Fr. Z on EWTN (earlier today)

A reader sent this alert earlier this morning:

The program on Pope Benedict; just saw a clip of your interview in which you mention his "Marshal Plan."

Perhaps your readers would like to know.

The show was called The Papacy of Reason.

Here is the beginning…


It must be my media day.  I was interviewed on the Teresa Tomeo program this morning on Ave Maria Radio and on Bill Bennett’s show today one of my e-mails was read.  Who knows what will happen in the rest of the day?

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  1. liebemama says:

    The Papacy of Reason will play again on Saturday at 2pm EST. I will try to check it out on the internet.

  2. Stu says:

    Father Z wrote…”Who knows what will happen in the rest of the day?”

    We have just received word the CBS has opted for six additional episodes after your follow-on pilot to the “Father Dowling Mysteries” entilted “The Z Files” where you singlehandedly stop liturgical abuse all over the world. For those who haven’t seen it, the show is filled with plenty of action, is fast paced and the good guy always wins.

  3. Emilio III says:

    …and you were quoted in the new Catholic World Report received yesterday

  4. Fr. A.M. says:

    Will the programme be available on the internet ?

  5. Supertradmom says:

    We do not have t.v. Can we get this on the Internet?

  6. Vincenzo says:

    Yes at – click on Multimedia.

  7. Fr. John Mary says:

    Can’t wait for “The Z-Files”…’must viewing’ for the USCCB and all diocesan chanceries, not to mention every rectory in this country…and throughout the world:<)!

  8. Geremia says:

    Vincenzo, I do not think it is available on the EWTN website. has a version, though: The Papacy of Reason

  9. RichR says:

    After watching that video, I fell in love with our Holy Father all over again…..the same excitement I had when I saw him walk out onto the balcony at St. Peter’s on his election day.

  10. MareD says:

    As short as it was, I loved the clip! Our Holy Father is quite amazing! <3

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