New iPhone

Any iPhone users out there interested in the new version coming out soon?

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  1. jesuitschooled says:

    No, the 3G is still great and the new one doesn’t offer enough of an upgrade to justify shoveling out another 300 bucks…but that’s just me.

  2. Frank H. says:

    I am currently using the first generation iPhone. My kids gave me a gift card to use toward the new one when my AT&T plan is eligible for the “subsidized price” in August. Looking forward to the faster speed and more features! Hope the battery life improves.

  3. TomB says:

    I just recently bought the competition, mainly because I have a corporate Sprint account. The new Palm Pre is worth a look, and works fine with my Macbook Pro. Very nice screen, very fast internet, easy e-mail setup, compared with earlier Treos. That really doesn’t answer your question, but it’s probably an alternative you might want to consider. Battery life and bluetooth are disappointments. BT won’t connect to my auto’s hands free system (a Garmin unit). Sprint gives me a 30-day trial, up to which time I can return it and revert to my old, cheap plan and phone.

  4. TomB says:

    Oh, besides the above it won’t synch with my computer using BT (and I don’t think the iPhone does either), like my older Treo. Apparently the BT is only for headphone use, and I hear it’s the stereo BT, though I don’t have a stereo BT headphone to check that out. Aside from those, it’s an intriguing device – new OS which I am growing fond of after 2 days of trial ownership, and easy to learn and use. Much slimmer than the older Treos too.

  5. Ignacio says:

    Si Padre!

  6. Justin Martyr says:

    I can’t see the point in upgrading – it’s very expensive, for the addition of a video camera of dubious quality and some supposed minor processing speed and battery life improvements. I’ll wait til July 2010 to see if anything special comes out. (As an aside, I was looking forward to for tethering, but paying an additional £15/month is ludicrous.)

  7. Ray V. says:

    I have a first generation iPhone and look forward to the latest software upgrade…3.0. It will make the iPhone even more powerful and there will be no need to purchase a new phone. Now if they would only drop AT&T and hook up with Verizon. Oremus Pro Invicem.

  8. Mike says:

    I’m not convinced that the iPhone 3GS is worth the upgrade at the moment. Most of the new features that were demoed in the keynote address at WWDC were things that come in the new 3.0 OS that will work with the older models.

    The compass feature is pretty neat and capturing video is a definite plus, but it doesn’t seem like a big enough change to warrant paying any fees to upgrade.

  9. Mine is ordered to be delivered on Friday from Apple. I’m using the 3G currently.

    The 3GS is interesting to me due to the increased power with photography and video. The much faster, powerful processor should make for more interesting apps. Also, the chipset will support AT&T’s new network that is twice as fast as the current 3G network. That may not be in place in our area for some time, though.

    I live in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana and am a member of St. Landry Catholic Church. We’ve just updated the website , added a blog and added a Twitter account StLandryCath as part of the Pope’s challenge to embrace technology for evangelization. The Archdiocese of New Orleans is the only one I’m aware of with its own iPhone app. I can see that as the next place we’ll branch out into and I want to be sure I have access to the newest technology to test with.

  10. I have the first generation iphone and have been debating at least an upgrade to the 3G, rather than the newest. Is there any reason to do otherwise?

  11. David Kastel says:

    For those of you who will buy anything made by Apple:

  12. Simon Platt says:

    “Everything is just a few hundred clicks away!”

  13. I’ll get mine Friday for these reasons, among others:

    1. Longer battery life.
    2. Better camera. No need to carry another device for normal photos.
    3. Video capture, editing, and uploading.
    4. Internal compass and turn-by-turn directions.
    5. Voice control of calls and music.
    6. Much faster processor for quicker loading of all programs.
    7. Twice as much memory for carrying all kinds of digital goodness.

    The iPhone is a very useful tool and an awfully fun toy all rolled into one.

  14. Angela says:

    I think there are some nice upgrades in the GS, but I haven’t even had my 3G for a year so I will wait for the next iphone incarnation to upgrade.

  15. murdelio says:

    I’m very glad with my 3G iPhone, and I don’t wait for a new one. With Cydia and Instalous is it better than iPhone 3GS.

  16. Bill in Texas says:

    I am currently using the AT&T Tilt, and am nearly at the end of my contract. I’ve been using a 1st generation iPod Touch as my pda, and enjoy the interface and the apps. My decision to get the Tilt, and to pass up on the chance to upgrade to the iPhone 3G was based on three factors: the chip in the 3G was underclocked, there were issues using the iPhone in the first two versions with Exchange Server, and there wasn’t enough memory for my purposes.

    That said, I pre-ordered a 32GB iPhone 3G S to upgrade from the Tilt, which is showing its age (also, the apps for the Windows Mobile smartphones aren’t as cheap or as functional as those for the iPhone). The only issue I have with Apple over the iPhone is Jobs’ refusal to support Flash, but alternatives to Flash are appearing and I can live without Flash. I will pick it up at 7 am next Friday.

    I’m looking forward to the new phone.

  17. Rob Federle says:

    I’m definitely interested, but I can’t justify trading in my 3G right now, perhaps in another year.

  18. Bill in Texas says:

    Father Z, in my opinion, if you don’t need the additional memory, and if you don’t forsee heavy business use of your phone for spreadsheets, document editing, and the like, and if you can live without the faster processor, the improved camera resolution, and video, upgrading to the 3G (instead of the 3G S) makes a lot of sense. Certainly can’t argue with the price difference!

  19. Except that in upgrading they also upgrade the price of your data plan.

  20. Bill in Texas says:

    True, I hadn’t thought about that. But I’m already on that data plan with the Tilt, so it’s no difference to me. Bottom line: if you’re still pretty happy with the iPhone you have (it does *almost* everything you want), and if the increase in price of the data plan is prohibitive to you, don’t upgrade.

    The downside is that Apple probably won’t support the iPhone 1.0 forever, so eventually you will have to move on.

  21. Bill in Texas says:

    Say, maybe Fr. Jay Scott Newman is upgrading from a 3G — perhaps you could work out a deal whereby you acquire his 3G …

  22. Nice idea, Bill, but it’s already slotted for one of my parish staff. This will be our fourth iPhone in the office, and they have proven themselves to be a great help to productivity, especially handling email.

  23. Bill in Texas says:

    Oh, well, Fathers. One more bright idea bites the dust. It isn’t the first one to do that.

  24. Steve K. says:

    I will purchase the new one (32GB) and pass on my current 3G to another family member, as I did when I went from first generation iPhone to 3G.

    PS – there are some great Catholic apps out there, like iBreviary.

  25. Mine is reserved. I’ll pick it up at Providence Place Apple Store on Friday. It rocks!

  26. Luke D. says:

    I’m afraid anything I say would be completely biased. I am now, and forever shall be, under Steve Jobs’ “Reality Distortion Field.”

  27. TomB says:

    After 5 days with the Pre, I’m really liking it. Solved the BT problem by updating the firmware in the device I wanted to pair the Pre with, and it works without any fuss. \”Missing Sync\” solved connectivity problem with the Macbook Pro, and now it syncs over the wireless network. You can have several programs running. The screen is tops. Lunnux-based software, OS is called web OS. I\’m very pleased. It even makes phone calls.

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