Thanks to readers for the feeders

Some thanks are due.

I have been pretty busy lately and haven’t sent shouts out to those who have been so good as to send things from the wish list and make donations through the button on the side bar and on some posts.

First, many thanks to the kind soul who sent The Bugnini-Liturgy and the Reform of the Reform by Laszlo Dobszay!

I am also very glad for a another disk in the Complete New English Hymnal series.  They are nice while driving when I don’t have an audio-book.

A reader sent Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin.  I got a couple pages into it before it was appropriated by a priest friend of mine who promises to finish it soon.  I noticed that in the first couple pages, Levin cites Russel Kirk.  A good beginning.  I really like this fellow’s writing style.  Very clean and linear.  He doesn’t waste your time.

I was very pleased to get a hanger from AS for a bird feeder which I could clamp onto a rail.  It is particularly popular with the Chickadees. It is posted on the Sabine Deck.. sorry no cam there yet.  

Speaking of webcams… the Z-Cam has a new view, directly from my desk to a small feeder.  I will probably change this to a hummingbird feeder as soon as I spot them.

BTW… the Cowbirds have returned and so have Orioles.  I hear also there are Painted Buntings this year!  I hope they visit here.

Also, a couple donations came in.  I can get more feed, etc., for the birds, whom I feed from your donations.  Thanks!  I am off to the library, grocery and bird store later.

Tomorrow I will take a list of recent contributors along to Mass.  It is an honor and duty to remember you in prayer.

This sparrow was trying to get to the keyboard to type his own note of appreciation.

Really determined, I can assure you.  Flapped at my window for several minutes.

Brother Eilmer would have been entranced.

UPDATE: I had id’d the photo below as a female Goldfinch.  A reader sent the following:

In your recent posting of bird photographs, you have incorrectly identified as a female goldfinch a bird I believe is either a female blackpoll warbler or a pine sisken, probably the former.  All goldfinches have a thicker beak than that bird in the photograph, and neither the male nor the female has streaks.  I thought you’d want to know.  

I add: This morning I saw a male Blackpoll Warbler.  I was setting up a new feeder and the bold little critter landed about two feet away and just stared at me…. probably with impatience.

But I don’t think that the bird below is a female Blackpoll Warbler.

I am thinking Pine Siskin.

This finch isn’t sure about being watched.

I am not quite sure who this next one is.  He… perhaps she… likes to stand around on one leg.  I am reminded of those birds that like walking about on the sandy shore.  In any event, this is a new comer and I suspect they are nesting.

UPDATE: I am informed that this is a Killdeer!  I am very pleased to hear this.

We have far too many deer around here and finally something might be done about it!

I caught the elusive Banded Kingfisher, at last.  These critters are wary and fast!

There are two, and they are plunging into Sabine Pond probably for minnows.

Finally.. finally… some little flowers are starting to dare the still cold air.


Penjing has nothing to add.

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