QUAERITUR: visiting priest ad libs – what to do?

From a reader:

We had a visiting priest this weekend and our parish and there was a lot of ad libbing (particularly during the Eucharistic Prayer). There was even some fumbling at the words of consecration, but I figure that God took care of it. While unfortunately I am familiar with this happening, I haven’t had to deal with it for quite some time (our parish priest is primarily a "say the black, do the red" type).

After getting through mass, I wondered whether there was either a particular saint’s intercession to ask for or a particular prayer to say regarding ad libs and liturgical abuses?

I know this is perhaps a silly question, but I was just curious.

Be assured of my prayers in this Annus Sacerdotalis,…


I suppose one could use the Bux Protocol for this.

It is a sad state of affairs when a man comes into a parish as a visitor and thinks that he can do whatever he wants to to the Mass and the people present through liturgical abuses.  I wouldn’t fault a man for going into a place where there are habitual liturgical abuses and insisting that he be able to say Mass according to the book in front of him (i.e., The Roman Missal).  But to come in as a visitor and then inflict your personal abusive quirks is appalling.

Sad to say, perhaps pastors of parishes need to say to visitors: "In this parish we follow the books.  If you commit an obvious liturgical abuse from willfulness or you change the texts in the books, you may not say Mass here again and I will write to your superior and to my own local bishop to explain what you did.  That said, welcome, thanks for coming and have a nice day!"

And thanks for the prayers for this Year for Priests.

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