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I haven’t actually seen one of these things yet, but the possibilities are intriguing.

We had a discussion of Kindle here on the blog.

I wanted to make WDTPRS available to those of you who have one.

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  1. KA says:

    Very cool although a little hard to make out the BLACK and RED emphasis.

  2. KA: I think the next iteration of Kindle will be color. Am I wrong?

  3. Mark M says:

    When will Amazon give us a UK Kindle!? :-(

  4. TomB says:

    Great idea, Fr., to offer this on Kindle. The DX looks like a big improvement, but at a price — it isn’t shipping from Amazon yet.

    Meanwhile, I’ll send donations and squint at my PDA while I’m out of the “office”.

  5. EDG says:

    Wonderful! I’m signing up right now! I have the Kindle 1, early adopter that I am. The Kindle 2 isn’t in color but I believe the next one will be. There’s also a larger version of the Kindle that’s just come out where you can change the layout of the screen (portrait to landscape, etc.) and is supposed to be very good for things that rely heavily on visuals, plus it’s much easier to port your own documents to it.

  6. Cel says:

    The Kindle 3 is being called Kindle DX, it is the one shipping around the end of summer. I ordered one and can’t wait, hoping it comes in before my trip to Europe at the end of August. It is not color, it has 16 levels of gray scale. It is unlikely that the Kindle will have color any time soon given that the display is E-ink technology rather than an active display. This is why you need a light to see it in the dark, and why it is so easy on the eyes. It is not simply a black and white display like an old mac or even like an lcd. It is much more like reading an actual piece of paper, only the black spots where the “ink” is can be turned on and off. This is also why display changes are also relatively slow, thus the reference to the speed of “page turns”.
    Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_paper for info on e-ink.
    Also watch the video a little bit down the page on http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-DX-Amazons-Wireless-Generation/dp/B0015TCML0.
    This is why people say that it is as easy to read as a regular book, no display refreshing at 60hz

    It is possible that they will do color some day but not in the same way that or phones and laptops are doing color, it will take an advance in the nature of electronic ink similar to the way that you can display color on a newspaper. Even so, there is a reason that you usually only see color in the newspaper on Sunday. So don’t expect Kindles to be doing color soon.

  7. Maureen says:

    They make people pay two bucks for a free blog??! When the Kindle has Internet capability already?

    I hope you are getting some money from this, Fr. Z, because it sounds like Amazon sure is!

    [downer message ends]

    [I guess that is a “no” vote.]

  8. Maureen says:

    Well, I still don’t see the point — is it a formatting issue with that gadget? — but apparently the deal is that you self-publish a blog on Amazon Kindle, and Amazon sets the price and raises or lowers it at its own will. The blog owner gets 30%.

    Shrug. As a blogger, this sounds like a way to complicate my taxes, mostly, just like all the other tip schemes and advertising schemes and so forth. If I were operating on a larger scale, it might be worth my while. As I’m not, it’s obviously not.

    [Vote “no” early and often, I guess.]

    Of course, I also think that the Internet really would have been better off in black and green…. :)

  9. Luke D. says:

    Thank you, Father, this is a wonderful idea and a great wait for us to contributed to what I’m sure most will agree is a very sound Catholic resource. Please let your readers know that they can also access this as a free App ($1.99 subscription still applies) from the iTunes App Store from Amazon called “Kindle” for you users that have iPhones.

  10. Angela says:

    Thank You Father!

    Finally a Blog I want to subscribe to on my Kindle.

  11. I just wanted to make the blog easier to access on more forms of today’s tools.

  12. Patrick says:

    Fr., I echo the crummy feeling brought on by small minded “observations.”

    It is great to see someone in the church use the tools to the greatest extent possible. I won’t be signing up, not soon, anyway, but so what? If you reach one more, it might just be worth it.

    Keep up the good work and the attempts to reach the world with the important, supremely important content, commentary, bright discussion and editorializing.

  13. Luke D. says:


    Amen, brother. I don’t know how I would get through my day without my daily dose of WDTPRS. Seriously. Every time I get a spare moment, this is the first place I jump on my iPhone.

  14. Matt says:

    Amazon’s Bezos on a color kindle (courtesy of CNET yesterday):
    Those of you holding out for a color version of the Kindle may be disappointed to learn that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is telling the world it won’t be arriving anytime soon. In fact, a color-screened Kindle is “multiple years” away, he said Thursday, adding: “I’ve seen the color displays in the laboratory, and I can assure you they’re not ready for prime time.”


    I’m not getting a Kindle until it has color, a built in light and expandable memory. My b-i-l has a first gen Kindle and the technology/build is like from the Reagan era. I’m guessing Apple will beat them to the punch.



    ps I’m still waiting for some Fr Z apps for the Iphone!

  15. RichR says:

    If I had one of these Kindles, WDTPRS would be the only blog I’d subscribe to. That way, I wouldn’t have to remember to check in – it’d be there, on it’s own. And the “leisure” association I’d develop with reading Kindle books would spill over into my adventures in Z-land. What I mean is, when I’d be at work or at home doing necessary thing with my PC, I wouldn’t be as tempted to jump on over to WDTPRS because I’d know I would get to it when I get to my “leisure time” with the Kindle. I’d be more focused on my responsibilities because there is a physical (not merely mental) dissociation with the PC and the blog.

    A Kindle subscription might help those of us who are Z-addicts.

  16. cathguy says:

    I am running to get my kindle to subscribe. You are opening up your blog to a new audience. Kindle users will see your blog when they peruse the blogs in the Kindle Store.

    Thanks father! I appreciate you doing this.

  17. Matt: I’m still waiting for some Fr Z apps for the Iphone!

    If you use the iPhone then you have seen the special theme for the blog that the iPhone should pick up automatically.

  18. Follow-up: Has anyone with a Kindle looked at the blog with it yet?

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