Readers in or near Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta

Last night I attended a fine event in Minneapolis. 

Talk radio hosts Bill Bennett, Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager are holding "townhall" meetings in several cities around the USA.

They take questions from a moderator and from the audience and then give their commentary.

The title or theme of the whole series of events is "The 100 Days of Obama".  However, the discussion is not limited to that strict topic. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening last night in Minneapolis. 

If you are anywhere withing striking distance of these cities I recommend that you try to get tickets if available.

Last night the event was supposed to be held at Orchestral Hall in downtown Minneapolis.  But the interest was so great that it had to be moved to the much larger hall at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

I don’t think there is the same line up in each city.  In Atlanta there will be the same line-up I enjoyed in Minneapolis.

May 13th
Chicago, Illinois
May 14th
Cleveland, Ohio
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Bennett, Gallagher, Hewitt
May 18th
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 19th
Atlanta, Georgia
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  1. taximom says:

    Father Z,
    I am glad you went. I listen to Dennis Prager and Michael Medved as often as I can. They are on am1170 every day here in San Diego county. I appreciate their honesty, and the articulate and intelligent way in which they approach every topic they cover. They also welcome and respect callers who disagree with their views.
    My husband attended an evening with Dennis Prager a couple of years ago at one of the local universities. They have websites at

  2. MargaretMN says:

    I went to the show with my spouse and thoroughly enjoyed hearing from these three lions of talk radio. And I was delighted when they went to the microphones for audience questions and I heard the distinctive voice from the Podcazts. And afterward, we actually got to meet Fr. Z! It was great to see that even in a mixed audience, lots of people read this blog. Yes, the combination of the internet and talk radio have taken a blog that features clerical haberdashery and precise Latin translations and have turned a Priest from Minneapolis into something of a rock star. Fr. Z is the James Lileks of orthodox Catholicism! (Or is James Lileks the Fr. Z of everything else?) James, who also hails from Minneapolis was there as well as was our poor beleaguered (and probably outgoing) Senator Norm Coleman, who gracefully accepted several shoutouts and a standing ovation from the hosts and the crowd.

  3. jenny says:

    OUCH!!!! Tickets are expensive! Obviously (like most sporting events and concerts these days), NOT meant for us peons…

  4. Geometricus says:

    The headmaster of the academy where I teach math attended last night. Alas, I was home ill. But my boss thoroughly enjoyed it and mentioned to me that he saw you there, Fr. Z, as he knows you are a friend of mine. He was really impressed at how many people there, especially the talk show hosts like Hewitt (a fallen-away Catholic!) read WDTPRS. Apparently Hewitt says he checks in 2-3 times a week! Pretty cool.

  5. MargaretMN says:

    I think of Hugh Hewitt as “lapsed” not “fallen away.” Remember, it only takes “but a twitch upon the thread” like Fr. Brown said. He seems like one of the only lapsed/fallen away Catholics out there who is friendly and respectful to Catholicism instead of bitter and personally invested in tearing down the Church.

  6. tradsem says:

    You should stick around in Cleveland for priesthood ordination on Saturday the 15th.
    Please pray for me and my brothers to be ordained priests tomorrow.

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