Blognic WRAP UP! London II

I am so grateful to everyone who took the time to come!

I think we had a lot of fun!


Convinced that trouble was brewing, the Arms brought in reinforcements!

About 30 people! Off to the Ha Ha!

Now that I am safely at home, here are more photos from the blognic and the subsequent supper.

There is internet access at the Buckingham Arms!



His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Tim Finigan, has a good wrap up of London II.

Be sure to go over to his place and wish him well during this "novena" before his Jubilee on Tuesday!

During our time at the Buckingham Arms this evening, there was a Police van parked outside. We wondered whether we might be raided for thought crimes but we were left in peace to enjoy a couple of pints before repairing to the Ha Ha Bar for fish fingers and chips (it being Friday an’ all.)

It was a good gathering with thirty or so bloggers and readers (a blogging equivalent of the cricketing "Gentlemen and Players" distinction) from various parts. Among those present were Oliver Hayes of the Expectation of Our Lady, who travelled down from Birmingham, regular commenter and Tweeter, Londiniensis, Fr Mildew, Jim and Christina McPake who dropped by on their way back from Lourdes to Carlisle, Mulier Fortis, Jonathan Hague, Andrea, John Simmonds, Delia Gaze, Patricia Forsdyke, Paul Moynihan and Sir Dan of the Blogosphere. I was delighted to meet "Dillydaydream" who occasionally comments on my blog and comes to Mass from time to time at Blackfen. It was also an occasion to meet the trenchantly pro-life and politically left "Red Maria" who blogs at Dolphinarium.

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  1. david andrew says:

    “What’s all this then, amen.”

    “Are you the church police?”

    “Ho, yes!”

    “There’s another BLOGNIC going on here, Vicar Seargent.”

    “That’s Detective Parson, madame.”

  2. Jack Hughes says:

    Wish I could be there with you …….

  3. Looks like a great time! I wish I know who more of these folks are. Other than you and Fr. Finigan, I don’t recognize anyone.

  4. irishgirl says:

    Hey, cool pictures of you and Fr. Finigan! Nice closeup of you especially!

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