Sunday Mass

What do you call people from Detroit?  Detroitites?  Detroitians?  Detroiters?  (Okay… I can hear the jokes now… really… I just don’t know!  It’s not supposed to be a straight line.)

Anyway, I have had quite a few e-mails from people in or near Detroit asking where I will be on Sunday for Mass. 

I have the 9:30 Mass at Assumption Grotto.  It will be a Solemn Mass in the older, traditional Roman Rite.

I don’t believe there will be orchestra.  It should be in Gregorian chant.

19th Sunday after Pentecost.

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  1. MargaretMN says:

    As someone born in Detroit my understanding is that “Detroiters” is the correct usage. There is also a pairs figure skating move known as the “one handed detroiter” where the guy lifts the girl above his head by her legs with one arm while he is spinning around. I think it’s illegal in competition but OK for exhibition, like the backflip.

  2. bnaasko says:

    As a one-time Michigander (and a Yooper), my understanding is also that Detroiter is the correct usage. However, in the U.P. anyone from downstate is liable to be called a “Troll”, since they live below the bridge.

  3. Tim Ferguson says:

    As a native Michigander, and a current Shorian, I’ve always called them Detroiters.

  4. Thomas S says:

    There are still citizens of Detroit? I thought it had become a kind of Mad Max Post-Apocalyptic watering hole for nomads.

  5. Detroiters.

    The Mass will not only be with chant, but with sacred polyphony as it is each and every Sunday at 9:30 (with some exceptions). No orchestra, but there will be one for All Saints.

    The question is where Fr. Z will be Sunday afternoon? Commuting or blognic???

    Enjoy the Grotto, Father. I’ll have the pics of your Mass…..God willing.

  6. Hey Fr. Z – I meant to tell you about one of Grotto’s best kept secrets….

    We have BBQ’d hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages after the 9:30am and Noon Masses each Sunday. Just follow the crowd over to the school – we’ll cover you!

    Since we are a commuter parish one family decided to just start BBQ’ing because people were just hanging out for so long after Mass socializing (we choose not to socialize during Holy Mass). It’s been going on for several years now, with only few exceptions per year.

  7. richhardprov says:

    Detroit is my Amrtican hometown (immigrant from UK), and a lot of us are now called “Southerners” – greetings from Fort Mill SC y’all

  8. Oleksander says:

    if anyone wants to see a tour of the real detroit with out the danger of being killed

    Thomas S – lol, actually I think detroit makes thunderdome look pretty nice (I’m Ukrainian and one of our parishes is right in the ghetto, and I’ve been lost in detroit and wondered via car into evil dark places, thank God I got a tomtom)

    Ukrainian cities are sh**holes, but are a lot safer (minus chernobyl/prepyat, but radiation kills you there, not drugged up criminals)

  9. Oleksander says:

    Fr. Z, I suggest you visit Sacred Heart Major Seminary, the architecture is English Tudor and very nice as far as Catholicism in Detroit and Detroit in general is concerned, it stands out like a fortress in a war torn city. I went there for a semester, scary at first but you get used to it.

    there is also the Polish seminary Sts Cyril and Methodius in Orchard Lake which is graduate only these days, fascinating history – the early 20th century Poles wished to set up their own institutions to avoid problems with the Germans and Irish (they would make Sacred heart Seminary) once (if) I get my bachelors, if I dont return to Ukraine or join USMC, I wish to go there. John Paul II (of happy memory) visited there when he came to Michigan.

  10. Oleksander says:

    One more thing, I give credit to Cardinals Dearden and Maida for keeping Sacred Heart open – provides jobs to the locals and keeps moral in that part of the city up.

    They had the option to move to the other seminary in the suburbs, but chose to keep Sacred Heart and close the suburb seminary. It really is the last remnant of Catholicism’s glory from the old days in the city.

  11. Malta says:

    When I was a student at the University of Michigan I had the privilege of attending one (1) service at the Grotto; even then (I won’t age myself, but it was less than 20 year ago) it was a bed-rock of orthodoxy. I imagine they’ll take off with Summorum Pontificum running!

    As an aside, the Grotto is in a very sketchy neighborhood, but, to my knowledge, it has never been seriously vandalized, even during “devil’s night,” which, in Detroit, can cause great damage to buildings.

    When I visited the Grotto I was not even Catholic, but I’m sure it fermented the Catholic inside of me…

  12. MaryMary says:

    My husband and I (both Canadian citizens) crossed an international border on our wedding day to get married at Grotto. So very much beauty there…including the beautiful soul of the good pastor, Fr. Perrone.

    Diane, you have hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages after Mass? When we were there it was just coffee and doughnuts!

    Now we can add coveting to my list of sins.

  13. catholicmidwest says:

    That’s not downtown, which is worse. People in Detroit sometimes sleep in their bathtubs because it lessens the chance of catching a stray one while you’re sleeping. Detroit has the highest murder rate in the country. Most Michiganders won’t go anywhere near downtown Detroit after dark or during the week of Hell Night (Oct 30th). You can get killed in a minute.

  14. catholicmidwest says:

    PS, even during daylight, don’t get off the freeway and wander into the neighborhoods near downtown. You can get into real trouble very quickly.

  15. Frank H says:

    The recent cover story in Time Magazine paints a picture of what this once great city was, and perhaps could be once again. It’s sad and fascinating reading.

  16. channeling my fading instruction in French, I’m tempted to declare them “desetroits”.

  17. Joe from Pittsburgh says:

    Nothing will happen on Sunday, except the Lions losing to the Steelers.

    What a shame, what has become of Detroit. My late uncle lived in Mt. Clemens. He became a big Red Wings fan and he used to own eyeglass stores. He lost them and struggled the rest of his life.

  18. What do you call people from Detroit?

    The defendant.


    Kate in Lansing

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