NYC – Our Savior

I am at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Manhattan for a few days.

Yesterday I participated at a fine conference on the Sacred Heart at Our Savior on Park and 38th.   The church is very striking.  Here are a couple shots during a Mass in the Braga Rite.


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  1. dark_coven says:

    Astig! A very solemn shot and photo of Our Lord. The Latin Rite has beauty that smacks you to the heart. Thanks Father for sharing this to us.

    Deo Gratias

  2. Borja says:

    They have a papal indult to use this rite?

  3. Berthold says:

    I looked at the link to the Braga Rite in the last post, and I am a bit confused. Is this really a relic of the Gallican Rite or not rather a local use of the Roman Rite, similar to the different French Uses or Sarum or the Dominican use? The differences to the 1962 Missal in the text are small (prayer at the foot of the altar, offertory prayers, blessing), and other peculiarities, like the preparation of the chalice after the Epistle, also appear in Sarum.

  4. Lubeltri says:

    That enormous Christ Pantokrator that fills up the apse was Fr. Rutler’s idea a few years ago. The New York Times covered it:

    It really is a wonderful church, especially considering it was constructed in the late 1950s!

    Father Z, before you leave New York, try to visit the church of St. Vincent Ferrer in the Upper East Side. I think this English Gothic-style Dominican priory church is perhaps the most beautiful in the city!

    Also, a visit to the shrine of St. Francis Xavier Cabrini is a must. You can see the body of one of the few American saints encased in glass in the chapel’s altar.

    Near the shrine is the Cloisters, where is housed the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s medieval collection. Parts of medieval monasteries in Europe were shipped over and rebuilt here, and the place is filled with stunning sacred heart—sculpture, painting, church furnishings, even an amazing treasury of sacred vessels and vestments from that era. Really worth seeing.

  5. How incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Father. I have never heard of the Braga Rite either…

  6. Lirioroja says:

    If I didn’t know better, I would say this looks like one of our Sunday 11 AM Masses (Ordinary Form). It’s only when I’m away from home that I realize how truly blessed we are here in New York to have Our Saviour’s and Fr. Rutler. I do believe I’m spoiled. Wish I could’ve made it to this Mass though.

  7. Phil Onochie says:

    Whenever I am in New York City, I always make it a point to go to mass at Our Savior. I always have the best experiences there and the post-mass chats with Fr. Rutler make for an excellent morning.

  8. Fr W says:

    Great Church! Could someone explain to me where the tabernacle is, and the gate at the rear of the sanctuary. I can’t see from the pictures how things are arranged. From a distance it is a magnificent church.

  9. DominiSumus says:

    Una Missa mais linda!

  10. Harold says:

    “Could someone explain to me where the tabernacle is, and the gate at the rear of the sanctuary.”

    The tabernacle is in the center of the wall behind the altar. If by “gate at the rear of the sanctuary” you are referring to the golden latice work behind the altar it is not a gate, but a screen with green cloth.

  11. Merriweather says:

    @Fr. W

    A better look at the tabernacle, and more info:

  12. AuroraChristina says:

    When I click my ruby slippers out here in Ohio and mutter “There’s no place like home”, I close my eyes tightly and imagine the privilege of being a parishioner at Our Savior NYC. God bless Fr. Rutler!

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