to second Greg’s recommendations. Dogfish Head’s 60 and 90 minute IPA’s are my favorites, depending on how many bottles are to be consumed. 90 minute is best if you are only having 2. 6o minute if more than two. Arrogant Bastard and Blithering Idiot are also excellent. All are relatively affordable if you buy kegs. The local craft brews are the way to go. Thanks Father now I’m thirsty and it’s not even 2 pm.


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