Thanks to readers

Some thanks are do to readers.

First, JP of CA sent a USB hub which has allowed me more easily to connect several webcams for the sake of the Z-Cam.  This hub actually works.  With the other hub, for one reason or another, more than two cams would lock everything up. 

JK of OH sent two delightful books.  The Wine of Certitude: A Literary Biography of Ronald Knox by David Rooney.  Also, JK sent The Death of a Pope by Piers Paul Read.

I have read the Evelyn Waugh’s biography The Life of the Right Reverend Ronald Knox Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, and Pronotary Apostolic to His Holiness Pope Pius XII.  I am quite interested in what Rooney has to say.  Also I have heard some good things about the novel, a thriller.

I also received, The Death of a Pope by Piers Paul Read, published by Ignatius Press.

I am also very grateful to those of you who have sent donations via the donation button.  They are very helpful, especially for the continual feeding of the winged eating machines, who greedily descend day in and day out.

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  1. Alphonsus Rodriguez says:

    Waugh’s biography is, of course, very good. If you have not read Knox’s own account of his conversion–A Spiritual Aeneid–I highly recommend it. As I recall, in his preface to a later edition of the book, Knox didn’t think too highly of this work. Still, it was written pretty soon after his conversion, and I found it very enjoyable. Piers Paul read’s book is a well-written and entertaining thriller, and for once the faithful catholic character is not the bad guy!

  2. Frank H. says:

    It’s a pleasure to support your efforts, Father. I only wish I could do more!

  3. MargaretMN says:

    We use manycam for streaming our radio show. It’s freeware and also allows you to post still photos which is handy for when we have an over the phone guest. It seems to work OK with ustream.

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