Off to town

I will head into central London for a while, afternoon and early evening.

No agenda, really.  Maybe I will head to the City to look at some old churches.  I just feel the need to walk and get some exercise.

Pray against rain.

Didn’t T.S. Eliot mention Magnus Martyr?  Mary Bow?

If anyone is around, perhaps a pint might be in order.  I will have my mobile.  If someone develops, I could add a comment to this entry.

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  1. irishgirl says:

    I’ll be the first one to comment, even though I already said this in another place:

    Make sure you get to Tyburn Convent and see the relics of the English martyrs!

  2. Simon Cotton says:

    Eliot wrote about Saint Magnus the Martyr. Well worth your visit.

  3. I found some wifi at a place I know. The City was dead as a hobnail but this Soho area is madness! people are out and having fun.

  4. It looks like you are starting off to a great time. Wandering around and stopping off for a pint here and there is a wonderful way to spend a day relaxing.

  5. Have a pint at Ye Olde Mitre for me!

  6. Make sure you hit St. Etheldreda’s at Ely Place near St. Paul’s.

    It’s one of the few churches in London to survive the Great Fire of ~ 1660.

    You might also enjoy this guide to sites of Catholic interest around London (and England in general):

  7. Veritas says:

    Have a look at the Anglican Church of St Cyprian, Clarence Gate, it is very beautiful.

  8. roydosan says:

    Might I recommend St Patrick’s, Soho – a beautiful Church near Tottenham Court Road Stn. It’s slightly hidden so very easy to miss but you won’t regret a visit.

  9. MargaretMN says:

    I have wonderful memories of Soho. Be sure to get some great Chinese food!

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