Best (modern) painting in Britain?


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  1. Sid says:

    Turner’s The ‘Fighting Temeraire’ tugged to her Last Berth to be broken up is the very definition of the Romantic Sublime, both in theme and execution, though I’ve have a person preference for his Peace – Burial at Sea. Unlike Casper David Friedrich, another favorite painter of mine and another painter of the Romantic sublime, Turner never lapses into kitsch. Friedrich was more willing to use Christian themes. See Friedrich’s Monk by the Sea and The Abbey in the Oakwood. Turner, one has the feeling, wishes to replace Christianity with a new religion. I may be wrong about this. Both are great painters, and both can claim to be the founders of “Modern” Art. I wonder if many contemporary Christians are more Romantiker than Christians.

    For these landscapes see www[dot]wga[dot]hu under the painter’s name. For the tradition that Friedrich started, see Robert Rosenblum, Modern Painting and the Northern Romantic Tradition: Friedrich to Rothko.

    Rothko’s work, in my opinion, really can’t be reproduced; you have to see it in person to feel the sublime effect. Any of y’all been to the Rothko chapel in Houston?

    The sublime: Rudolf Otto’s “Holy” seen from an aesthetic, rather than a religious, perspective.

  2. Dr Austin says:

    Mary Tompkins Lewis published a masterful review of this painting in the Wall Street Journal on March 7th.

  3. Sid: Rudolf Otto’s “Holy” seen from an aesthetic, rather than a religious, perspective.


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