Sabine Orsine

There are now two Sabine bears

No photos yet.

The Sabine hives are still intact.

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  1. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:

    What about the Sabine pic-i-nic baskets?!?!

  2. Janet says:

    Have you decided on names for the two Sabine bears yet? (the post above mine would indicate that “Yogi” and “Boo-Boo” could be good suggestions) :-)

  3. michigancatholic says:

    Bears (?!?)

  4. LCB says:

    Not bears, Fr. Z.

    You now have a porter and a thuri-furry.

    The Lord provides for all liturgical functions, in his goodness and infinite wisdom.

  5. Hidden One says:

    If they go to the bird feeders, that could be problematic.

  6. Tim Ferguson says:

    if you’re looking for name suggestions, I’d go with Corbinian and Elisha.

  7. JL says:

    Be sure not to make fun of the bald prophet, or they might eat you. ;)

  8. Jason C. Petty says:

    Here’s the info on Corbinian and Elisha (last verse).

    People know the craziest stuff on this ‘blog.

  9. Maureen says:

    If one of them is female, she can be Ursula. :)

  10. Ligusticus says:

    The Ursine Farm! :D

  11. Ann says:

    A nice big farm dog will keep the bears away from the hives. Hubby spent most of his life in bear country and just the presence of a barking dog would warn off the bears who mostly just go else-ware–since the problems were black and grizzly bears both it seems a big dog is a nice defender for bird feeders and bee hives.

  12. Professional visitors from Chicago?

  13. jaykay says:

    Hmmm, further to Ann’s post, if you didn’t want to invest in a real live Sabine anti-ursine canine you could probably get a good recording of dog barks, sort of like those booming devices that scare birds away?

    Well no, maybe not…

  14. Bill in Texas says:

    Hmmm. One of them could be Stew …

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