NCR…. flying on fumes

Here’s a good one from Joe Feuerherd publisher of the ultra-lefty dissenting National Catholic Reporter, which turns 45 years old:

I know that NCR makes a difference. After all, without it, who would find out what is going on in our church and report it?

If NCR wasn’t around, WHO ELSE would give you Catholic news?



Are they sniffing glue at NCR

The alternate Catholic media is closing in on them.

And they know it.

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  1. Fr. John Mary says:

    Maybe it’s just dementia setting in…I’m almost 50 and have to make regular ‘reality checks’…oh, that’s right; they don’t make any reality checks, do they?

  2. Hans says:

    But now that you mention it, the Sniffing Glue Hypothesis explains a lot.

  3. jantoniello says:

    Rorate Caeli
    The other NCR…most of the time.
    This Rock
    The Bitter Pill (I’ve learned that if you read every article, and change all the negative words into positive words, and then throw it out the window it is a pretty decent paper :P)

    That is where I get all my Catholic news.

  4. Singing Mum says:

    He didn’t even capitalize “Church”. How droll, uninspiring, and unappealing. Just like lefty Catholic thought. For a youngish Catholic like me- why bother?

  5. gmarie says:

    That’s the most hilarious thing I’ve read all day. It almost appears that Mr. Feuerherd is being sarcastic.

    I get my news from WDTPRS,, Catholic News Agency (CNA) and Catholic Answers (including This Rock). To be quite honest, I had never heard of NCR until I stumbled upon Fr. Z’s blog. :-)

  6. Jack Hughes says:

    I second gmarie I hadn’t heard of this band of aging hippies till I began reading WDTPRS

  7. Gabriella says:

    I think we should all send them an Email and reply to their question with a long list of what we read to find out what is going on in our church :)

    I agree, Fr., and strongly suspect glue-sniffing!

  8. chironomo says:

    Naturally. Where else could you find “reporting” such as this, regarding the increase in parishes offering Eucharistic Adoration:

    Perhaps because of its appeal to the less literate, or because of its association with the highly regulated life of contemplative orders, eucharistic adoration enjoys the reputation in some circles of an embarrassing throwback to some best-forgotten dark age

    …”enjoys” the reputation?? Throwback? Dark Ages? Just how many cliches can one sentence contain before it becomes….well, I guess this is NCR after all!

  9. chironomo says:

    Oh… and this regarding the Pope’s address to the African Synod:

    The Pope contends that old style political colonialism is no more. Debatable. The old empires of Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Spain…oh yes, and the Vatican, are still engaged in their old colonies’ affairs.

    The Pope contends that a new style of colonialism, in the form of materialism and religious fundamentalism, competes for the souls of Africa. The Catholic Church is doing well in this competition…17% of Africa is Catholic, around 150 million people, three times the followers as thirty years ago.

    It’s difficult to listen to such a sermon amidst such silk, marble, gold, and incense. The Pope needs to dress down a bit and maybe adopt a Franciscan wardrobe. His ensemble and those of the 300 African prelates would probably feed a few villages for a few years

    ….Oh, wait a minute…this is from the Kansas City Star…a secular paper…kinda hard to tell the difference!

  10. Who funds NCR?

    With so many magazines and newspapers going under for lack of readers, you wonder how it survives given its narrow appeal.

  11. pcstokell says:

    What Rich said.

    Between NCReporter, US “Catholic” and WaPo’s horrid “On Faith” column is enough cause to bring back the Index. In open-source, blog form, of course.

  12. 4mercy says:


  13. TNCath says:

    Singing Mum wrote: “He didn’t even capitalize “Church”. How droll, uninspiring, and unappealing. Just like lefty Catholic thought. For a youngish Catholic like me- why bother?”

    Historically, the NCR has never capitalized words such as “Church” in referring to the Catholic Church, personal pronouns that refer to God, or the liturgy (Mass).

    The only thing that keeps the NCR still going is John Allen. If he were to move on someday, I think that would be the end of them.

  14. TNC: That is a good point about John Allen. I think he is propping them up.

  15. ray from mn says:

    It goes without saying, so I’ll say it anyway, that WDTPRS is at the top of the list for news, weather, sports, floriculture, gastronomy, travel, photography, haute clerical couture, linguistics, Advanced Liturgical Practicss, etc.

    But don’t forget the following:

    The sometimes exasperating but essential “Whispers in the Loggia” by Rocco Palmo

    “The Deacon’s Bench” by Deacon Greg Kandra, a former CBS News executive and Producer of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s TV programs.

    “Catholic Herald Online” in the UK

    “” and “” for pro-life issues

    Bill Donohue’s “Catholic League” alerts for the Outrage O’ the Day

    And don’t forget your local diocesan newspaper and blogs that cover the local news in your area. Some aren’t the best, but you surely want to know what is happening at the parishes you know.

  16. Sol says:

    ‘His ensemble and those of his prelates would probably feed a few villages…’

    Amazing that I still get outraged every time I hear or read such views. I wonder if these pseudojournos ever realise the not always transparent mechanisms at work in the whole process of aid and food – giving to Africa. I am currently reading a book on Africa by Richard Dowden, who probably knows more about Africa than any other Anglophone journalist alive. He states clearly that the food given to Africa goes to feed rebel armies as often as it goes to feed the poor, and besides we all know where the West’s money really have beengoing for the past few decades: American, British, Belgian and French governments supplied millions of bucks in cash or guns to countless military dictators and local warlords, while thousands were left to starve.
    That the Church IS one of the largest charity organisations and donors ibn the world s also well known. I would really like to ask the Kansas City Star people how much THEY personally donated ovesr the last month. I wonder.

  17. I’m still waiting for Joe “the bishops be damned” Feuerherd to repent of his infamous insult to the Successors of the Apostles.

  18. Bornacatholic says:

    NCR, (Not Catholic Really). That is how I have always thought of them.

  19. Charivari Rob says:


    National Cash Register is in trouble?

    Noooooo! This mustn’t happen – they must not fail!

    After all, the clerks at most of our local businesses seem incapable of calculating change – they need the till to tell them how much!

  20. irishgirl says:

    Oy vey….

    The only places I get REAL Catholic news are:

    EWTN [just the website, can’t access the TV/radio coverage on my computer, and don’t have TV]
    Catholic News Service
    Latin Mass Magazine [when I used to subscribe to it]

    I used to get the diocesan paper a long time ago, but that’s a rag now-just like NCR [hey, Borncatholic, good name for it-Not Catholic Really].

  21. Seraphic Spouse says:

    Hilarious! To think that their readership increases astonishingly (if fleetingly) only when Father Z sends his blog readers to have a look. Where do they think those fresh, predominantly young, very temporary readers are coming from?

    For Catholic news, I read WDPRS, Damian Thompson, Mulier Fortis, Orwell’s Picnic, Whispers in the Loggia, Ex Laodicea, LifeSiteNews, Britain’s Herald and Canada’s (Toronto) Catholic Register! (No relation whatsoever to NCR.)

  22. JPG says:

    I cannot imagine that the Biological solution will not come upon them as well. Although not bound by a promise of celibacy, such “clear catechesis “on their part will lead their offspring and the offspring of their readership to heresy, apostasy or atheism since they proclaim loudly the values of the secular left. They are in essence doomed much as their aging confreres in liberal religious congregations. They will have no readership since their offspring will likely have left the Church or religion entirely and thus they will have no one to read their paper. I knew a Dominican priest who read it only to know what the enemy was thinking. (he said this half in jest). God grant His Holiness many more happy and healthy years, since with his being at the helm of the barque of Peter maybe those
    who share this paper’s mindset will dissipate like dew in the sun.

  23. Frank H says:

    I see that Mother Angelica and Deacon Bill Steltemeier, of EWTN, were awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Medal by Pope Benedict XVI

    EWTN is 28 years young.

    Has anyone at the 45 year old NCR been similarly honored?

  24. Dave N. says:

    *National Cash Register is in trouble?

    Noooooo! This mustn’t happen – they must not fail!*

    I AM concerned that if the Legionnaires go down that this might spell the end of the National Catholic Register as well. Hopefully someone else will pick it up, although publishing newspapers is a tough gig financially these days.

  25. JoAnna says:

    NCR = Nominally Catholic Rag

    I think what Joe means is, “After all, without it, who would find out what is going on in our church and report it with a dishonest slant and bias toward our ultra-left agenda?”

  26. Clinton says:

    The NCR is probably kept afloat by bulk subscriptions from orders and parishes friendly to its sympathies. The ultra groovy parish
    of my undergrad years kept the literature racks in the vestibule stuffed with free copies. Every time a new issue came out the old
    ones were gathered and put in the recycling bin, for no one actually read the thing. Even then, we kids in the pews knew it was a sad rag.

  27. The saddest part of this tragic fraud is that the money which props up this rag comes primarily from Catholic institutions: religious houses, seminaries, college libraries, parishes, chanceries, etc.

    I haven’t looked at it in years, but during the ’80’s and ’90’s the classified ads were a brazen network of dissent, and the jobs section was one of the primary tools of propagating dissent at every level of the Church’s life.

  28. trad catholic mom says:

    “I know that NCR makes a difference. After all, without it, who would find out what is going on in our church and report it?”

    Are they kidding?

    *shakes head in disgust*

  29. ssoldie says:

    Wow! started in 1964, have we really been in the desert that long…. guess so.

  30. capchoirgirl says:

    Um, gee, I don’t know….just about ANY other Catholic outlet? A TON of blogs? Good theologians and bishops? Websites like this one?

  31. greg the beachcomber says:

    I’m still surprised you’re not putting the “C” in N”C”R in quotation marks.

  32. thereseb says:

    “Are they sniffing glue at NCR?”

    Maybe they need to wake up and smell the incense.

  33. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Besides the above mentioned, there is also CalCatholic (online California news), Inside Catholic (also online), Catholic, Catholic Family News, and of course, The Wanderer, The Remnant, New Oxford Review…..

  34. amsjj1002 says:

    I’m admit it, I laughed when I read that. Who indeed?

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