Sadder and sadder

From Catholic Fire, a little story I missed during this intense weekend and conference:

"I support ensuring that committed gay couples have the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple in this country."

~ Barack Obama, the first U.S. President to make an appearance at the Human Rights Campaign, the largest pro-gay “marriage” organization in the country

See the article at Catholic News Agency: President Obama criticizes concept of ‘traditional family,’ commits to repeal DOMA


My God.

It’s like we are living in the midst of a Salvador Dali painting… clocks melting off the edge of tables…

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  1. Fr. John Mary says:

    Oh, and I’m afraid there is more to come.
    But the gays are not happy with BO. And you don’t want to mess with them. They take no prisoners.

  2. TNCath says:

    And I thought it was the end of the world when nuns started wearing earrings. Just goes to show you that things can get worse. And, they sure have. We are now living under the “Dictator of Relativism.”

  3. Today was “coming out day” at Loyola University New Orleans, there were posters everywhere of famous gay ppl.


  4. iudicame says:

    There must be some You Tube video from Monty Python depicting gay army battalions…

    I think at the rate this guy is going he may soon find himself sequestered in the Rose Garden for the balance of the term.


  5. Fr. John Mary says:

    iudicame: Would love to see a Monty Python depiction of gay army battalions…ROFL!!!

  6. Trevor says:

    This coming from the man who said he “opposed” same-sex marriage in the debates last fall. Whatever gets the votes…

  7. MargaretMN says:

    Wow. If I ever get back into the classroom teaching political science, I now have a video clip to illustrate the term “pandering.”

  8. markomalley says:

    …And there are pro-Obama “Catholics” (to include many of our shepherds)?

    May God have mercy on us

  9. emily13 says:

    The gay rights march on Washington, DC at the end of last week was the leading story on NBC Nightly News.

    Come January 22, 2010, what do you suppose the lead story will be….or rather won’t be?? Heck, I’d even settle for that march making the news.

  10. Peter says:

    I used to compare this man to Saruman.

    Now I think I was wrong. Maybe the better analogy is Sauron.

  11. Sauron (and Saruman) were at least effective; this man hasn’t had a “victory” since Cash for Clunkers. Count on the threat of the rising Republican tide in 2010 to force some of the moderates in the Party of Death to keep this man’s ambitions in check.

  12. Marcin says:

    Fr. John Mary,

    as you wished, ROFL:

  13. Bryan says:

    Just plain scary. That’s all.

    It’s said that we get the government we deserve.

    Turn away from God (officially, socially, whatever, in the public sphere…) and this is the result.

    Wonder if the squishy middle of the road, who pulled the lever for Barry Sotero (or whatever he calls himself to ingratiate himself with whatever pressure group) is having any buyer’s remorse now?

    One has to consider whether this is a chastisement for our lack of faith and mindless preoccupation with the pleasures of the world or something more evil.

  14. If this isn’t the perfect example of why faithful Catholics have little to no choice but to vote Republican, I don’t know what is.

    The Democratic party is largely made up of secularists, homosexuals, atheists, and nominally religious people (including non-practicing Jews, mainline Protestants, and lukewarm Catholics). The Dem party will ALWAYS choose to side with these groups over more traditional, devoutly religious Democrats (who are fewer and fewer in number as the WWII/Great Depression/FDR generation continues to die off).

    I don’t like everything the GOP does, and they certainly aren’t in line with Church teaching in every area, and I don’t particularly like the power that Evangelical Protestants have in the GOP…..but the choice is clear for all deout, traditional, orthodox Catholics.

    To vote for the Democrats is to guarantee abortions on demand, gay marriage, no respect for traditional families , etc. Could it be any clearer?

  15. iudicame says:

    Thank you Marcin. m

  16. Jbuntin says:

    Check out the post at “and sometimes tea” by Redcardigan. She demonstrates the similarities of the prolife movement and the gay and lesbian movement. It’s very interesting.

    When the Republicans had the majority plus the office of the President, our prolife movement couldn’t get what we wanted. Now that the Dem’s have the majority and the office of the President, the gay and lesbian movement aren’t getting what was promised them either.

    politics as usual.

  17. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Here’s another Catholic blog in which people are taking aim against the bishop’s campaign in Maine against same-sex marriage. If anyone wants to add a comment on why the church should stay in the public square…

  18. Supertradmom says:

    I work part-time at a Catholic College, where there are nuns and priests on the faculty, who love this man. I cannot understand the self-willed blindness of these Catholics. Personally, this is not a laughing matter, as Catholics will increasingly lose their right to freedom of religion and even see members of the Church arrested for being against the homosexual agenda. One of my priest friends from Canada told me that in his community, the priests are aware that it is only a matter of time before they are arrested for upholding Catholic teaching against sodomy, a word now illegal in Canada.

  19. Fr. John Mary says:

    Marcin: Merci beaucoup!

  20. pappy says:

    Cash for Clunkers may not be the bext example of a ‘victory’

    Toyota benefited the most from “clunkers”. GM cars most likely
    to have been purchased where the Impala and Malibu, neither of
    which are built in the US.

    Several people in the auto industry that I know, think that
    in the long run “clunkers” will have more negative effects
    on the US auto industry.

    Chalk up another one to “law of unintended consequences”.

  21. MichaelJ says:

    Can someone explain to me what rights and responsibilities are *denied* to gay people?

  22. Aaron says:

    Fortunately, he’s probably lying to them. During the campaign, Obama made a habit of telling everyone what they wanted to hear, and people wanted to believe in him so much that no one ever compared notes. He’s still trying to do that, but now people are starting to wonder why he’s still making promises and not actually doing whatever it was he promised.

  23. robtbrown says:

    Toyota benefited the most from “clunkers”. GM cars most likely
    to have been purchased where the Impala and Malibu, neither of
    which are built in the US.
    Comment by pappy

    Toyota has almost 80% customer loyalty, meaning those customers are not likely to come back to Detroit.

  24. ncstevem says:

    Hey everyone, lets avoid adopting the language of the secularists. The sodomites are not ‘gay’, they’re homosexuals. It’s not ‘gay’ marriage. It’s homosexual pretend ‘marriage’.

    Never ceases to amaze me when thinking people allow their enemies to dictate the terms.

  25. JayneK says:

    Better yet, let’s adopt the language of the Catechism, which uses neither the term “sodomite” nor “gay”. Instead, it makes a clear and useful distinction between people with homosexual tendencies and homosexual acts. Many people with homosexual tendencies live chaste lives. They should be encouraged and supported. We should be careful that the language we use to condemn homosexual acts does not offend such people.

  26. Andrew says:

    In some families this issue becomes a point of contention because some family members live the “gay” life and try to force others to accept it. This high level public legitimizing of it erodes one’s ability to effectively stand up to them. This is truly frightening! Perhaps, next to abortion, or should I say, along with abortion, this is the greatest social evil of the present day.

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