POTUS quotes Oath to medical manikins

Yesterday the President of the United States invited a highly sifted group of physicians to the White House.  The doctors mainly belonged to a group called Doctors for America

This group used to be called Doctors for Obama.

They were treated – with their consent like manikins, like medical training dummies.

"But Father! But Father!" the more gullible are now shouting.  "Doctors are important!  Surely the One wouldn’t treat them like mere props!"

I saw film of doctor’s white lab coats being distributed to them before the President’s Rose Garden address.

But the real insult was the speech

POTUS had the gall to bludgeon them with the Hypocratic Oath.

Every one of you here today took an oath when you entered the medical profession.  It was not an oath that you would spend a lot of time on the phone with insurance companies.  (Laughter.) It was not an oath that you would have to turn away patients who you know could use your help.  You did not devote your lives to be bean counters or paper pushers.  You took an oath so that you could heal people.  You did it so you could save lives.

Hmmm… something was left out here…

"It was not an oath that permits killing the unborn."

Oppps… POTUS left that part out.

The most aggressively pro-abortion President we have ever seen, is quoting the Hippocratic Oath to his medical manikins in distributed white coats.

The essence of the Oath is "First and foremost, do no harm."

In the modern version – at least a modern version of the Oath says:

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

I wonder if these medical manikins opted out of the Oath.

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  1. TNCath says:

    This is truly sickening. We are in for some very troubling times ahead.

  2. Sadly, many medical schools no longer administer the oath. It is now common to instead recite the Declaration of Geneva in its place.

    Of course, the declaration has been scrubbed of its original references to “from conception.”

  3. Doc Angelicus says:

    There are at least two other modern “Hippocratic” oaths in addition to the Geneva oath in use in American medical schools, which have been modified from the original so as to exclude the prohibition against abortion. One, written in 1964 and used at many medical schools, actually anticipates the possibility of euthanasia as a doctor’s task. The Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath is enlightening.

    The text of the pro-euthanasia oath is here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/doctors/oath_modern.html. See the 6th paragrah, the one that begins with the privacy of the patients.

    The Geneva oath was actually modified from its original form in many respects. In addition the the change already mentioned, protecting the patient’s “life” has been removed from the 4th item; not revealing secrets of the patient (5th item) has been extended to include “after the patient has died” (clearly to make the manner of death also privileged information); and the 8th item on nondiscrimination has been expanded greatly, specifically to include “sexual orientation.”

    It is not clear which oath POTUS was alluding to. However, who can believe it was what Hippocrates wrote?

  4. Katharine B. says:

    Distributed white coats? How embarrassing.

  5. Trevor says:

    Most medical students do not recite the Hippocratic Oath anymore. Many classes make their own “Class Oath” which is generally not very detailed on the ethical practice of medicine. Certainly, there is nothing on abortion.

    Any giving a doctor a white coat is an insult. First year medical students receive white coats as they begin their studies, to show that they’re “green”. You don’t ceremoniously give one to a someone who has completed medical school (and presumably practiced for a number of years)!

  6. Traductora says:

    This is so amateurish it’s pathetic. On top of everything else, the guy has no shame. But I guess that’s par for the course with a clinical narcissist.

  7. Luke says:

    Isn’t that one way to define diabolical: where the truth and a lie go together hand in hand without flinching…

  8. ssoldie says:

    The ‘Oath Against Modernism’ and the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ both were abolished in the last 40 + years, and both have been replaced with much better wording, we’re told. (ambiguity)

  9. Peter says:

    I am always bemused when doctors have to be in white coats outside of the ward/lab. If they are wearing them in any other setting, you really have to ask ‘what contagion or secretion is on the coat’ ….

    Of course here the contagion is a moral one.

  10. Virgil says:

    I remain convinced that the President is a “stealth pro-lifer.”

    Classic Obama, much like classic Benedict XVI, prefers to hint gently.

    Remember the Hypocratic Oath (which you doctors no longer take.)…

    Remember that the Federal Government will never fund abortion….

    Thank you doctors for gradually, ethically, removing yourselves from the abortion industry. (which they are doing!)

    Obama gets it. Pray for him.

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