NYC Carnegie Hall – lots of Chinese stuff!

Those of you in NYC should pay attention to the interesting Chinese culture festival centered on Carnegie Hall.

I think if I were there I would go to nearly everything!

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  1. cuaguy says:

    CHINESE OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cua: You’ve got it. I think I will be in NYC in the beginning of November. I must go to something.

  3. Shadow puppets!!

    “hear a new piece by a miraculous Chinese composer whose music trembles at the edge of silence and ecstasy” = they let his biggest fan write the program notes.

    “recreates the traditional Nanguan music and Liyuan dance of the Tang Dynasty” = reread Judge Dee and Master Li to get in the mood.

    Sigh. I’d never want to live in a really big city or even near one, but it’d be awfully handy to have a teleporter pass.

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