Reason #74659 for the Apostolic Visitation of US Women Religious

Here is an interesting piece from LifeSite News.

Nun Volunteering as Abortion Clinic Escort in Illinois
Sr. Quinn’s prioress said in an email response to LSN that the nun sees her volunteer activity as "accompanying women who are verbally abused by protestors."

By Kathleen Gilbert

HINSDALE, Illinois, October 23, 2009 ( – A Dominican nun has been seen frequenting an abortion facility in Illinois recently – but not, as one might expect, to pray for an end to abortion or to counsel women seeking abortions, but to volunteer as a clinic escort.

Local pro-life activists say that they recognized the escort at the ACU Health Center as Sr. Donna Quinn, a nun outspokenly in favor of legalized abortion, after seeing her photo in a Chicago Tribune article.

"I’ve called her sister several times, and she never responded," local pro-lifer John Bray told (LSN). "But it’s her."


Sr. Donna Quinn, OP, is renowned in the Chicago area as an advocate for legalized abortion and other liberal issues.

In 1974 she co-founded the organization Chicago Catholic Women, which lobbied the USCCB on a feminist platform before it dissolved in 2000. She is now a coordinator of the radically liberal National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN), which stands in opposition against the Catholic Church’s position on abortion, homosexuality, contraception, and the male priesthood.


In a 2002 address to the Women’s Studies in Religion Program at Harvard Divinity School, Sr. Quinn described how she came to view the teachings of her Church as "immoral": "I used to say: ‘This is my Church, and I will work to change it, because I love it,’" she said.  "Then later I said, ‘This church is immoral, and if I am to identify with it I’d better work to change it.’  More recently, I am saying, ‘All organized religions are immoral in their gender discriminations.’[Then why not just get out?]

Quinn called gender discrimination "the root cause of evil in the Church, and thus in the world," and said she remained in the Dominican community simply for "the sisterhood."

Sr. Patricia Mulcahey, OP, Quinn’s Prioress at the Sinsinawa Dominican community, [UGH…. I always recoil in disgust when I see the name "Sinsinawa".  We were tortured by a man-hating Sinsinawa OP in seminary.  I am not surprised this other pro-abortion sister is from their group.  I am sure their founder, Ven. Fr. Mazzucelli – who cause for beatification is waiting for a miracle – is at high rpm’s in his tomb.   That would be a miracle!  Convert his errant daughters to Catholicism!] said in an email response to LSN that the nun sees her volunteer activity as "accompanying women who are verbally abused by protestors.  Her stance is that if the protestors were not abusive, she would not be there."
Though Sr. Mulcahey claimed that her sisters "support the teachings of the Catholic Church," she declined to comment on Quinn’s public protest of Catholic Church teaching.



You can read more at LifeSite News and find there also an address to write to the superior of this pro-abortion sister.

UPDATE 3 Nov 2009 1724 GMT

Public Statement of the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation
Several months ago, the leadership of the Sinsinawa Dominicans was informed that Sister Donna Quinn, OP, acted as a volunteer escort at a Chicago area clinic that among other procedures, performs abortions. After investigating the allegation, Congregation leaders have informed Sr. Donna that her actions are in violation of her profession as a Dominican religious. They regret that her actions have created controversy and resulted in public scandal. They are working with Sr. Donna to resolve the matter appropriately.
Congregation leaders offer the following statement on behalf of members of the Congregation. We as Sinsinawa Dominican women are called to proclaim the Gospel through the ministry of preaching and teaching to participate in the building of a holy and just society. As Dominican religious, we fully support the teaching of the Catholic Church regarding the dignity and value of every human life from conception to natural death. We believe that abortion is an act of violence that destroys the life of the unborn. We do not engage in activity that witnesses to support of abortion.



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  1. Tominellay says:

    I think that it’s way too often the case that a religious can remain in good standing within his community/congregation/order while being in serious rupture with the church or church hierarchy. These groups always seem to protect their members from the church, rather than to protect the church from the scandal some members may be causing.

  2. lofstrr says:

    So… isn’t actually volunteering to escort for an abortion clinic, formal cooperation in these abortions and therefore automatic excommunication applies? I know I read somewhere that even someone who knowingly drives someone to a clinic for an abortion or pays for an abortion is so excommunicated. I don’t see how what Sr is doing would be any different.

  3. Girgadis says:

    So, I take it Sister is NOT so concerned about the torture and abuse of the babies who are killed at that clinic?

    The root cause of evil is failure to submit to God’s will and the assumption that the creature is greater than the Creator. Period.

  4. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    If it’s ok to put a link in, Ed Peters has an article on this nun and the various possible penalties of her behavior at his blog (American Papist pointed this out). The blog is at:

  5. trad catholic mom says:

    I read about this last week. Supposedly she has been doing this for 6 years. I’m at a loss as to why her superiors have not done something about this by now.

  6. joecct77 says:

    Sometimes I wonder if people opened their minds so much in the 70’s that their brains fell out.

  7. “Her stance is that if the protestors were not abusive, she would not be there.”

    I think this is a lie. I’ve moved around a lot in recent years, so I’ve been outside abortuaries in (I think) seven states. Probably about 12-15 in all, geographically dispersed. Pretty good sample. (Oh no, sentence fragments! Call Bishop Trautman!) I’ve never seen or heard abuse from the pro-lifers. NEVER. The worst I’ve heard is a woman from I won’t say where, God bless her, who just had a tough old voice. She’s croak/yell “Jesus loves you!” and it was a bit disconcerting. Now I’ve witnessed plenty of abusive behavior from the deathscorts, including much explicitly anti-Catholic hate.

    But this whole “protestors abusing women” meme is just a lie.

  8. Jordanes says:

    lofstrr, I agree with you. Sister Donna Quinn is helping women kill their babies, and thus has automatically excommunicated herself. Thus is appears she isn’t a Catholic nun at all anymore.

  9. Jack Hughes says:

    can somebody please, please tell this ‘nun’ either to stop what she’s doing or to get outta the church!!!! if bishops spent half the time they spend annoying trads on something worthwhile like taking ‘sister’ quinn out to the woodshed then the likes of attornal general for malta ‘kimec’, heart-beat away from the presidency biden and bleached teeth pelosi would have never happened.

  10. FrCharles says:

    Wow. May God be merciful to us.

  11. PJ says:

    joecct77 – “Sometimes I wonder if people opened their minds so much in the 70’s that their brains fell out.” – Well said!

  12. ckdexterhaven says:

    This Friday, I prayed in front of an abortion mill as part of 40 Days for Life. I was there for an hour, and 6 women went in (no babies came out). All of the women were black. My heart ached before, during and after. I’ve had a haunted weekend thinking about the precious babies whose lives were taken.

    This nun probably claims she’s for “civil rights”, yet I guarantee she *knows* that black women abort 5 times the numbers of babies that white women do.

  13. mrteachersir says:

    I doubt the sister cares if she is excommunicated or not. She’s just in it for the bond with her “sisters”.

    As for the reason her superiors don’t kick her out or punish her, its the same reason she doesn’t kick herself out. They are too wrapped up in being “sisters” with her. To lose a “beloved” member is hard to do when the only thing they’ve got going is each other.

  14. isabella says:

    She probably didn’t respond when somebody addressed her as “sister” because she isn’t one any more. What on earth is her bishop doing? Maybe he could reassign her to scrubbing toilets if this is really true.

    I too have been praying outside a local abortion clinic during the 40 Days for Life vigil here. No violence, except for insults from the pro-death people. What is ironic is that they call themselves the “women’s health center” here in Anchorage.

  15. TNCath says:

    Mother Clare Millea, I hope you are reading this, wherever you are.

    Regarding the Sinisawa Dominicans, the fact that her “superior” (I think they call her the “President” now), allows Sister Donna Quinn to continue in this vein is completely ridiculous. Where the heck is Cardinal George? Out promoting his new book, I suppose. Well, if he wants to implement “simply Catholicism,” he might want to start right here with Sister Donna.

  16. Sandy says:

    It’s just too mind boggling to even think of a comment! True, she is cooperating in abortion, excommunicating herself. The questions have already been asked – where is her superior and where is the bishop? And they have the nerve to wonder why there’s an Apostolic Visitation!

  17. JohnE says:

    “I used to say: ‘This is my Church, and I will work to change it, because I love it,’” she said. “Then later I said, ‘This church is immoral, and if I am to identify with it I’d better work to change it.’ More recently, I am saying, ‘All organized religions are immoral in their gender discriminations.’”

    “And finally I will say, ‘There is no Church, but I will work to change it anyway, because I hate it.”

    My prayers go out for her and her superior. She is in Satan’s grip.

  18. Steve K. says:

    JohnE – precisely correct.

  19. Kimberly says:

    Wow, this woman is filled with anger and hate. It will be very difficult to pray for her but………..I will.

  20. Magpie says:

    The sooner this cancer is removed from the Church the better.

  21. Seems like some Divine inspiration for the community name: Sin-sin-awa.

  22. JimGB says:

    So, Sister Quinn believes that escorting women past abortion protesters so that they can enter the clinic without having some uncomfortable moments outside is of paramount importance? How about trying to dissuade the poor woman from having the abortion? No, that would apparently run counter to Quinn’s idea of “justice” and womens’ rights. What a pathetic excuse for a religious sister and her superiors are no better. We should all pray for God’s mercy as numerous posters have stated, for her because her soul is in danger, for her congregation (which unfortunately seems a lost cause) and for all of us.

  23. bookworm says:

    Hate to admit this, but when I first saw this article over on another blog, my first thought was “Oh my gosh, she better not be one of OUR Dominicans” (of Springfield, Ill.; their motherhouse is on the same street I live on). I was relieved to see she wasn’t, but still, what a travesty that ANY Religious would do this.

    Yes, the Springfield OPs are pretty liberal too — heavy into peace, justice, environmentalism, and sustainable farming — but as far as I can tell, nowhere near as far off the feminazi deep end as the Sinsinawa OPs. I do occasionally see older Sisters out in public in full habit. It will be interesting to see how they react to the apostolic visitation, and how they get along with our next bishop, whomever he may be.

    Oh well, if St. Dominic could stave off the Albigensian heresy and establish devotion to the Rosary, and St. Catherine of Siena could talk the pope into coming back to Rome after 70 years in Avignon, maybe they could pray some of their wayward spiritual daughters back into the fold :=)

  24. Michael in NoVA says:

    TN Cath and others-

    Please be charitable when talking about one of the Princes of the Church. Cardinal George would be the first to tell you that he is not infallible, but he does not deserve near the derision that some on this board seem to ascribe him. Read this woman’s words. Study her Prioress’ response to this “ministry”. Do you think they give a darn what Cardinal George has to say? She’s removed herself from the Church already. She doesn’t respond to people calling her sister, or publicly identify herself as a Catholic religious while acting as a deathscort (and probably at no other time, either). What on earth can Cardinal George do? He doesn’t control the Sinsinawa motherhouse land, so he can’t evict her. Again, what do you want him to do?

    Now, maybe now that this is public knowledge and is causing public scandal, maybe he can issue a public proclamation of her Excommunication. Other than that, what do you want from him?

    This is a very serious matter. But the focus should remain on “Sr.” Quinn. It is no place to take hacks at a third party against whom you bear a grudge for some reason.

  25. marymartha says:

    What Bishop should handle this? The Sinsinawa motherhouse (The Mound) is located in the Diocese of Madison. Donna Quinn lives in Chicago. The abortion clinic she is ‘volunteering’ at is in the diocese of Joliet.

    I think it’s quite sneaky of her to do this… by spreading out her disobedience it makes it easy for the bishops to think it’s someone elses issue to solve.

    Most of my family was educated by the Sinsinawa Dominicans (since at least the 1920s) and it looks like I will be the last in that tradion. My experiences with them in the 90s was very different than my older cousins, parents and grandparents had in the earlier decades. It’s a shame what happened to a once wonderful order. I was kicked out of a theology course because I disagreed with Sister’s position that she should be a priest because with her 2 PhD’s she was clearly smarter than most priests.

  26. Clinton says:

    Excellent point, marymartha. Those who blame Bishops for not smiting this “sister” first need to figure out which diocese of the
    three has jurisdiction. I can see where each Bishop involved, were he even aware of her activities, would think one of the other
    two was handling the situation.

    However, I can think of no possible circumstances that could explain the complacent attitude of this “sister’s” Prioress. There is such
    smugness, such cynicism in her feeble excuse for Quinn’s actions. If Mulcahey was horrified, she hid it well. Not a word or sign of
    concern for the state of her “sister’s” soul– a soul for which Mulcahey has a sworn responsibility.

    It seems to me that if the Motherhouse thought that there would be serious fallout coming, they’d distance themselves from Quinn
    or feign surprise and shock. Instead, their response is to issue a statement that insults the intellect of all who read it. Are the
    Sinsinawa Dominicans merely arrogant and delusional, or do they somehow know that there are indeed no real consequences in
    the offing?

    Where are the higher-ups in the Dominican Order in all this? Do they care what goes on in their name?

    Of course this couldn’t come at a more perfect time to underscore the need for the Apostolic Visitation of US women’s congregations.
    “Sister” Donna Quinn is now the poster child for all that has gone wrong among US women religious. None of her ilk can whine that
    the mean ol’ Vatican is administering a high colonic for no good reason and be taken seriously. Thank you “Sister” Quinn. Really. Thank you.

  27. Fra Alban says:

    Just had a look at their website; especially the photo gallery:

    Then, to cheer me up, I had a look at the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia:

    There are some other communities dotted around as well, who are FLOURISHING, because they have a good apostolate. I wonder if the sinsinwa community have cottoned on that their community is dead, or at least in the death throes, and these communities- of the same order- are doing so well.

    As to the Dominican “higher-ups”, there isn’t really much they can do; Apostolic sisters, unlike the enclosed nuns, do not profess obedience to the Master of the Order. He can jump up and down and what have you, but, I don’t think, he can formally would do much; anyway- are the going to listen to another chauvinistic, domineering male?

    Best to let them die quietly, and pray for the souls of the children they are aiding to kill. And their own souls, which sadly, don’t seem to be quite as innocent as those of an unborn child…

  28. Reason #74659 for the Apostolic Visitation of US Women Religious

    And here’s #74660:

  29. TNCath says:

    Michael in NoVa: “Please be charitable when talking about one of the Princes of the Church. Cardinal George would be the first to tell you that he is not infallible, but he does not deserve near the derision that some on this board seem to ascribe him.

    Michael, when there is a woman religious (whether she identifies herself or not) in your archdiocese conducting this immoral behavior, a scandal is taking place and it’s time to do something about it.

    My purpose was not to deride or be uncharitable to Cardinal George. At the same time, I do think that the time has come for him and his confreres to write fewer books and start taking action. You ask, “What can he do?” Yes, indeed, he can let her superior know that he doesn’t want her working in his archdiocese. A diocesan bishop has the right to tell any religious order to get out of town whenever he wishes. Note the case of the late Cardinal O’Connell of Boston, who, in a particularly Draconinan move, expelled the Sulpicians from his archdiocese to the point of making the Sulpicians dig up the graves of their deceased members and move them.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I’d say the situation with female women religious has gotten pretty desperate when some nun is working at an abortion clinic. Can you imagine how Geoffrey Chaucer would react if he were alive today writing a modern day Canterbury Tales?

  30. Ferde Rombola says:

    Exactly rightm TNCath. The laity, Catholic and non-Catholic, need to see more of our bishops defending the Faith for a change.

    For another example of a thriving Dominican order, check out the Domnican Sisters of Mary the Mother of the Eucharist, a teaching order in Ann Arbor, MI. They can’t build housing fast enough for their postulants, most in their late teens and early 20s.

  31. TNCath says:

    marymartha wrote: “What Bishop should handle this? The Sinsinawa motherhouse (The Mound) is located in the Diocese of Madison. Donna Quinn lives in Chicago. The abortion clinic she is ‘volunteering’ at is in the diocese of Joliet.”

    How about a tag-team of Bishop Morlino of Madison, Bishop Sartain of Joliet, and Cardinal George of Chicago issuing a joint statement condemning the sister’s behavior, barring her from working and/or living in Joliet, bar her from living and/or working in Chicago, and requesting that she be recalled to her motherhouse? If that means she would eventually leave the Sinisawa Dominicans, so be it. Of course and unfortunately, all of this is unlikely to happen.

  32. Michael in NoVA says:


    Let’s say this joint edict is issued. So she decides to ignore it, and the Sinsinawas won’t recall her. Then what? You mention Cardinal O’Connell’s expulsion of the Suplicians over 60 years ago but neglect to add that this was not an act of correction/care of the Church but instead a measure of revenge by a man dedicated to self-aggrandizement and opulence. That’s not exactly the precedent you want to hang your hat upon.

    It’s still a cheap shot to accuse Cardinal George of neglecting his duties to the flock of Chicago because he has written a theological book. Or at least, I assume you hold the same disdain for Archbishop Chaput for “Render Unto Caesar” (you think everything’s perfect in Denver?) and that late bishop who used to write a lot of books (and even plays! ), Karol Wojtyla. All snark aside, producing theological works is one legitimate way a bishop ministers to his flock and the Church.

    I agree, it is now probably appropriate for a formal announcement of Excommunication to be issued. So ahead and contact the Bishops’ offices that you mention, respectfully notifying them of your concern over this scandal, and then pray for all involved.

  33. TNCath says:

    Michael in NoVa:

    I am not saying Cardinal O’Connell’s decision was right or wrong. I’m simply saying that he had the right to do it, as does Cardinal George. And, his taking action on this issue would certainly be within his right as well as within reason.

    As for Cardinal George, all I am saying is that while the Cardinal has been writing and promoting a book, this has been going on, a tragically ironic twist in this bizarre story. Whether he knew it or not is debatable, but he sure ought to know it now. It is not a cheap shot. It’s simply a statement of fact.

    If the Sinisawas don’t recall Sister Donna, then I would hope the process of Excommunication would begin and the Congregation for Religious should be notified about the irresponsibility of the Sinisawas.

    I have already submitted letters of concerns to the bishops in question as well as the prioress of the Sinisawas and continue to pray that this scandal is addressed soon.

  34. Clinton says:

    TNCath, I think you may be attributing more power to the Bishops than they actually possess. They cannot bar Quinn from living
    anywhere–how could they enforce their order? While they could direct all of the parishes and diocesan organizations under their
    administration to deny her employment (and possibly create grounds for a lawsuit from Quinn), they cannot demand that no one else
    employ her. I’m sure a Chicago branch of Planned Parenthood would LOVE to have her as paid staff.

    My hope is that the Bishops involved are consulting civil and canon lawyers, the Dominicans, and Mulcahey to arrive at a solution.
    The result might not have the satisfying crunch of a public smackdown, but if Quinn’s rights are respected and the Church’s need
    for honest witness is upheld, then I’m for it.

    I hope Mother Clare, the Sister in charge of the Apostolic Visitation of US women religious, has a strong stomach.

  35. TNCath says:


    Unless she is formally dismissed from the order and living as a layperson, a bishop can indeed bar her from residing in his diocese.

    I share your hope about the bishops involved and would have hoped that this scandal would never have been made public. But, now that it is, I don’t see how a public correction can be avoided.

    Poor Mother Clare. She definitely has a mess to confront.

  36. MichaelJ says:


    Your suggestion that Cardinal George should not be criticized for failing to take action because they “give a darn what Cardinal George has to say” is absurd. Let me ask you this. The police have failed to prevent crime because criminals “don’t give a darn what the police have to say”. Would you give them a pass too if they chose to stay at the station house instead of patrolling the streets?

    This has gone way beyond Sr. Donna Quinn and whether Cardinal George’s actions will have any effect upon her. Its high time for the good Cardinal to decisively establish that what she is doing is completely unacceptable. The longer he delays, the more other Catholics will begin to think that maybe working at a murder clinic is ok after all.

  37. Hidden One says:

    Things like this make me look forward to widespread post-visitation excommunications designed to get an awful lot of women to clean up their acts.

  38. Clinton says:

    If Quinn and her congregation don’t care about her incurring an automatic excommunication by her formal cooperation in
    procuring abortions, if they don’t care about their responsibility to the Church outside their Motherhouse walls enough to
    cease committing scandal, then they won’t give two hoots what the Bishops involved say about where “sister” may reside.
    It’s not as if they can send over an albino monk to grab her by the scruff of the neck, drag her to the edge of the diocese
    and tell her to get lost.

  39. greg the beachcomber says:

    A friend emailed me this article last week, under the header, “Meet Sister I’m Going to Hell.” I think that covered it pretty well, except, perhaps, for the addition, “and her superior, Mother Wait For Me, I’m Coming Too.”

    I know these people need our prayers, but Lord, that’s a tough one.

  40. hoka2_99 says:

    Has the “Visitation” of North American orders of nuns got around to this man-hating Sisanawa community yet? When it does, one hopes that they will be suppressed and any genuine sisters, who believe in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, incorporated in houses of other orders.

    This sort of thing makes the wishy washy liberals, left over hippies, who abound in our English dioceses [and, heaven help me, in my own parish!] look quite harmless.

  41. I have had similar experiences with male hating nuns like these back in the seminary. Every bad thing that happened in the world was because men were always in power and women were always discriminated.

    I remember this sister who taught us the Synoptic Gospels (would you believe that?) who when you question her feminist agenda, it is sure-fire that you’ll get dagger looks or a reprimand for being “closed-minded” If you want high grades…praise the WOMAN! She even taught us to pray…”Our Mother, who art in heaven…” Geez!

    So to “Sr.” Patricia Mulcahey, “OP”, “Sr.” Donna Quinn, “OP”…



  42. irishgirl says:

    St. Dominic is surely shaking his head in heaven over this ‘daughter’ of his-as well as the founder of this congregation.

    How arrogant this so-called ‘sister’ is-and her so-called ‘superior’ seems no better!

    I’d rather hear about flourishing Dominican congregations who are joyful and obedient-the Nashville and Ann Arbor Dominicans come to mind. These are the future of the Church-the Sinisawans are the past.

  43. Allan says:

    Where is the captain of this ship, (The Bishop) AWOL. He should report for duty and deand she follow the teachinhg of the church or publicly excommunicate her and communicate that to the faithful, and secular media. No wonder we have people like Pelosi, Biden, Harkin, and their ilk with lack of the leadership in this diocese, and others.

  44. MichaelJ says:

    What on earth is this supposed to mean:
    “They are working with Sr. Donna to resolve the matter appropriately”?

    What’s wrong with “What Sr. Donna did is unacceptable and we have ordered her to stop doing it”?

  45. Bryan says:


    More important to save face than admit the error?

    I’m just sayin’…diplomatese is such a flexible language….

  46. Father S. says:

    “We as Sinsinawa Dominican women are called to proclaim the Gospel through the ministry of preaching and teaching to participate in the building of a holy and just society.”

    How is this the case? When has a religious sister ever been called to the ministry of preaching?

  47. JCP says:

    “Quinn called gender discrimination “the root cause of evil in the Church, and thus in the world,” and said she remained in the Dominican community simply for “the sisterhood.””

    What could possibly be so compelling about “the sisterhood” that it would bind her to such a grossly “immoral” institution like the Catholic Church? Is it the camaraderie engendered by shopping together for pantsuits at Macy’s? Or perhaps the community fostered by getting together at one another’s downtown apartments for some gender-inclusive prayer?

  48. Tim Ferguson says:

    Father S., all the baptized are called to engage in preaching the Word of God and proclaiming the Gospel. Where the Sisters err, it seems to me, is in referring to their apostolate as a “ministry,” but this is an error that is pretty widespread, unfortunately. Only the ordained can truly “minister.”

    We layfolk, including those consecrated religious who are unordained are also calle dto preach the Word of God (cf. canons 758, 759, 766) and members of religious institutes, such as the Order of Preachers, to which these good sisters belong, can be entrusted with the apostolate of preaching, and can often be more effective preachers in settings and situations where the ordained cannot minister.

  49. thereseb says:

    “I hope Mother Clare, the Sister in charge of the Apostolic Visitation of US women religious, has a strong stomach.”

    So do I. Especially if she gets to read Sr Donna’s own selection (11 feets worth) of her writings) sifted by the BVMs at Loyola, Chicago. In fact, a glance through the Women and Leadership archives at the Centre for Women and Leadership may save Mother Claire from the necessity of setting her foot out of doors to visit a convent – sorry outreach spiritual centre. All the wimminpriest wannabees will be documented here……..,_Donna.pdf

  50. AngelineOH says:

    Fr. S, I happened upon this past Sunday’s Mass at “The Mound”. A sister read the Gospel and gave a homily, preceded by horrendous liturgical dancing. I didn’t know a priest was there until he walked up onto the altar afterwards.

  51. mrsmontoya says:

    Father, thank you for taking the time to post the followup statement from the Sisters. I am glad to see they are taking appropriate action with the nun in question, and have also issued a clear statement in response.

  52. Their Web site seems to promote some kind of pagan religion. Lord Jesus, please bring an end to this plague.

  53. BLC says:

    AngelineOH, that’s horrifying! I actually can’t even imagine what that would look like – my brain refuses to create the mental picture.

  54. staggering but still standing says:

    joecct77: Thank you so much! I missed the entire seventies (and part of the eighties), which apparently wasn’t much of a loss. (Very sick child requiring tons of care.) I never knew what that stuff on the ground was. Looked really ugly but at last, I know! Brains! They must have been pretty mushed up before they fell out of people’s mouths, though, because they were completely unrecognizable.

  55. Fra Alban says:

    Resolve the matter appropriatley? i feel an exclaustration coming on… interesting they didn’t know (allegedly) that it was going on, which says something about their community life, I feel.
    They are right in saying they are called to preach. Their order is called the order of preachers, after all. However, it must be remembered that preaching is not just liturgical. i think it was St. Francis who said “always preach, and use words if you have to.”

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