NCR twits on Twitter over Anglican Ordinariates

I had to laugh at the spin the ultra-lefty dissenting National Catholic Reporter gave to the Anglican Ordinariate story via a "tweet" on Twitter

Pope okays new structures to absorb disgruntled Anglican conservatives

This isn’t a tweet, it’s a twit!

How conflicted the editors of the NCR must be!

After all, they think like liberal Anglicans.  

I can imagine another tweet some day in the future from, say, The Wanderer.

Archbp of Canterbury dissolves even more structures to absorb disgruntled Catholic liberals.

Hey, NCR!

I hear there are going to be even more empty pews ready for you in Anglican churches!

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  1. Gabriella says:

    ‘Disgruntled’ conservatives (!) ahahahahahahah! :D
    I love that!

  2. Bthompson says:

    I think their reaction is kind of amusing. They cannot decide whether they are excited at the potential inclusion of more married clergy in the Church (a pet issue with them for some reason), or if they are distraught at the prospect of there being a huge wave of more traditional members joining the Catholic Church, or if they are utterly terrified at the prospect of this same structure being offered to the SSPX in the fullness of time.

  3. Tom A. says:

    Oh those lefty are very torn. It is not so much a celibate priesthood that bothers them, its a chaste masculine priesthood that really bothers them. They would still scream and cry if suddenly Roman Catholic married men could become ordained. Their ulitmate goal is the normalization of homosexuality and the apostasy of a female priesthood. Both of which we know are doctrinally incompatible with Catholic teaching. But they will never shut up until the Bishops put an end to their rantings.

  4. chironomo says:

    Seriously…why doesn’t the liberal wing of the Anglican Church offer a “deal” to liberal Catholics to come and join the Anglican Church? It would boost their numbers while allowing the Roman Church to cease being concerned about accomodating the left. It’s a win-win.

  5. salus says:

    Once again we see the benefits of disobedience in todays Catholic Church, two groups the heretical Anglicans and schismatic SSPX would be welcomed back(Of Course thatd great) and they will both have Bishops representing them . As the article states the Anglicans will have an ordinary appointed. Meanwhile the FSSP and the Institute of Christ the King obedient to Rome have NO Bishops, what a travesty of justice!!!

  6. salus says:

    The Anglicans should have been brought in under the old Roman Rite in which they left the Church 5 centuries ago.

  7. Jordanes says:

    What are you talking about, Salus? How is it a reward for disobedience for the Church to accept Anglicans who repent of heresy and submit to the Church?

    And if the Church does welcome back the SSPX, how would they be schismatic?

    You should thank God for His grace this day, not grouse about supposed injustice to the FSSP and ICR.

  8. Father, it offends me and saddens me how you simply outright dismiss the “liberal Anglicans” in the Catholic Church. Aren’t we supposed to be welcoming and understanding? With charity and patience? And besides aren’t they our Brothers and Sisters in the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier?


    Kill them all. God will know His own. [You are GONE!]

  9. JoeGarcia says:

    On a more interesting side note, America Magazine’s blog has given this issue a TON of virtual ink today, and has been uncharacteristically (IMO) circumspect in doing so.

    Less circumspect, naturally, are the commenters on the relevant blog posts. I strongly urge all to read these, as they are (again, IMO) quite illustrative of the mindset we are to overcome within our Church.

  10. JoeGarcia says:

    P.S. An interesting set of views from the Anglican side can be found at

  11. dcs says:

    Seriously…why doesn’t the liberal wing of the Anglican Church offer a “deal” to liberal Catholics to come and join the Anglican Church?

    Because the Anglican Communion cannot offer liberals anything they don’t already have in the Catholic Church, and they know it.

  12. La Sandia says:

    Hey, here’s an idea. We can have the traditional Anglicans, and the Anglican communion can have the LCWR!

  13. La Sandia: DONE!

    Okay… next?

  14. JoeGarcia says:

    For more fun reading, kindly mosey on over to the combox over at DotCommonweal:

  15. germangreek says:

    I thought, in a Christian context, the word isn’t “conservative”, but “orthodox”?

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