The Feeder Feed

I returned from Detroit to find that little winged gluttons had picked the feeders clean.

While I was filling one of the feeders the Chickadee was already zooming in with reproaches.

He practically knocked me out of the way.

The Juncos are back!

There are no lack of Goldfinches.

The young ones are still begging relentlessly.

This woodpecker stared at me through the window for a while.

When the young beg for food, they flap their wings and make squeaky toy noises.

Mom shows up.


No begging from the House Finch!

I can beg, however.   They eat from your donations!

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  1. Frank H says:

    Yikes! Snow!

  2. Jack Hughes says:

    you lucky americans, you have snow !!

  3. Yah…. reeeeeallllly lucky.

  4. Joan M says:

    Early for snow, isn’t it?

  5. lucy says:

    Oh, Father, you are lucky (blessed) to have snow. My children pine to live somewhere that they could awaken to snow. I miss my snowy Pennsylvania as well. Beautiful birds….

  6. Emilio III says:

    If you think you’re lucky, wait until next year. Right after getting rid of the dome comes the World Series between the Twins and Rockies. You could have a double-header with the Wild and Avs! Or you could come play in Arlington — the Rangers won’t be using it then. :-)

  7. rwprof says:

    We’ll be able to put our bird feeders back out when the bears go into hibernation.

  8. greg the beachcomber says:

    Snow! Is that what that white stuff is? I was wondering if Father’s camera lens needed cleaning.

  9. jennywren says:

    How can you look at those faces and not donate? It’s like they’re daring you. Oh, alright. :)

  10. jennywren says:

    “Feed Z birds….tuppence a bag”….that made me laugh. Thanks, Father.

  11. Agnes says:

    Once the snow flies, they get voracious! Just enough chunky white stuff to make things sloppy and wet today, but it will freeze.

  12. MargaretMN says:

    At least here in MN, it is the most snow, the earliest. (We have gotten over an inch now). It has beaten by about 2 weeks, the Halloween snowfall of 1992 or 3 (Don’t know, didn’t live here then). It’s supposed to get to 50 next week though.

  13. Girgadis says:

    Father I’m so glad you explained what it is the young goldfinhes are doing when they flap their wings and squeak. I’ve seen them do that frequently over my sunflowers and mistakenly thought they were flirting. oops

  14. iudicame says:

    Back in the day SNL had a similar approach with “Larry the Lobster”…So, if we don’t pay for the chicken feed – will Father wring a chickadee neck live on Z-Cam? Reality web feed rocks!


  15. chironomo says:

    We don’t have bird feeders here (they become ant-farms in a matter of hours) but we have a bird bath that is very much appreciated by the locals. There are two very large ravens (could be Greckels…hard to tell) that drop in and drive the smaller birds away. Otherwise, the cardinals come in the morning and in the evening there are small swifts. Thanks for the beautiful pictures… we miss the snow here.

  16. iudica: I would save the Chickadees for last.

  17. yatzer says:

    Wow!! I couldn’t believe that white stuff was snow! A four-letter word if there ever was one.

  18. lucy says:

    For the snow haters – me thinks thou doth protest too much. Here in Cal. we’re pining for some snow. You don’t know how boring sunshine gets!

  19. wanda says:

    Now Father, how can you go off and leave your feathered friends with an empty feeder? Look at them shivering in the cold and snow. Poor little things. (In jest, you understand.) I love to feed the birds myself, no snow yet, but had the furnace on today. Winter is coming soon.

  20. JohnMa says:

    Fr. Z, You need to go on a TV show and win $100,000 playing poker like the priest from SC did last night so that the birds can eat. :) (Had to get that reference in sometime today)

  21. lucy: I know. I spent ten years one year in S. California.

  22. wanda: I don’t leave them with empty feeders. I leave them with full feeders! They are the emptying experts.

  23. I can’t believe you have snow… it was 85 here in NOLA today.

  24. I LOVE these pictures, I just put a new birdfeeder, but only a cute little squirrel so far. I like to watch the ground feeding doves the best! Thank you for the wonderful pictures.

  25. Fr. John Mary says:

    These birds are the biggest “piglets” you have ever seen…and then they fight. We watch from our kitchen window every day and are amazed…

  26. isabella says:

    Is it a deadly sin to envy you the goldfinches? This computer had a virus I am only about half sure I cleaned properly, or I’d hit the Donation button now. And it’s so weird — you have all the same birds I do (including a woodpecker), but I’ve never seen a goldfinch up here.

    I have a jay that pecks on my deck window for his peanuts when he sees my car pull into the garage. He lurks in the trees and waits for me.

    Will donate from school tomorrow where they have better security. I can’t believe you got snow before we did in Alaska. Now that I don’t envy you. Time to get my snow tires on.

  27. Traded chirping for semi-automatic gunfire, eh?

    Beautiful pictures. If you took those with that little point-and-shoot, I need to hang up the EOS40D and get me one.

  28. Or, shall I say, semi-automatic gunfire for chirping.

  29. Denis Crnkovic says:

    Just for the record: the earliest measurable snowfall on record in southern Minnesota (i.e. Minneapolis) is .75 inches on September 24, 1985. The earliest significant October snowfall is 2.5 inches on October 10, 1977. Yesterdays snow is a pale third in the record books. The Halloween Blizzard of 1991 saw the most snowfall in a single storm, but certainly was not the earliest snowfall.

    My money says there will be a significant Indian summer here by next week. Mushroom hunting time!

  30. irishgirl says:

    Great birdie pics, Father Z!

    But they’re still greedy little things….

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