How about you?

What is the good news in your life right now?

Let us know.


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  1. moon1234 says:

    It will be time for bed in just a few hours. I always look forward to climbing into a nice comforting bed for the night. It is the most relaxing part of the day (Until the baby wakes up, my almost two year old wants in at 5am, etc.) So bedtime rocks (Can you tell we have kids?)

    Honestly, I am fairly happy in my faith life. We have TLM, support from priests, good laity with programs to keep the kids active in the faith, etc.

    I just wish I could put the blinders on to rest of the world. That parts makes me think that Rome is burning.

  2. John P. says:

    Well, Father, it seems as if my life has been nothing but good news. The weather here in Missouri has been absolutely beautiful, for July. We finally have a newly-ordained priest at our parish who actually seems to pay attention to what the rubrics say for the NO Mass, and I discovered that I may not have to have three cavities filled after all!

    Hope there is plenty of good news in your life, Father!!!

    John P.

  3. Fr. D says:

    Vacation commences Sunday, God willing.

  4. Sacristymaiden says:

    Almost done with Geometry! (At least for a couple of years anyway.)

  5. wmeyer says:

    Good news:
    – my uncle is recovering nicely after a knee replacement last week
    – my annulment petition, after about 28 months, may be nearing approval
    – my daughter arrived safely in Boston aboard the Coast Guard sailing ship Eagle
    – I am still employed, and so is my wife
    – at long last, my extremely liberal parish will have a crucifix in its church by summer’s end (the only one there now is in the chapel, and behind the altar is a statue of the risen Christ)

  6. Tiling of the church floor is complete (except for the sacristy). All we have left is to grout.

  7. Jacob says:

    After a few years of spotty starts and stops, I’m making progress in The Brothers Karamazov. :)

    Just finished ‘The Grand Inquisitor’ though… Aside from the anti-Romanism(!), lots of parallels to today’s political climate.

  8. lamblock says:

    Thankful for: I am healing nicely after a good group of friends prayed for my healing – two years after the surgery & growing closer to God during that time – and so excited to find that my library carries books by Archbishop Sheen.

  9. Christina says:

    My son Gabriel is starting to smile more and is just becoming a generally nice baby. Not bad for a eight-week-old. His cooing skills are also phenomenal; I’m sure he’ll be a great orator one day!

  10. Mark Windsor says:

    My youngest is learning to swim and having a grand time of it…

  11. Andreas says:

    Past Thursday was the first Thursday of the month and I was able, Deo gratias, to gain the plenary indulgence for laity by fulfilling all the required conditions of the Year of Priests indulgence (praying for the clergy, etc). [That is great news!]

    A certain sweetness lingers in my mind as a result of it as an antidote to life’s taedium.

  12. W. says:

    The good news … We are expecting our third child.

    This child will be either Thomas Joseph or Sara Marie.

  13. Thomas says:

    I’m an episcopal altar server for the Diocese of Beaumont in Texas, and I was chosen to serve at our diocese’s “Year of the Priest Mass” at Saint Anthony Basilica on November 5th, 2009.

  14. Was inducted as Lecturer of our parish’s Knights of Columbus Council. Will be going back to teaching in college this coming second semester. Huzzah! Gloria Dei!

  15. I recently discovered a new way of grilling spare ribs on my Weber kettle grill that is just out of this world. Best ribs I’ve ever made.


  16. Fr Ó Buaidhe says:

    altar rails going back in a couple of weeks

  17. This was my good news, and it is all over:

    . . . I was an attendee . . .

  18. Dan says:

    I just got back from a retreat at a Maronite Monastery in Petersham, MA. They are the Monks of Adoration. Beautiful; in fact, this was my second time in two weeks that I have gone there. I’m drawn there to their way of life and spirituality. Who knows…..I might end up there.

  19. FranzJosf says:

    Jacob: Wonderful. I’ve just started book two of the Brothers, and I’m loving it.

  20. Jill says:

    After a couple of shaky months, I’m once again feeling confident in and enlivened by my discernment to the contemplative life. Thanks be to God!

    I’m also sending off my deposit for an eight-day silent retreat. I’m so excited!

  21. Roland de Chanson says:

    Yesterday, the Grand Jury refused to indict me on ten counts of embezzlement. The disposition of extortion and bribery charges is still unresolved. But the DA got his face slapped and my attorney thinks he will not pursue it. Politics is hell.

  22. Girgadis says:

    I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m most grateful for the stamina the Lord has sent me to get to church by 6am so I can pray for a half-hour before Mass begins. May His generosity continue. Our little dog has made a liar out of the vet and is thriving despite a poor cancer prognosis. And it looks like a certain priest we all know and love is making progress toward his goal of getting to the UK.

  23. Ruben says:

    For the past 2 years I have been prayerfully examining the possibility of a priestly vocation and recently began looking into some seminaries. Also recently, a set of events along with the influence and advice of some well grounded prayerful people in my life, led me to get in contact with Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary (FSSP). I am scheduled to visit OLGS on Oct 17-19 and my visit will coincide with the 21 year anniversary of the FSSP so the timing could not be better. Thanks be to God.

    Viva Christo Rey!

    Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!

    Viva il Papa!

  24. Rose in NE says:

    My son will be trained as thurifer for the TLM tomorrow. He loves to serve the Mass.

    During the summer our parish seems to be crawling with seminarians. To see them all at Mass in their cassocks must surely inspire the young boys of the parish to consider the priesthood. What a great witness.

  25. Susan says:

    I had a sweet baby girl this morning! #6, Teresa Grace. God is so good. How awesome that He shares with us His creative power. Pray for us, please!

  26. The good news with me?

    Where do I begin?

    1. The Extraordinary Boy (age not-quite-8), yesterday had his first instruction as an altar server in the Ordinary Form of the mass from a brother of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. When he came out dressed in that cassock, there was such a feeling of joy in my heart as I cannot describe.
    2. My efforts to found a new Knights of Columbus council at my parish are bearing excellent fruit.
    3. My campaign for the Illinois legislature seems to be taking off.
    4. The parish picnic which my wife was in charge off was a great deal of fun.
    5. My daughter has learned to ride her bike without training wheels.

  27. Scott says:

    you have inspired me to learn (relearn – for I have several years in highschool) Latin. your blog and the TLM have moved me to go deeper in my faith. thanks for your ministry.

  28. Louis says:

    The three oldest kids and I were blessed by Bishop Perera this past Sunday. It was a great moment since it was just us. I wish the baby was there too, though.

  29. Anthony says:

    1. Restarted working out regularly at the gym.
    2. Re-disciplined my daily schedule to have more time praying and spending time with my family, and less overtime at work.
    3. My confessor is back from his summer vacation.

  30. Padre Steve says:

    Well, just looking at this was good news! Check it out:

  31. TMA says:

    My 11 yr. old son has learned to use his alarm clock. He was up and dressed for 7 a.m. mass this morning by 6 a.m. His younger sister still needs work.

  32. I finally found a new teaching job and we have many, many excellent, wonderful, faithful priests in Louisiana! Happy Year of Priests!

  33. swiftavila says:

    My family is going through some tough financial times. But yesterday, an anonymous check came in the mail for $5000! The only message was a scripture verse about how every good gift comes from above.

    And today my younger brother probably got a summer job!

  34. Gary Keith Chesterton says:

    I availed myself of the Sacrament of Penance today. Glory to God for His mercy!

  35. Matthew W. I. Dunn says:

    Jesus lives.

  36. David Andrew says:

    I’m getting my spiritual house back in order, finally found a perpetual adoration chapel within biking distance of my house (a nice one, too!), and just launched my blog site!

    Higher up and further in!

  37. Woody Jones says:

    Just returned from trip to Spain (E=mc2 means Espana = mucho (calor)2). Some of the greatest highlights: Mass in the Plaza de Oriente in Madrid on Corpus Christi Day (Sunday), Cardinal Rouco celebrating; at the Consecration, as the Cardinal held up the Host, the Spanish military band present broke into the Royal March (the national anthem) to salute Christ our King; a long and colorful Eucharistic Procession followed the Mass, with police band leading, banners, congregations in scapulars, five foot high monstrance, etc. Then, a week later, at the Alhambra in Granada, quite fortuitously encountering another Eucharistic Procession from the church next door, Santa Maria de la Alhambra, processing through the old Muslim palace grounds, for what reason I know not, but to me it said: We know Who rules here now. Finally, in Sevilla, maybe the best city in the world, finding in the main plaza a large porcelain tile image of Our Lady as Virgin of the (Catholic) Kings, with the inscription above it: “Sevilla, grateful to her mother and advocate, Saturday, 18 July 1936” (the date of the Nationalist takeover of the city by General Queipo de Llano almost single-handed). Photos soon to come on my FB page.

  38. JaneC says:

    My friend who was shot a week ago is out of the ICU and was able to eat solid food today. The bullet went through her esophagus, so this is quite good.

    The pastor of my parish is learning to say Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form, and we have three servers in training. We hope to have our first Sunday Low Mass in August or September.

    Next week is Catskills Irish Arts Week, and I will be there singing, dancing, and giving business to the local pub keepers.

  39. Mary says:

    I just went on a lovely pilgramage to the almost year-old Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, WI. It was a perfect way to thank Our Lady for providing the money for me to pay off my student loans so I could enter the Sisters of Life (I’ll be on my way in less than 60 days!)

  40. milanta says:

    For me, recovering health from an abdominal operation. Thanks to God Who act
    throughout the doctors.

  41. Love Our Lady says:

    The good news in my life and the lives of my loved ones? True and lasting healing in Marriage, extended life for my Mom who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Ministry focus,starting a group to pray before the Blessed Sacrament for our Pastor and all priests, deacons and seminarians…
    God is good!

  42. cuaguy says:

    I will have the privilege to serve for the Episcopal Consecration of Archbishop-elect DiNioia this Saturday.

  43. Paul says:

    I successfully auditioned for the Texas A&M Singing Cadets! Deo Gratias that I will be able to spend so much time praising Him in song during my college career.

  44. C. says:

    By the grace of God I am a Roman Catholic Christian.

  45. Dave says:

    I just had the privilege of attending an organ concert played by Todd Wilson at Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio. Beautiful music played on a historic Skinner organ in one of the most magnificent cathedrals in America – and with a pretty big audience, mostly from the OHS convention. Truly a memorable experience.

  46. Sara says:

    So much to be happy for this week!!

    After several years we have a seminarian in our parish!! He starts Mt Angel this fall.

    The Provencial that my Secular Discalced Carmelite community is assigned to will be visiting this Friday and Saturday….looking so forward to his talks.

    I am seriously considering making a two-week pilgrimage to a Carmelite mission in Uganda this fall. So far everything seems to be falling into place. This may also lead me to consider a sabbatical from my current position of employment to teach math and physical sciences in their secondary school. May God show me His will and that I be open to it.

  47. DustyD says:

    Today I received my acceptance to the Discalced Carmelite Order! I enter on August 22, the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So, things are good!

  48. Maggie45 says:

    On July 4th, through God’s grace, and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, I celebrated 25 years of freedom. I am mightily grateful. Dependence on God instead of self.

  49. Scotty says:

    I’m happy that there must have been about 75-100 people at our Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at the Cathedral in Fargo tonight. Wowza.

  50. DL says:

    Maggie45, I am happy to see your post. I have the very same reason for the deepest gratitude. After a long absence, I came back to the Church; two years ago, God, through the grace offered through His Church, brought me to sobriety.

  51. DL says:

    I neglected to add heartiest congratulations!

  52. Mr. H says:

    Off of work for the summer (I am a teacher), I am spending lots of time with my family.

    Mr H

  53. I think readers may have hit the goal for me to go to the UK!

  54. IngridAiram says:

    All the good news mentioned here makes me happy.

    My holliday has started (since I passed my practical exams yesterday) :D

    The second edition of Credimus Bootcamp will start next Saturday – it looks like it will be interesting and lovely week again. Am really looking forward to it.

  55. BLC says:

    The sermon at Sunday Mass was amazing – it was against lukewarm Catholicism.

  56. This past Sunday, after Mass, a young lady I’ve never met before thanked me for wearing a veil! It surprised me so much that I don’t think I managed a proper reply to her, but it made my day. And my week, actually! :D

    Next month, I’m meeting my parents in Sarasota, FL for a vacation. My sister and bro-in-law might also come meet up with us. YAY! No matter where we may be, spending time with my family is the best vacation possible! I miss them so much.

  57. Lynne says:

    I was able to attend the first weekly(!) TLM in a wonderful parish served by two wonderful priests in Peabody MA. The altar server was an adorable boy, entering 3rd(!) grade in the Fall. He is the littlest altar server I’ve ever seen. He did a beautiful job.

  58. irishgirl says:

    I went to a 25th anniversary celebration of a community of traditional Sisters in the Catskills last Thursday (the 2nd). The weather wasn’t so good-clouds and rain-but the Mass was under a big tent.
    Two postulants received the novice’s habit and veil, two made temporary vows [one year], three made perpetual vows, and six renewed their vows [five years].

    Had a great time-the food was good, there was a string quartet to entertain, an anniversary toast with sparkling grape juice and noisemakers, a room in the convent set aside to show the community’s history, and another room showing a video of the same.

    The celebration was like a wedding reception, but without the stupid stuff-this was all class!

    Yay, Fr. Z-you’re going to His Hermeneuticalness’ Jubilee! Woo Hoo! [isn’t it funny that the anti-spam word is ‘hermeneutic’!]

  59. Liz says:

    After a month of letting her heart rest following a semi-major heart attack, my grandmother went into open heart surgery on Monday the 6th, Maria Goretti’s feast day. They had the operating room reserved for five and a half hours, expecting to do a triple bypass, an aortic valve replacement, and a mitral valve repair. Three hours into surgery they called to us in the waiting room, and said they were finishing up! Only a single bypass was necessary and the replaced aortic valve helped repair the mitral valve all on its own. She was off the respirator by Monday evening, and already complaining about the hospital jello on Tuesday morning.
    Deo gratias! So wonderfully grateful to the Holy Trinity and for the dozens of prayers of family and friends who accompanied her and her doctor into the OR. He is truly to be praised!

  60. AML says:

    I am getting married in 38 days, and it will be a wonderful, traditional liturgy, full of Latin and Gregorian Chant, in a hundred year old church in the farm country.

  61. Patrick says:

    I am thankful to the Lord for my daughter being able to find a job and help pay her way through college (a good Catholic one). I am also happy that she has volunteered to pay for her Theology 102 class this summer, after I had said I would foot the cost.

    And I am happy about Fr. Finigans Jubilee. Many more years to him.

  62. Nan says:

    I have a new paintbrush. While that might not sound terribly exciting, I’m making better progress on my icon.

  63. Tony says:

    My fiancee and I are getting married this December. Usus antiquior, obviously. We’re still quite young, but committed to Christ and the sacrament we are eager to receive from each other.

    Pray for us Father!

    Tony and Amy

  64. laurazim says:

    We just returned home from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, followed by the Baptism of the sixth child of dear friends of ours. I love the smell of Chrism on the evening breeze!!

  65. Jane says:

    A very BIG prayer request has been granted against all the odds.

  66. little gal says:

    This is good news for Fr. Z. He and his blog were mentioned on Relevant Radio this morning. The host of the Morning Air show said that a woman sent him ‘the prayer before logging on to the internet’ and that it had been written by Father. He also mentioned the blog. The show also has a blog and they posted a link to this blog. What good news for a Monday! Here is the link:

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