“Word of the Day” for Sunday, 12 July

A couple kind souls have written to let me know that today’s "Word of the Day" for Sunday, 12 July at Dictionary.com was…


Pretty Erie… er um… eerie.

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  1. Brandon says:

    *snort* Aren’t typo’s a beast?

  2. Phillip says:

    What does that word even mean???

    This blog is so confusing. :(


    Thanks for the note, Father! That certainly is eerie…

  3. orthros says:

    I’ll alert the NCCB.

  4. Mitchell NY says:

    I heard this word on secular TV twice in the last two weeks..I don’t know if the Church is influencing the world or this is just part of everyday speech more than the Conference of Bishops would like us to know or believe..Either way, they should sleep easy tonight…

  5. Al says:

    Alert Bishop Trautman!!!!!!!!

  6. Well, I have nothing to say regarding this.

  7. Broadsword says:

    “Ineffable, something which cannot be ‘effed’ “.

  8. Jeff Pinyan says:

    That word was used in the prayers for the ordination of a bishop which I heard in DC on Saturday.

    And last Sunday’s Gospel (NAB) used the word “wrought”! (The priest didn’t feel the need to define that word for us.)

  9. Muscovite says:

    Broadsword: LOL!

    My son had this word show up on his practice SAT on Saturday, too. Wouldn\’t it be great if the language in the English liturgy were so sublime that Catholic kids scored better than everyone else on the SAT verbal section?

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