Meet the Missus

Meet Mrs. Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

You can how the beaks of the Pine Siskins and Goldfinches are shaped to dig seeds out of thistles and other plants with small seeds.

This guy hasn’t found the birdbath yet.



Penjing still has no comment.

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  1. Laura Lowder says:

    Mrs G is a coy little flirt, is she not!

  2. PMcGrath says:

    Penjing still has no comment. …

    … except to make sure “The Peter Gunn Theme” is on permanent autorotation on the MP3 player, and his favorite BXVI pic is the the wallpaper of the nearest monitor.

  3. Carol McKinley says:

    Those are some photographs.

    My 19 year old son is cleaning out my gutters – a few moments ago, he came running in all upset telling me that he had pulled out a nest with bird eggs and a tiny baby bird that hatched. The mother is nearby in the trees watching us and watching the nest, protesting loudly. My son wanted me to set up an Audubon society downstairs with heat and get feeding supplies. This was quaint when I was a young Mom in my 20’s. We gently moved the nest. I sure hope she comes to rescue them. I am 52 and tired.

  4. Ave Maria says:

    Saw a beautiful western tanager today and a flock of chipping sparrows.

  5. Penjing looks to be hiding from the paparazzi.

  6. Immaculatae says:

    Nice shades, penjing. *smiling*

  7. Maureen says:

    Penjing is sitting in the shade/s. :)

  8. little gal says:

    Penjing does a great Ray Charles impression!

  9. Kathy says:

    Are you lonely Father? Your relationship with Penjing is starting to remind me of the relationship between Tom Hanks’ character and the volleyball, “Wilson”, in Castaway.

  10. laurazim says:

    You’ve inspired us! We hung up four new feeders this morning–two sock feeders and two that will hopefully attract any number of new entertainment–for both the eyes and the ears…since tomorrow marks one full week that the TV was “accidentally” unplugged, we’re looking for new ways to spend our time, for Pete’s sake! My daughter (13) is vastly interested in your camera. We wonder what you use to capture these beautiful shots? Thanks always for informative, inspirational and beautiful posts…

  11. Penjing in sunglasses looks remarkably similar to the photos of His Excellency, Bishop Williamson in the airport after being unceremoniously kicked out of Latin America. Penjing just needs a Sacred Heart baseball cap. And a history of saying controversial stuff.

    On second thought, perhaps Penjing has taken a more prudent approach.

  12. snowowl123 says:

    Penjing still has no comment.

  13. I like the shades….

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