Warehouse 13

I am curious about Warehouse 13.

Has anyone seen it yet?


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  1. JaneC says:

    My husband and I saw all of the first season and liked it, but it isn’t serious science fiction. Though there are dramatic moments, overall it’s pretty lightweight. Have you seen the Indiana Jones rip-off movie series “The Librarian”? If you enjoyed that, or if you’ve seen and like the same television channel’s* other series “Eureka,” you’ll probably like “Warehouse 13.”

    *I refuse to refer to that television channel’s name in print, since they so ridiculously changed the spelling.

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    I saw the first season. It was okay, some good points, some unnecessary cheesieness. It reminded me of a cross between the “National Treasure” movies and “Friday the 13th, the Series.” In my opinion, the character development was pretty lame, though the season ended with some interesting developments. I still can’t say that I feel any particular draw to any of the characters (or revulsion from, for that matter).

    The special effects were pretty decent, especially for a TV show.

  3. MargaretMN says:

    Cheesy but mildly entertaining and mostly inoffensive. It has some pretty good actors (whose talent is mostly wasted) and some good special effects but the plots are predictable once you get past the initial gee whiz special effect of the episode. My spouse is a Eureka fan and hates W13. He thinks that the characters aren’t as good or likeable. Think of the lamest Stargate Episode and you are kind of in the ballpark of what to expect.

  4. ssoldie says:

    Sy Fy…….yuk.

  5. DarkKnight says:

    Love it. It’s a good light-hearted romp. Besides, it supports the concept of relics (in a secular sense).

  6. Mickey says:

    Seen it and we’re big fans. It’s fun and (so far) clean…and the creative ways the writers have to bring in historical figures is cute. Worth the Hulu time.

  7. Hartmeister says:

    Mix between Eureka, Friday the 13th Series and National Treasure. Whereas Friday the 13th acknowledged that these were evil, occult objects there is some sort of vague idea that “energy” inhabits these objects without any real explanation of how that occurs. Sort of Friday the 13th for atheists. They had an episode where a priest and a nun were on and no cracks made. I think it has the Eureka problem, is this a comedy or is it a drama? Eureka was pretty fun during the first season until they started making side characters more human and injected more drama (comedy is always tougher to write than drama). Eureka and Warehouse 13 are pretty equal right now. Eureka was much better than Warehouse 13 during its first season.

    I still watch Eureka and Warehouse 13 because the number of sci-fi shows with humor is pretty small. However, I feel vaguely used like I did during the run of M*A*S*H or reading any comic of “Funky Winkerbean”.

    What is interesting is the number of BSG actors that are starting to appear on Eureka.

  8. MikeJ9919 says:

    I like it. I agree that it’s reminiscent of The Librarian or Eureka. I was unenthusiastic at first, but I think it got better as the season went on. If you want to decide whether to watch the whole season, I suggest watching the premiere and then a mid-season episode (when it started getting stronger.) There are longer-term threads, but each story is essentially standalone.

  9. Hartmeister says:

    I mean what is interesting is the number of BSG actors that are appearing on Warehouse 13 not Eureka.

  10. JennyZ says:

    Meh. I tried watching the first season, it was just too cheesy for me.

  11. I love it. It’s very much in the vein of the dearly departed Unit 2, or the Bureau 13 role-playing game. (The kind with polyhedral dice, not the computer kind.) The writers cleverly provide the agents and other characters with nicely varied challenges and responses, and the characters are likeable.

  12. twherge says:

    It is a pretty good show. I have only seen a few episodes, though. From what I can tell, though there is a decent amount of drama to it, it isn’t riduculously complicated, and some of the situations can be amusing. I enjoy that they bring in all sorts of events from history and give crazy explanations for them. I’d say it is sort of a cross between Eureka and the Minuteman series that only lasted on whatever channel it was for 10 episodes (I think people didn’t get the jokes because they were too clever).

  13. Joe K says:

    I think it is a really good show. It is a lot like Eureka, with a Steampunk atmosphere as opposed to a futuristic one. There is a little bit of romance mixed in. It is definitely Sci-Fi Lite. So that is nice for some.

    I think if you watched two episodes you would know whether you like it or not. If you get past the first couple, and get to the plot twists, it gets better.

  14. 4mercy says:

    It is the favorite show of my teenage(HS sophmore)son. He has no further comment…

  15. DavidJ says:

    It was good. Not great, but good.

  16. Templar says:

    I will go with the assessment that it is light weight, but unoffensive sci-fi. Me and the missus DVR it, and we are usually in no rush to watch them (unlike some other series) but wait and sit down and knock our 2 or 3 episodes when we have the time, if that gives an indication of it’s drawing power.

    If you’re looking for a better Sci-Fi draw, try Fringe which is also in it’s second season I believe, and much more compelling, not to mention better acted.

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