Mon 31 Aug: Diocese of Scranton To Make Announcement

From the website of the Diocese of Scranton:

Diocese of Scranton To Make Announcement 

The Diocese of Scranton will conduct a news conference this Monday, Aug. 31, at
10 a.m. The news conference is not open to the public, and the location cannot be disclosed.

The news conference will be broadcast live on Catholic Television: CTV. Afterward, a video of the news conference can be viewed on the Diocesan website at

There will be no comment from the Diocese prior to the news conference.

Several days ago I posted about a rumor that Bishop Martino may be retiring.

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  1. trad catholic mom says:

    What could this possibly be about?

  2. IL Catholic says:

    I believe the Bishop is retiring. Look at American papist’s blog. That might be what it’s about.

  3. TJM says:

    Unfortunately, the rumor is that Bishop Martino is too ill to continue as bishop. How sad. I’m sure all of us will keep him in our prayers. Tom

  4. mrteachersir says:

    The Scranton Times isn’t too upset about it. They’ve also posted that in addition to Bishop Martino, Bishop Dougherty, Auxiliary Bishop for Scranton is retiring. Both men have been stalwart supporters of orthodoxy and the teaching of the truth. To lose both is truly disheartening. The local TV station is claiming that until a successor is named, the Diocese will be under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

    Bishop Martino inherited a catechetical mess, no offense to Bishop Timlin. He has attempted to fix that problem as best he could. Many in the Diocese are thrilled for this news because he is hated by so many here. He is being blamed by many for the closing of churches (which technically should have closed years ago because people stopped going to them). He needs our prayers, as does the Diocese of Scranton.

  5. Jeff Pinyan says:

    Aren’t Fridays supposed to be “good news” days on WDTPRS, Father?

  6. MargaretMN says:

    Unfortunately in the PR world, Fridays are “dump bad news” because they think people aren’t paying attention. Not sure that operated in this case, they may be moving quickly because the Bishop took a turn for the worse.

  7. Davidtrad says:

    CNA is reporting that he is definitely resigning.

  8. chadstei says:

    I live in the Harrisburg Diocese but the border between the Scranton Diocese and the Harrisburg Diocese runs through the town I live in. All the local news media and on the the internet is saying that Bishop Martino is stepping down and saying that with authority, but the Diocese has made NO statement. I can’t wait to see what WNEP says on Monday if this announcement is only that the Scranton Diocese is just getting a new Aux. Bishop (which is long overdue).

  9. Hidden One says:

    Sadly, the Scranton Times-Tribune’s poll about Bp. Martino ‘s exit is badly skewed in the negative direction.

    I urge you all to visit and give this excellent bishop some support in the poll on the left.

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