Reader Report: TLMs in Cornwall

From a reader:

Dear Fr. Z,

A few months ago you asked people to write in with their experiences after 2 years of Summorum Pontificum.

I come from Cornwall, an isolated county in the extreme south-west of England, and an area with very few Catholics.  [And very little spoken Cornish!]

Two years ago, before the Holy Father’s Motu Proprio, we had no celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass in our county at all.  Two years later we have-

1. Two parishes which have instigated weekly Masses in the EF.

2.  A third Parish which has instigated a monthly EF Mass to start off with.

3.  A Religious House with declining vocations was taken over by a young and orthodox Religious Order who now offer a Sung Mass in the EF every day of the week!  The presence of this Order has also inspired at least one religious vocation among young people I know, and probably several more.

4.  Another Priest, I hear, is learning to say the EF Mass, and the observant eye can also notice the difference in the way some Priests are celebrating the Novus Ordo, with more dignity and sobriety, especially those Priests who have learnt to say the Extraordinary Form.

Of course, the naysayers who want everything to change overnight (wasn’t overnight change exactly what got us into the present predicament!) would not be satisfied with these changes, but for us who live in a very isolated area of England (we share a land border of only about 10 miles with the rest of our country), these changes mean a lot to us, and hopefully they are only the beginning of greater things to come.  And it is all things to the Holy Father’s Motu Proprio- there is definately no way these things would have happened without him having done what he has done.

God Bless Pope Benedict XVI, and please ask all your readers to pray for Cornwall- we are a land with an ancient Christian tradition and the home of many, many saints.  Please God that thanks to what the Pope is doing for the Church we will have many conversions and our land would return to the Faith of its Fathers!

Huzzay for Cornwall


It would have been nice to learn more than just availability, but how things are going, experiences, reactions…

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    Part Cornish on my mother’s side, I can offer my congrats – Brav! Hi yw Teg!

  2. chironomo says:

    Not satisfied? These are immense changes for such a small area! Perhaps it’s a colloquial use, but “instigated”? It sounds so subversive! LOL…

  3. Fr. A.M. says:

    Yes, it is wonderful news from Cornwall and the South-West of England. Things are beginning – just beginning – to look up.

  4. JosephMary says:

    I believe the ‘young, orthodox’ order that is present is the Franciscans of the Immaculate who have both friars and sisters in Cornwall. For more information see

    Ave Maria!

  5. Clinton says:

    So true, that observation on overnight change. Our German shepherd is a wise, wise man.

  6. frobuaidhe says:

    Glad to hear that the EF is growing in the country to the South West of England.

    “Pan o marrow,
    dasserghys ve dhe Vewnans.”
    (Bewnans Meryasek, A.D.1504)

    [When it was dead, it was raised to to life. – from the Life of Meryasek]

  7. Mitchell NY says:

    I was slightly humbled by this read…God Bless out Holy Father and his Pontificate…Good Luck and Blessings to that small south, west corner which has reached out to the whole world and this corner in New York.

  8. 4mercy says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Praise God for such a good and Holy Pope! I sincerely hope that Cornwall, and the upcoming visit of the Holy Father to England, will be the spark that reignites the true faith in Britain!

  9. Small in size, mighty in influence. We owe a lot to Cornwall, here in the US, even though that heritage is under the radar of a lot of folks. We especially owe Cornwall for Mr. Rick Rescorla, who saved thousands on 9/11.

    Besides the many Celtic saints, folks might want to look up the prayer book rebellion in Cornwall. I only first heard of it a few years ago, but it was an astounding event in Catholic history.

  10. M J Cronin says:

    Deo gratias. Great news indeed. “… and hopefully they are only the beginning of greater things to come”. This is the hope we should all live in.

    My wife and I will be travelling to the UK before Christmas, and if this kind reader or anyone else is able to help with times and locations for these Masses in the south-west corner it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to you Father for for this forum through which such news may reach the world.

  11. irishgirl says:

    How cool this news is! May there be many more such stories, not only in Cornwall, but throughout the length and breadth of ‘Mary’s Dowry’!

    God bless our ‘German Shepherd’!

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