Going to jail…gaol…

No, not the Clink. I am off to find the remains of Marshalsea Prison.

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  1. Jack Hughes says:

    ahh the Marshalsea, for Father’s American readers the Marshalsea was a debtors prison where the family of Charles Dickens was once held. It is also the setting for “Little Dorrit” arguably the best novel Dickens ever wrote.

  2. Emilio III says:

    Some of us are more curious about its earlier history. (Regular readers of this blog might remember that Jack Aubrey was there before Dickens. :-)

    There was also “Edmund Bonner + Deceased Bishop Emeritus of London” (http://www.catholic-hierarchy.org/bishop/bbonner.html)

    Anybody else from that particular period we should know about?

  3. Emilio and Jack: It was for both of these reasons that I went there. I understand there were also Catholic martyrs imprisoned.

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