You can invite EIGHT people to join you for a leisurely weekend.  Call it a shooting party ala Gosford Park.

There will be slow and well-paced meals and, of course pre-prandials. 

Since you are at the WDTPRS county manor (on my planet, that is), you will be able to talk into the night and continue the next day.

Who MUST be there?


Here is a list for this weekend, off the top of my head.

Newt Gingrich
Archbp. Niederauer
Fr. Jenkins
His Hermeneuticalness
Rahm Emmanuel
Ann Coulter
Janeane Garofalo
Giovanni Maria Vian

You do not have to predict who will be alive at the end.

So… your list? 

Eight (PLUS yourself as ring master).


About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Charivari Rob says:

    Oooh, tough one! Do I want 8 on one theme, like religion, baseball, politics, current events, terrorism, music, film idols… – or mix and match? Let’s see…

    1. B.B. King
    2. (Former U.S. President) George H.W. Bush
    3. (Former U.S. Secretary of State) James Baker
    4. Pope Benedict XVI – I don’t know which topic, though. Perhaps cats.
    5. Father Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM Cap (Preacher to the papal household) – I actually had the chance to see/hear him in person once. Very good.
    6. Father Ignacio Larranaga (Spanish Capuchin, Basque, lives primarily in Chile. A noted writer, preacher, and retreat leader – particularly on spiritual matters, prayer, the interior life.)
    7. Dr. Paul Farmer (Massachusetts doctor who does so much back-and-forth with relief efforts in Haiti.
    8. Michelle Obama’s mother – I enjoyed her speech from the DNC last year.

  2. Hmm Here is mine

    Any leader of Call to Action…

    A “St Louis Jesuit”…or David Haas, depending on who has written the most annoying music most recently

    Bishop Fellay

    Archbishop Burke

    Glen Beck (he amuses me)

    Jesse Romero

    The Superior of the FSSP, Very Rev. John Berg

    Nancy Pelosi

    The “Spirit of Vatican II” ..figure as much as this one is envoked, has to be something that can be conjured up.

    Now naturally, this would be a sort of lumberjack match, and you all can deduce for yourself where the in ring rivalries will be, though, I can see Bernard Fellay and His Excellency Raymond Burke taking turns on CTA. I know Bishop Fellay isnt “regularized ” yet, but call him a free agent in this game.

    Our meal would consist of Steak, and Potatos. I am a simple guy

    Our beverage would be a nice Chardonnay. I know its not proper.,..but its my party.

    We will also have Koolaid for the speaker, CTA, David Haas, and the Spirit of Vatican II. Also, we’ll have popcorn since I think Slimer liked Popcorn from ghost busters, and figure spirits like popcorn.

    We’ll have spam or boca for the Opponents, as they are probably all PITA people too.

  3. Fr. Daniel Haugan says:

    Bob newhart
    Don Rickles
    Bishop Mihai C?t?lin Fr??il? (youngest living bishop 38 yrs.)
    Bishop Antoine Nguyên Van Thien (oldest living bishop 103 yrs.)
    Laura Ingrahams
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Osama Bin Laden
    Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

  4. Boko says:

    Mater et Pater, Fr. Z., Frs. McAfee and Scalia and the Man with the Black Hat from St. John the Beloved, Fr. John from St. Joe’s, Pope Benedict, and Bp. Fellay. Mario Lemieux is the alternate.

  5. jimsantafe says:

    Archbishop Charles Chaput
    James MacMillan
    Jonah Goldberg
    P. J. O’Rourke
    Gov. Bobby Jindal
    Gov. Sarah Palin
    Shawn Tribe
    Mary Ann Glendon

  6. Kradcliffe says:

    Stephen Fry
    George W. Bush
    President Obama
    Bill Bryson
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Fr. Z
    Stephen Colbert
    The Stig [ROFL!]

  7. JSP says:

    Cardinal Mahoney
    Pope Benedict
    Bishop Williamson
    Fr. Chad Ripperger
    Patriarch of Constantinople
    Patriarch of Moscow
    Gerry Mattatics

  8. Stanislaus says:

    Stephen Hand,
    Thomas Drolesky,
    One of the Dimond Brothers,
    James Allison,
    Christopher West,
    Scott Hahn,
    Father Rutler,
    Bishop Williamson.

  9. Bruce says:

    Peter Kreeft
    Peter Singer
    Hans Kung
    Archbp. Burke
    Tiger Woods
    Phil Mickelson
    Charles Curran
    Alice von Hildebrand

  10. cuaguy says:

    Pope Benedict
    Archbishop Burke
    Cardinal Mahoney
    Fr. Zuhlsdorf
    David Wright
    President Obama
    Very Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M.
    Archbishop Dolan

  11. Antiquarius says:

    Stephen Hawking
    William S.R.E card. Levada
    Dario S.R.E. card. Castrillon
    John Rutter
    Cormac S.R.E. card. Murphy – O’Connor
    James MacMillan
    Sua Santita Papa Benedetto XVI
    Most Rev. + Seamus Cunningham, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, UK

    Mostly a very reverend gathering, but then that’s a company I’ve always felt most at home with. We would have proper dark beer like ‘Dunkel’ and a Wiener Schnitzel or a massive steak and potatoes for dinner.
    Later in the evening – good winie, preferably Jacob’s Creek or similar.

    I wonder how + Cormac would cope with such traditionally minded lot. I assume that the discussion would concentrate on why the Pope did not pick +Cormac’s favourite for the archdiocese of Westminster and similar issues like these. Would be interesting.

  12. TNCath says:

    Pope Benedict XVI
    James Francis Cardinal Stafford
    Archbishop Raymond Burke
    Archbishop Charles Chaput
    Bishop John D’Arcy
    Bishop Fabian Brusketwitz
    Bishop Robert Finn
    Father John Jenkins, C.S.C.

    I wonder what they’d talk about?

  13. Bill White says:

    My wife and kids make six, then my good friend Dan and his wife. Easy! My rule of thumb – if our kids aren’t welcome, I’m not welcome.

  14. Marc Porter says:

    Pope Benedict
    Richard McBrien
    David Solomon
    Karl Rove
    Nancy Pelosi
    Dick Cheney
    Jim Leyland
    Benedict Groeschel

  15. Andrew, medievalist says:


    Ends: Mr J. Allen Jr and Fr J. Zuhlsdorf

    On one side of the table……………On the other
    PP Benedict XVI………………………..Fr H. Kung
    +Archbp Thomas Collins……………..Fr R. McBrien
    Mr D. Thompson………………………..Ms Pepinster

  16. Frere Wilfrid says:

    Dear Father Z, I think your readers should know that Bishop Fellay is quite a dull person – not ideal for a dinner party, in my humble opinion.

  17. Patrick says:

    Arch. Dolan
    Arch. Burke
    Camille Paglia
    My wife
    PJ O’Rourke
    Steven Colbert
    Mother Assumpta

    Dinner would be a well-seasoned prime rib with roasted vegatables complemented by a flight of 82 Bordeaux.

  18. PaulJason says:

    My Wife
    My Daughter
    Prof Christopher Kelly
    Colin Kelly
    Claire Kelly
    Catherine Kelly
    Fr. Larry Niese
    Fr. Jaime Rivera-Cortijo

    No shooting party,but there would be saltwater fly fishing, bocce, and eating fresh catch on the beach.

  19. Allan says:

    Tom Cruise
    Avigdor Lieberman
    Ron Howard
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    Tony Blair
    William Shatner
    Francis Arinze
    Gabriele Amroth

  20. Patrick McNally says:

    Last names would probably suffice:

    Scanlon (Father Mike, TOR – Franciscan University of Steubenville))

    Yup, I wouldn’t even want to speak…I expect the Holy Father and I would just watch, eat, listen, attempt to gavel things down to a dull roar from time to time and occasionally throw cold water…but it would be swell!

    May God richly bless everyone reading this…all those whom you love and those for whom you pray. Have a terrific weekend.

    Thank you!

  21. jarhead462 says:

    Archbp. Burke
    Fr. Z
    Mark Steyn
    Rush Limbaugh
    Neil Peart
    Robert Duvall
    Thomas Sowell
    Barak Obama

    Semper Fi!

  22. Janet says:

    Pope Benedict
    my spiritual director/confessor/good buddy (yes he is all of those things!)
    Fr. Mitch Pacwa
    Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer)
    Anne Rice
    my best friend (Donna)
    Peter Kreeft
    George W. Bush

    Hard to choose only 8. I had a few more waiting in the wings.

  23. Tim Ferguson says:

    Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    Fr. George Welzbacher
    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Judith Martin
    Niall Ferguson
    Jared Diamond
    Fr. Augustine Thompson
    Fr. Gregory Tatum
    Condoleeza Rice

    I know, I know, it\’s ten people not nine, violating Miss Manners\’ principle that dinner parties should include more than the Graces but less than the Muses, but I couldn\’t think whom to eliminate.

  24. Dr. Eric says:

    1. Pope Benedict
    2. James White
    3. Perry Stone
    4. My Bishop (Edward K Braxton)
    5. Archbishop Burke
    6. V.P. Joseph Biden
    7. Dr. Scott Hahn
    8. Hans Kung
    (Assuming that my wife and kids are out of town, if not…)

    1. My Wife
    2. My Son
    3. My Daughter
    4. My Daughter
    5. My Son
    6. Fr. Z
    7. Pope Benedict
    8. My parish priest (maybe the seven of us could convince him to clean up our Liturgy)

  25. Dr. Eric says:

    My youngest son is 3 years old and lisps so I don’t think he’ll convince anyone! ;-)

  26. Liz F. says:

    My rule of thumb – if our kids aren’t welcome, I’m not welcome.

    Bill, I respectfully disagree. We have 8 children with one or two on the way (we’re adopting and praying for twins.) We have great friends, and we have parties/dinners with whole families. We love families (and priests, religious, and seminarians.) Then sometimes we have dinner parties without the children. I’m excited when people invite us to an “adults only” dinner. Last week we had friends over and all 10 of the children stayed in the basement or outside. They had fun and we had fun. Not all topics are for such delicate ears.

  27. ChristopherY says:

    Fr. Z
    The Wife
    The Daughter
    Jimmy Akin
    The Pope
    Fr. Benedict Groeschel
    Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand
    My priest and good friend Fr. J.

    I’d have to invite Fr. Z as it is his house and I don’t want to be rude. I am inviting the Pope because he is awesome and I’d like to talk to him. If I am inviting the Pope and I don’t invite my priest, then I would be in big trouble. I am rounding out the list with Jimmy Akin since I really respect him and he has taught me so much about the faith. If it weren’t for him, I doubt I would understand anything written on this blog. Fr. Groeschel fits in the same category as Jimmy. My wife has read a few of Dr. Von Hildebrand’s and is a “fan,” plus she and Fr. Groschel are old friends.

    Dinner would be shishkabobs with a mixture of ribeye, filet mignon, and chicken. Along with roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, some ciabatta, romaine salad, fresh home made ice cream for dessert. As for beverages, I don’t drink so I would be open to recommendations. You can bet there would be some Coke, A&W, German style Fresca, and a few diet Hansens (for Jimmy) in the cooler.

  28. Matt says:

    You do not have to predict who will be alive at the end.

    I’m pretty sure Ann Coulter will be packing, therefore, I wouldn’t bet on Janeane Garofalo making it past the salad course.

  29. William says:

    Pope Benedict +
    Archbishop Burke +
    Cardinal Hoyos+
    Cardinal Canizares+
    Bishop Rhoades +
    Fr. Poisson FSSP
    Nacy Pelosi
    The Father General of the Jesuits.

  30. Mattk says:

    Karl Keating
    Dr. Phil
    Thomas Peters
    Doug Kmiec
    Dr. Evil
    Bishop Ludwig Schwarz(Linz)
    Chris Gillibrand
    Archbishop Burke(I found out Italians pronounce it “Bur KAH”)

  31. Thomas in MD says:

    1. Fr. Z
    2. Peter Kreeft
    3. Fr. Hathaway from the Diocese of Arlington
    3. Dennis Leary
    4. Colbert
    5. My buddy Tim
    6. My buddy John
    7. Mel Gibson
    8. Shatner (an enlightened choice: kudos to Allan above!)

    I figure when the conversation got to elevated for my simple mind, I could drink myself silly with Leary and Gibson.

  32. Helen Donnelly says:

    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Glenn Beck
    Pope Benedict
    Archbishop Nienstedt
    Jim Caviezel
    Michael Brown (Spirit Daily)
    My best friend, Jody Pisching
    Nancy Pelosi

  33. Wm. Christopher Hoag says:

    Here are my eight for the party (no clergy and no females so that certain protocols may be relaxed):


  34. irishgirl says:

    Oooo-good choices, everyone!

    My choices would be:

    Papa Benedict
    Archbishop Burke
    George W. Bush
    Father Benedict Groschel
    Father John Jenkins, CSC (love to see Father Groschel go after him!)
    Father Kevin Foulkes (my best friend from England, ordained by JP II 27 years ago this coming Sunday)
    Father George Rutler

    I wouldn’t know what to serve them, though-never had a dinner party like that. Maybe a combination of German-American-English cuisine. I’d have to track down some Fanta for Papa!

    Vincenzo-haha, you outdid yourself again! Love the ‘wheels’ near the chapel!

  35. irishgirl says:

    Ooops-I should learn how to count!

    One more…gotta invite Father Z….

    Maybe he can do the cooking!

  36. Jim T says:

    Cardinal Arinze, Ann Coulter, Scott Hahn, Rush Limbaugh, Sandy Koufax, Bobby Jindal, Faith Hill and author Winston Groom. Wow, what a night!

  37. Rancher says:

    Given your list the one thing I am sure of is that it will NOT be a leisurely weekend!

  38. Carolyn says:

    Luckily for me, I am already spending the weekend with my two friends Adam and Nick, so I’ll include them in my list:

    1. Friend Adam
    2. Friend Nick
    3. Pope Benedict XVI
    4. Father John Zuhlsdorf
    5. Bill O’Reilly
    6. My nextdoor neighbor
    7. President Obama
    8. Dr. Bruce Fouke (and interesting professor of mine from my days at U. of Illinois)

  39. 1. Fr. Z.
    2. My own pastor Fr. Dennis Kolinski, S.J.C.
    3. Archbishop Burke
    4. Archbishop Wuerl
    5. Archbishop Niederauer
    6. Fmr Speaker Newt Gingrich
    7. Fmr Prime Minister Tony Blair
    8. Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    With plenty of red meat on the menu.

  40. Nathan says:

    How about some bloggers and writers for the weekend?

    1. Mark Shea
    2. Amy Wellborn
    3. Fr. James Martin, SJ
    4. The Crescat
    5. Father Zuhlsdorf
    6. Camille Paglia
    7. Henry Edwards
    8. Susan Estrich

    Spirited discussion, but a certain refinement as well. Hope the cooks are up to the task and the wine cellar’s properly stocked.

    In Christ,

  41. Gregg the Obscure says:

    I agree with the blogger idea. A first take. I’d prefer a bit more harmonious and less feisty of a gathering than that proposed by most above.

    Fr. Z;
    Thomas O’Rama (Video Meliora);
    Dylan (Dark Speech Upon the Harp)
    Jeff Miller(Curt Jester);
    James Lileks(The Bleat);
    Matthew Alderman (The Shrine of the Holy Whapping);
    Erik Keilholtz (Erik’s Rants and Recipies); and
    The Old Oligarch(Ibid).

  42. Jesus Christ :-)
    Archbishop Burke
    Pope Benedict
    Fr. John Berg FSSP
    Fr. Michael Wiener ICRSP
    Msgr. Wach ICRSP
    Fr. Dupre FSSP
    I cant think of anyone else :(

  43. Mr. WAC says:

    Pius XII
    Michael I
    Alexander IX
    Peter II (of Belgium)
    Krav I
    Gregory XVII
    Peter II (of Pennsylvania)
    Linus II

    Eight living antipopes would make for some fine conversation. My fear, though, is the question of precedence-how does one seat 8 anitpopes for supper? This might be where my dinner breaks down before it stops.

  44. Fr J says:

    1) The Patriarch of Rome
    2) The Patriarch of Constantinople
    3) The Patriarch of Moscow
    4) The Patriarch of Jerusalem (Gk)
    5) The Patriarch of Jerusalem (Ltn)
    6) The Patriarch of Antioch (Gk)
    7) The Patriarch of Alexandria (Gk)
    8) The Patriarch of Alexandria (Coptic)

    And none would be able to leave until unity had been restored!

  45. Jimbo says:

    Seated at table 1:
    1. Fr. McBrien
    2. Fr. Jenkins
    3. Chuck Norris, Emperor of the World
    Seated at table 2:
    4. Fr. Kung
    5. Abp. Weakland
    6. Jack Bauer, Scourge of Terrorists foreign, domestic, theological or liturgical
    Table 3:
    7. Jamie Oliver (a.k.a. “the naked chef” who of course would also be about the kitchen)
    8. Malchus the Wandering Jew (who after 2000 years might appreciate a good meal, good wine, and the entertainment provided at tables 1 and 2.)

  46. Matt M. says:

    Mr. WAC,

    Pius XII

    don’t you mean Pius XIII, aka Fr.Lucian Pulvermacher?

  47. Emily says:

    1) B XVI
    2) My biblical studies prof, Dr. Miletic
    3) Arch. Chaput
    4) Christian Bale
    5) My godson
    6) Amy Adams
    7) GW Bush
    8) Laura Bush

  48. Jason Keener says:

    Pope Benedict XVI
    Bishop Fellay
    Fr. Brian Harrison
    Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais
    Alice von Hildebrand
    Christopher West
    Scott Hahn
    Fr. George Rutler

  49. Cel says:

    Cdl Arinze
    Richard Dawkins
    Justice Thomas
    Tom Hanks
    Bp williamson
    Sen Ted Kennedy
    Rep Ron Paul
    Abe Foxman

  50. caballero says:

    Bishop Fellay
    Fr Stephen Zigrang
    Dr Edward George (a Classics professor)
    Neil Young (acoustic style)
    Timothy Gautreaux (a Catholic novelist)
    Mel Gibson
    James Kirkpatrick (a friend)
    Isaac Williams (my 12-year-old son)

  51. cathguy says:

    Dave Liebman
    Branford Marsalis
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Ann Coulter
    Camille Paglia
    Stanley Crouch
    Tom Sowell
    Clarence Thomas

  52. newtrad says:

    let’s see…

    Fr. Frank Pavone
    Glenn Beck
    Arbp. Burke
    Fr. John Corapi
    Fr. Bill Casey, Fathers oF MErcy

    That aught to do it…

  53. Romulus says:

    1. Archbishop Burke
    2. Cardinal Pell
    3. Archbishop Dolan
    4. Archbishop Nichols
    5. Mons. Georg Gänswein
    6. Mons. Guido Marini
    7. Ingrid Stampa
    8. Dom Alcuin Reid

    With alternates standing by:

    1. Fr. George Rutler
    2. Alice Von Hildebrand
    3. Mother Angelica
    4. My pastor

  54. Matthew W. I. Dunn says:

    Fr. Z wrote:


    Which, obviously, disqualifies . . . Jesus? . . . Mary? . . all the Saints?

    Hmm, the scriptures seem to say otherwise: Rev 1:17-18; Rev 7:14-17; Phil 1:21.

    Then again, Fr. Z, you are working towards a doctorate in Theology (not scripture), aren’t you?

  55. Agnes B. Bullock says:

    1. Father Z
    2. Glenn Beck
    3. His Excellency, Archbishop Burke
    4. His Holiness, Benedict XVI and JP II
    5. His Excellency, Bishop Brusckiewicz
    6. Ann Coulter
    7. Ronald Reagan
    8. Margaret Thatcher

  56. Pete Jennings says:


    Judie Brown (not sure she drinks)
    Thomas Roeser (since Chicago is now the Center of the Universe)
    Fr. Cornelius O’Brien (once he has published his promised book on the human person)
    Bishop Jaime Soto (I’m starting to come around on this one)

    Now for the shootees…

    Tony Blair (to learn about what it should mean to be a convert)
    VP Biden (might listen to reason if there’s no press around)
    The Governator (another Catholic who should know better)

    And one wildcard…

    Rep. Ron Paul

  57. Eric says:

    I don\’t think I saw Mother Angelica on anyone\’s list. Did she die while I wasn\’t paying attention?

    Assuming she\’s alive, she\’s invited.

    I also saw Father Chad Ripperger on someone\’s list. He will be at my parish tonght!
    I doubt I\’ll get to have dinner with him though.

    Also , I\’ve seen Richard Dawkins on a few lists. Didn\’t you see Expelled? That guy would ruin any get together.

    OK list

    Clarence Thomas
    Alan Keyes
    Von Hildebrand
    and if Mother Angelica isn\’t alive then Bruskewitz (just to see if he really talks like everyone that does an impersonation of him)

  58. Fr. Totton says:

    William wrote:
    Pope Benedict +
    Archbishop Burke +
    Cardinal Hoyos+
    Cardinal Canizares+
    Bishop Rhoades +
    Fr. Poisson FSSP
    Nacy Pelosi
    The Father General of the Jesuits.

    If I remember correctly, the “+” should be placed BEFORE these names to indicate their place in the hierarchy. By placing the “+” after the names, you have effectively placed them among the faithful departed!

  59. Thomas says:

    Miss October 2008 – Miss May 2009.

    Or the more pious version:

    1.) Pope Benedict XVI
    2.) George W. Bush
    3.) George Lucas
    4.) Gene Wolfe
    5.) Sarah Palin (hey, throw me a bone if I can’t have list #1)
    6.) Rush Limbaugh
    7.) Bernard Cardinal Law
    8.) Harry W. Crocker, III

  60. Mary says:

    “I don’t think I saw Mother Angelica on anyone’s list. Did she die while I wasn’t paying attention?

    Assuming she’s alive, she’s invited.”

    Well, as a Poor Clare she does live under a vow of enclosure, so she might have to respectfully decline, depending which rules of usual life we’re suspending here.

    I’ve met Bp. Bruskewitz, what do his imitators sound like? :)

  61. As a Lutheran, I have slightly different priorities. But still:

    Rev. Carl Braaten
    Rev. Gordon Lathrop
    Abp Rowan Williams
    Garrison Keillor
    Susan Howatch
    Mary Gordon
    Anne Rice
    Shatner (because that’s just a *brilliant* idea)

  62. Alice says:

    Someone got Christopher West and Alice von Hildebrand before me! And, I think Garrison Keillor and Rowan Williams are great ideas, Pastor Church. :)

    Here’s my list:
    Alice von Hildebrand
    Christopher West
    Garrison Keillor
    Rowan Williams
    John McCain
    Hilary Clinton
    Pope Benedict XVI

    Could get interesting :)

  63. Martin T. says:

    Dave Armstrong
    Jimmy Akin
    Steven Greydanus
    Tim Jones
    Mark Shea
    Amy Wellborn
    Dawn Eden
    Sister Martha

  64. little gal says:

    Pope Benedict-I would like to exchange cat stories with him!
    Cardinal George
    Shelby Foote (and any other Civil War Historians)
    Bryn Terfel*
    Renee Flemming*
    YoYo Ma** I guess we would also need an orchestra with these four.*
    Ennio Morricone**
    Walter E Murphy-I just love his books

    **This link is to a recording of YoYo playing some of Morricone’s work.
    P.S. Romulus, what would you like to discuss with Mons. Gänswein?

  65. Cyndy W says:

    Pope Benedict
    Michael Savage
    Mother Angelica
    Fr. John Corapi
    Fr. Gerard G. Steckler, SJ
    Fr. Kenneth Baker, SJ
    Mark Steyn
    Anne Barbeau Gardiner

  66. anonymous says:

    Definitely Card. Arinze, he is a crack-up. My wife had the good fortune to sit at his left hand at lunch once.

    Soup was served, and his soup was a distinctly different color from that of everyone else’s.

    He waited until all the soup bowls were down, looked pointedly at his own bowl, then at the bowls of the very white, very American people seated with him, and said, completely deadpan:


    Later he admitted that he had a food allergy and that his soup had been specially prepared.

  67. Nicknackpaddywack says:

    Camille Paglia
    John Calloway
    Alasdair MacIntyre
    Anne Rice
    Martha Nussbaum
    Antonin Scalia
    Woody Allen
    David Lynch

  68. Cortney says:

    Yo-yo Ma
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Johnny Deppe
    Fr. Z.
    Fr. Greg Markey
    Archbishop Burke
    Itzhak Perlman
    Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem

  69. Fr Michael Brown says:

    Antiquarius, I`m most intrigued as to how Bishop Seamus Cunningham got on your list!!!

  70. leo says:

    8 good friends

  71. Eric says:

    I’ve met Bp. Bruskewitz, what do his imitators sound like? :)

    I just would like to hear him say, \”Hey, easy, it\’s not a tourniquet.\”

  72. Veritas says:

    Benedict XVI, George W Bush, Fr Zuhlsdorf, Fr Aidan Nichols OP, Ian Duncan Smith MP, Frank Feild MP,the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain Dr Jonathan Sachs ( out of courtesy any snacks would be kosher),Dr Angela Merkl.

  73. Clara says:

    Several repeats here, but still:

    David Bentley Hart
    Joseph Bottum
    Richard Dawkins
    Archbp Burke
    Bishop Martino
    Mark Steyn
    Barack Obama
    Ralph McInerny

    If we were talking a single dinner companion, it’d be Pope Benedict hands down, but in company like this I suspect he would be more retiring… and at the same time, the very presence of the Supreme Pontiff could hardly help but hamper conversation. *I* would certainly be shy of expounding my own views in a company that included him. On the other hand, I think it would be delightful to see how *little* Barack Obama had that effect on a company such as this.

  74. Terry says:

    1. Pope Benedict XVI +
    2. Bishop Fellay +
    3. Bishop Williamson +
    4. Cardinal Hoyos +
    5. Archbishop Burke +
    6. Archbishop Nienstedt +
    7. Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand
    8. Fr. John Corapi

  75. mfg says:

    It comes down to this: the lists submitted have repeats because there are only so many interesting (to this blog) public personas. You want to have the strongest proponent represent your side of an issue so you can win! Therefore:

    Alan Keyes acquainting Nancy Pelosi with traditional (and current) church teaching on abortion;
    Christopher Hitchens and Pope Benedict mulling over proofs and dis-proofs for the existence of God;
    Father George Rutler instructing Richard McBrien on the facts from the New Testament (just the facts, ma’am);
    Archbishop Burke telling Archbishop Wuerl how he really feels about distribution of Holy Communion.

    I would hope Fr. Z’s schedule would allow him to act as barbecue chef so he could pipe in on a chat, not officially or obstreperously, but just to insert a comma here or there, as the spirit moves him. To top the evening off, Bishop Fellay could drop by to offer grace before the meal and instantly disappear, thereby impressing BXVI with his humility and holiness.

  76. Aine says:

    Michael Savage
    Jacqui Smith
    Rev Wright
    Barack Obama
    William Ayers
    Fr Jenkins
    Phil Donahue
    Dan Brown
    Michael Voris

  77. Broadsword says:

    David Petraeus, alternate, Gen. James Mattis (if he were still alive, Chesty Puller in a nanosecond)
    David Bellavia, (author of House to House)
    Father Corapi
    Rush Limbaugh, (he will plan the party)
    Michael More, (he will play,uh be, court jester&fool)
    Bill Donohue, to take care of the grill(-ing)
    Bill Bennett, for historical perspectives
    Janice Rogers Brown, for brilliance.

  78. shadrach says:

    Benedict XVI

    Fidel Castro

    Jonathan Harvey

    Charles Taylor

    Alban McCoy

    Dave Holland

    Thomas Kinsella

    Fergus Kerr

  79. Tim from St. Agnes says:

    Father Robert Altier
    Father Kevin McDonough
    Arch Bishop Burke
    Fr. Jenkins
    Archbishop Niederaur
    Nancy Pelosi
    Rep. Michelle Bachmann
    Father Welzbacher

  80. Andrew says:

    Gov. Mike Huckabee
    Helen Clark (Former New Zealand Prime Minister and rampant Feminist)
    Bishop Richard Williamson
    Bishop Fellay
    Cardinal Hoyos
    His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI
    Tony Blair
    H.R.H Queen Elizabeth II

  81. Julie says:


    i. Roger Federer
    ii. Karl Keating
    iii. Fr. Peter Laird
    iv. HH, Pope Benedict XVI
    v. Senator Norm Coleman
    vi. Alice Von Hildebran
    vii. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
    iix. Ben & Jerry

    * If all of these celebrities had deep reversions and conversions -wow! The ripple effect could be huge. Norm, I think is close. Fed is Catholic, but I’m not sure how ardently -admittedly, that one is a little bit for me, too!

  82. q7swallows says:

    This exercise was absolutely intriguing and it took me several days to compile this list.

    Fr. Jenkins

    Sen. Arlen Specter

    Michael Schiavo

    Fr. John Corapi

    Lady Margaret Thatcher

    Dr. Bernard Nathanson

    Dr. Alan Keyes

    Fr. George Rutler

    Food: I’m torn between a turkey shoot and lizard flambé.

    But on the side, a modified Santa Maria style BBQ:
    crisp garden salad;
    filet mignon grilled over red oak wood coals, marinated and basted with beer & melted butter;
    shrimp sauteed in olive oil with garlic, lemon, and parsley,
    peppery pinquito beans;
    fresh salsa;
    grill-toasted sourdough French bread topped with butter, garlic, & parmesan;
    a hearty red/CA pinot noir;
    lemon meringue pie + espresso for dessert.

    Theme music: Josh Groban’s “My Confession” (or, as I have dubbed it: “Modern Mea Culpa”)

    Thinking about this was a blast. Can we do it again sometime? Please?

  83. q7swallows says:

    I forgot to strongly endorse your choice of Ann Coulter, Father. She’s on my short list for another weekend gathering.

  84. Supertradmom says:

    Alan Keyes
    Father Corapi
    Pia di Solleni
    Vincent Nichols
    (I would spare the Holy Father, as much as I would like him to be there)
    John Roberts
    Glen Beck
    Little ol me
    My college-age son

    still thinking about the menu-I need Father Z’s cookbook

  85. Leah says:

    Seeing as religion and politics are the two topics I could discuss till the day I died, and seeing as how I’d have very different major players for each, I split them up into two dinner parties (since Father Z didn’t make any injunctions against being a frequent hostess).


    Father Corapi
    Paul Provencher (an extraordinarily erudite cousin of mine)
    Tony Lozano (a friend of mine, Catholic, with good insights)
    Father Z
    Jesus (who would promptly raise G.K. Chesterton from the dead, thus rendering him alive and able to join us)
    Father Altiers

    Dinner will be pork pies with sauce, sauteed asparagus, steamed green beans, fresh sliced tomatoes with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, a fruit plate of strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon, and the mandatory sliced loaf of fresh French bread and butter. Paul will be our sommelier. Dessert: butter brickle toffee bread pudding, or creme brulee. The date will be Pentecost, rather as it was this year – bridging the gap between May and June.


    Ann Coulter
    Ron Paul
    Wyatt Lacey (another friend of mine)
    Paul Provencher (my aforementioned cousin)
    Mike S. Adams
    Sarah Palin
    Stephen Colbert (to see if we can figure out what he really *does* stand for)
    Mark Steyn

    Dinner will be some summer menu, so we can eat outside and get rowdy. I’m thinking kebabs – some really snazzy cuts of beef, with chicken and lamb to round it out. Add to that some green bean casserole, potato salad, corn on the cob, tomato wedges, and piles of fruit – cherries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, and watermelon sections all in a hollowed out watermelon. Dessert is an intensely vanilla white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, and vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce. Date? Fourth of July weekend, of course, and we’ll gang up on Colbert to lead us in some patriotic songs.

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