Last game…

… for Twins Baseball in the Metrodome.

We’ll get them next year.

As hard as this is to say,…

go angels

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  1. priest up north says:

    Go Angels…Go Torii Hunter!

  2. sanctus3 says:

    I’ve never been a Yankee fan and this goes back to the 50’s. I always rooted for the Tigers even though they seemed to land in the cellar quite often. I was rooting for the Twins to take care of those Yankees – but it wasn’t in the cards. Since I now live in Anaheim, I am an Angel fan through and through. Thank you Father for cheering for the Angels.

  3. Torpedo1 says:

    sigh… yes, Go Angels and Hunter. Next year… Outside, yay!

  4. Peggy R says:

    We’re not too happy in STL either. Cards swept. Sigh. The RAMS. I was thinking how hard it must be to keep showing up and playing…and losing, week after week. Does that take any courage? Congrats to Favre. [RAMS coach Spagnuolo sounds like a good guy. He and his wife were married at the Vatican, I believe. Unfortunately, he’s not delivering any results on the field.]

  5. Childermass says:

    The REAL Angels are on the side of the Yankees, a.k.a. God’s Own Team. :)

  6. Childer: Oh my… the heresy…

  7. maynardus says:

    This BoSox fan must reluctantly add his voice to the chorus of “Go Angels”. Seriously, the ALCS should be worth watching, and NostraMaynardus predicts an Angels-Phillies WS.

  8. dcs says:

    All American League baseball is heresy. Hopefully someday they will give up their sad devotion to the designated hitter and rejoin the flock.

    Go Phils!

  9. gmarie says:

    Being a SoCal girl…go Angels. Never being a Yankee fan…go Angels.

  10. Cory says:

    I really hate the Yankees so I hope the Angels get the job done!

  11. Tominellay says:

    Hereinellay we root for the Dodgers!

  12. trespinos says:

    Hoping for a Yankees – Dodgers series.

  13. Vincentius says:

    Deus fanaticus Ianchium est! Viva Ianches

    (Ianches,-ium pl Yankees)

  14. dcs says:

    By the way, one can see from the classic film Angels in the Outfield (not the Disney remake!) that the angels play for the Pirates.

    The notion that God or His angels root for the Yankees is truly false, rash, and injurious to the Catholic schools.

  15. dcs: That’s right! And I love that old movie!

  16. Vincentius says:

    ‘The notion that God or His angels root for the Yankees is truly false, rash, and injurious to the Catholic schools.”

    I understand that 90% of the nuns in NY who still wear habits teach that God is a Yankees fan- so it must be right

  17. MarieSiobhanGallagher says:

    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Love ’em!!


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