New Under Secretary for the CDW

Biretta tip to Rinascimento Sacro for the news in ZENIT about the new Sottosegretario at the Cong. for Divine Worship.  The new top three staffers there are now set.

TOLEDO, mercoledì, 8 luglio 2009 ( Il sacerdote Juan Miguel Ferrer Grenesche, finora vicario generale dell’Arcidiocesi di Toledo (Spagna), ha ricevuto "con una grande gioia e profonda pace" la nomina a secondo sottosegretario della Congregazione per il Culto Divino e la Disciplina dei Sacramenti.

In un messaggio pubblicato sulla pagina web dell’Arcivescovado di Toledo, il sacerdote segnala: "Con l’aiuto di Dio, spero di essere fedele e di svolgere bene il mio nuovo compito come servizio alla Chiesa universale".

Il presbitero ringrazia il Papa per il suo "gesto di paterna sollecitudine e fiducia" nell’avergli affidato questo incarico e si congeda dall’Arcidiocesi di Toledo "ringraziando tutti" e chiedendo "perdono se ho offeso qualcuno qui, o se qualche cosa non l’ho saputa fare o non l’ho fatta bene".

Il sacerdote, la cui nomina è stata resa pubblica sabato 4 luglio, tornerà ad essere al servizio del Cardinale Antonio Cañizares, attuale prefetto del dicastero.

Quando era Arcivescovo di Toledo, il Cardinale ha nominato Ferrer Grenesche vicario generale, nel 2002, ed economo diocesano, nel 2007.

Juan Miguel Ferrer Grenesche è nato a Madrid il 29 maggio 1961. Ha studiato Teologia all’Istituto Teologico di Sant’Ildefonso di Toledo e ha ricevuto l’ordinazione sacerdotale nel 1986.

Ha conseguito il dottorato in Liturgia Sacra presso il Pontificio Istituto Liturgico Sant’Anselmo di Roma, e in seguito è stato nominato direttore del Segretariato Diocesano di Liturgia di Toledo. A Roma ha conseguito anche il diploma in Arte Sacra.

Oltre a dirigere il Segretariato Diocesano di Liturgia, è stato anche direttore della Casa Sacerdotale di Toledo dal 1991 al 1994. Da quell’anno è stato docente di Liturgia presso l’Istituto Teologico Sant’Ildefonso.

Nel 2006 è stato nominato Cappellano Magistrale del Sovrano Ordine Militare di Malta. E’ stato consultore della Commissione Episcopale di Liturgia della Conferenza Episcopale Spagnola, e il 22 aprile scorso è stato nominato da Papa Benedetto XVI consultore della Congregazione per il Culto Divino e la Disciplina dei Sacramenti.

L’altro sottosegretario del dicastero è padre Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P., la cui nomina è stata resa pubblica il 15 giugno scorso.  [No.  He is the Secretary, not another "under secretary".]

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  1. Antonius says:

    …equals great news, as msgr. Ferrer Grenesche is a true friend of Tradition. Deo gratias.

  2. Hidden One says:

    Ah, good news. :-)

  3. Matthew W. I. Dunn says:

    On a related note, just watching Fr. J. Augustine DiNoia’s consecration to the episcopate on EWTN.

    During Confiteor, no beating of the breast–not even once–at the mea culpa either by soon-to-be Bp. DiNoia or by consecrator Card. Levada.

    Isn’t DiNoia in the CDW???

  4. Gloria says:

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t watch more. I turned it off.

  5. joebe says:

    They took the beating of the breast away when they took genuflecting away…and all the other submissive humbling gestures. That’s because we are God’s pals.

    I think I just dug a rabbit hole here. Sorry.

  6. Andrew says:

    The other under-secretary is Fr. Anthony Ward, SM.

  7. Matthew W. I. Dunn says:

    Dear joebe:

    Nope, the rubric to strike one’s breast during the Confiteor is still there in the liturgy.

    Both Abp. DiNoia of the CDW and Card. Levada of the CDF don’t know this?

  8. Flabellum says:

    It is ordered for the people as well as the celebrant, but more often honoured in the breach. The same goes for the bow during the Credo, let alone the genuflection on the appointed days.

  9. depeccatoradvitam says:

    Perhaps he is used to the Liturgia Hispanica vel Mozarabica (Mozarabic Rite) having been trained in Toledo. I believe this rite has less stringent rubrics and I couldn’t find a rubric for beating of the breast during the confietor in the copy I have.

    While that does not excuse the defeat of proper rubric in the proper Mass of the People (NO/OF), note there is no official American Rite of the NO/OF, it does open the opportunity for interesting reflection with possibilities for a Dominican and a Mozarabic as well as EF and Anglican Use and possibly further future Byzantine (in vernacular) inclusions of a unified Church beyond a purely Latin Rite mindset.

    We hope and pray.

  10. cordelia says:

    wait a minute…i thought i saw DiNoia strike his breast at the confiteor.

  11. TJM says:

    cordelia, I think you are correct. It’s what I recall watching. At least I saw someone doing it. By the way this new appointment sounds very encouraging. Tom

  12. Matthew W. I. Dunn says:

    Dear Cordelia and TJM:

    Your memories are incorrect. Please, watch EWTN’s replay on 7/12 at 12 AM.

  13. Joe Schmoe says:

    I think some people need to take a chill pill. The man was the Pope’s choice; have some confidence. Remember too that there’s a lot more to being the Secretary of the CDW than remembering to strike one’s breast at the confiteor during the very nerve-wracking experience of being ordained a successor to the Apostles.

    And for the record, in the traditional Rite of the Dominican Order, of which Archbishop Di Noia is a member, there was not a striking of the breast during the confiteor (see, e.g., This is not to say that Archbishop Di Noia was or was not trying to imitate the Dominican Rite, but sometimes old habits and traditions die hard….And I think all of us can agree to that.

  14. NY Priest says:

    I didn’t see Archbishop DiNoia during the Confiteor, but let’s not get too judgmental. Try to interpret it with charity. He may have been so overwhelmed and forgotten. Afterall, he propbably spent most of his priesthood not realizing the rubric to still beat one’s breast, even if only once, was still there.

    I’d rather draw your attention to the end of the Mass when the new archbishop was led around to give his blessing during the Te Deum. He had great poise and decorum. Even when he passed his relatives and friends he maintained his new episcopal dignity. This was not about him. He is a worthy bearer of his office.
    And his final comments at the end were so brief yet significant that we know why the Pope appointed to this office. Archbishop DiNoia is a truly humble bishop who wants all of us to focus on God. Even his ordination card bears the image of Mary’s coronation by her Son and not his own picture.

  15. observer says:

    wait a minute…i thought i saw DiNoia strike his breast at the confiteor.

    Yep! Myself as well. And I don’t believe I have lyin eyes. Is that 3 against something or other??

    What set the tone for his new position was his few thankful remarks – stating that we often are tempted to thank ourselves. But he thanked and gave glory to God. A good start for his idea of what the goal of the liturgy should always be. Appears to be a good and holy man.

  16. Dominic says:

    The Archdiocese of Toledo seems to have set itself head and shoulders above the rest in the liturgical arena…the current Cardinal Prefect of the CDW is none other than the former Archbishop of Toledo. Now its vicar general has become the CDW undersecretary.

  17. Andrew says:

    I accept that Cardinal Levada may not have struck his breast during the Confiteor, but I am sure I saw Archbishop DiNoia strike his. All in all, I thought the new secretary of the CDW conducted himself with gravitas befitting a successor of the Apostles. Also, although Cardinal Levada’s ars celebrandi may not have been exemplary, he too celebrated the divine liturgy with dignity. There was none of the showmanship which we are wont to see displayed at these events. The consecrator and consecrand even exchanged the kiss of peace in the traditional manner of the Roman Rite (with each other and more significantly with the other bishops) rather than the glad-handing to which modern prelates are so accustomed.

    The one thing I found disappointing was the arrangement of the altar – I was really hoping to see the Benedictine arrangement. (Was that too much to expect? I don’t think so: it’s not like I’m demanding that they use the still-intact High Altar, although that would have made my year!) In any case, the Mass was above average in most other respects. The music wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination (they could easily have sung the proper Offertory and Communion chants in addition to the Introit; and why on earth did they not sing the Pater Noster?), but it was a tremendous improvement over what we heard at the Mass in Nationals Park just last year. In addition, Cardinal Levada sang almost EVERYTHING that can be sung in the Novus Ordo: from “In the name of the Father” to the final blessing, including the prayer of consecration of the new bishop, with the single exception of the Roman Canon.

  18. NY Priest says:

    Levada made a wonderful effort to sing the prayers of the Mass. He chanted the ordination prayer. His homily was definitely not fluff.

    Notice that during the litany, Levada TURNED to face the altar with Wuerl and Kelly. I was struck by that. Now why is it ok for them to “turn their backs to the people” during the litany, but not during the Eucharistic prayer?

  19. Antonius says:

    Dominic, unfortunately it would be unrealistic to expect the whole Archdiocese of Toledo to be in Cañizares-Llovera / Ferrer Grenesche style. In the primatial See of Spain they have been fighting the good fight, a tough one, among other things of interest defending the apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King in the archdiocese against “less than positive” members of the clergy.
    So the Cardinal left for Rome, took his trusty vicar-general with him – now what in Spain?

  20. cordelia says:

    by the way, the Dominican priest at my parish always strikes his breast at the confiteor. the eastern province Dominicans don’t celebrate the Dominican rite. that would be the western province. (believe it or not)

  21. Mitchell NY says:

    The Altar was disappointing with no center crucifix to be seen and the candlestix on the floor behind potted flowers….I also do not remember any Latin at all, I could be wrong as I turned my attention elsewhere for a while. It looked like a Washington event, although I did like the vestments..I hope he does well for the Congregation, he now has a heavy weight to bear.

  22. EJ says:

    MithellNY – you evidently didn’t watch very attentively.. the Kyrie and Gloria were from the Missa de Angelis.. I tuned out for the Sanctus..and tuned back in for the Agnus Dei again in Latin… the Processional was Lauda Ierusalem Domino right after the Entrance Antiphon was chanted in English. For the record I too am sure I saw the then-Archbishop elect strike his breast with a subtle gesture. The archbishop’s new miter was quite a nice take on Paul VI’s.. and his crozier with the Annunciation depicted is absolutely beautiful… I was struck by the Archbishop’s demeanor during the times very very emotional and visibly moved to the point of seeming nervous – says quite alot about the man’s humility. In fact I cannot remember being that moved after a ceremony like that here in the USA…comments like those from prelates are few and far between, they usually resemble Oscar accepteance speeches. His own very brief comments were a class act, giving absolutely no praise to his own person while thanking God for our beloved Pope and for the Dominican order…QUITE different to Archbishop Wuerl’s quintessential and superfluous “opening remarks” both in substance and in delivery. Ad multos annos Archbishop DiNoia

  23. observer says:

    From a Dominican friend who knows AB “Gus” well (after I mentioned the hope of AB DiNoia becoming Cardinal in the not too distant future – thus papable):

    and also, YES – DiNoia is “Cardinable” …65 –

    and certainly DiNoia is far more Papable that any of the American Cardinals –
    he is a cut far above the others, for sure. He is not political, but certainly astute
    and very intelligent and charitable … very much loved, and has a sharp sense of humor –
    an excellent preacher, passionate, accurate, clear and profound.

    and as he said: “It’s all about GOD, not us!” .. RIGHT ON.

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