S. Philly – regular TLM at St. Paul’s

Excellent news for Philadelphians:

Starting October 25, 2009 St. Paul Church in South Philadelphia, PA. will offer Mass in the Extraordinary Form,  a Missa Cantata, every Sunday at Noon

Father Gerald P. Carey, pastor of St. Paul’s,  made the surprise announcement on Sunday June 28th at a Mass in the Extraordinary Form,  which he celebrated in anticipation of the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.  

St. Paul’s is located in the Italian Market area of Philadelphia at 10th and Christian Streets (telephone 215-923-0355) and parking is available directly across from the church, which is also easily accessed by public transportation. 

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  1. J. C. says:

    This is excellent news! A beautiful church as well. After Mass, one should take advantage of the great vendors in the Market as well down 9th Street.

  2. Josiah Ross says:

    This is great news! Philadelphians have been wanting a traditional Latin mass somewhere close to center-city for ages now. That it’s a sung mass is even better.

  3. Girgadis says:

    Yes, this is an answer to many prayers. God bless Father Carey and as he
    said, may all that happens at St. Paul’s be for the greater glory of God. I hope
    men and young men familiar with the TLM (or willing to learn) will offer him
    their help.

  4. stigmatized says:

    the location of this church is not in center city. many people have requested the old rite mass at the cathedral and at the other center city parishes. there are several priests trained to say it at the cathedral and they will not say it. cardinal hoyos had said that it was the desire of the holy see that the old rite mass be available in “all parishes”. no one parish has ownership of what belongs to the whole church.

  5. Jim Capaldi says:

    Stigmatized, it is most unfortunate that you chose to use this thread to express a negative opinion rather than to congratulate and thank Father Carey for doing this. He did this on his own, out of principle and sincere respect for the Traditional Latin Mass. I doubt that this will endear him with the hierarchy in the Archdiocese, but he did it anyway out of love for Our Lord and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. You will never see the Traditonal Latin Mass in all of the parishes until the Holy Father celebrates it himself. Then all of the cowardly Judas bishops will fall in line, whether they want to or not.

    May God bless Father Carey for taking this courageous first step in bringing the TLM to the faithful of the Philadelphia area. St. Paul Parish will be the first parish in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to offer a weekly Missa Cantata. To begin the Missa Cantata on the great Feast of Christ the King makes it even more special. The modernists moved this feast to the end of the new calendar, as if to imply that He is only King of the world to come and not this one, but we need this feast to remind us now more than ever that Jesus Christ is sovereign over all men on the earth.

  6. stigmatized says:

    priests have the duty to provide mass in this form of the roman rite when people request it. it is not such a big thing. what is a serious matter is when they are trained to say it and will not do so in places where people have begged them to say it. also, the old rite mass is something beautiful and a joyful thing…not something that a person has to go out of his way to do. the fssp was willing to send a priest to us but they wouldn’t allow him to come. there is still no good reason for them to prohibit a priest from the fssp from residing in center city and ministering to those in center city whom they have refused to minister to.

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