Sundry grrr updates and thanks to a reader

Still fighting the good fight.

My desktop is… being… difficult.  So difficult that I have had to set aside the laptop problems.

The laptop which powers the Z-Cam… the display died.

Anyway, the desktop … I eventually got it to boot up and give me enough of a readable screen to initiate an update of the graphic card driver.

I now have functioning monitors. 

In the process… various other things crashed and burned.  I have been reinstalling drivers and programs.

However, this cage match is hardly over. 

Sorry about the relative inactivity on the blog.  Right now I am doing pretty much everything the blog requires from my phone… which is why I have the iphone in the first place: for needs such as these.

I must, however, immediately thank CG of IL for the COFFEE… o blessed bean, beloved of God, roasted and prompt for grinding.  This coffee was sent via the amazon wishlist and it lifted my hitherto hideous day (one of several lately).  When that UPS truck pulled up, my spirits rose and so I raise the mug!

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  1. This sounds like my day. Woke up and work program would not launch, on phone with IT, got it to work, just crashed in the middle of data input process so I lost about one hour of work that will have to be redone.

    I’m thinking bourbon and bacon.

  2. Cathy: I had a BLT for lunch… hmmm…

  3. No bourbon?


    See that’s what happened!

  4. Cathy: None in the house. This is getting serious.

  5. sekman says:

    Father, Do you happen to have an old crt sitting around that could b a temporary solution for your z cam problems.

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