Where you are!

Here is a snap shot of the last five minutes or so of visitors.

These locations are rough estimations in some cases, and I eliminated the "unknown" indications and vague ones such as "United States", or "Germany".

It is always interesting to me where people are and see that people from all over the world are in contact through this medium!

London, London, City of [hmmm.. I wonder if I had supper with this person in July…]
Rome, Lazio 
Raleigh, North Carolina
Richmond, Virginia
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Madison, Wisconsin
Fenton, Missouri
Henderson, Kentucky
Rhineland, Missouri
London, Ontario
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Saint Joseph, Missouri
Bethpage, New York
Gulfport, Mississippi
Chicago, Illinois
La Laguna, Canarias
Waltham, Massachusetts
Spokane, Washington
San Diego, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylva…
Columbia, South Carolina
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Medina, Ohio
Boston, Massachusetts
Louisville, Kentucky
Crawley, West Sussex
Knoxville, Tennessee
Walpole, Massachusetts
Groton, Connecticut
Dayton, Ohio
Atlanta, Georgia
Columbus, Ohio
Hoboken, New Jersey
Halifax, Nova Scotia [Greetings to the folks at Dalhousie!]
Clifton, New Jersey
Washington, District of…   
Ames, Iowa
Hopkins, Michigan
Champaign, Illinois
Baltimore, Maryland
Greenfield, Ohio
Minoa, New York
Fenton, Missouri
Fayetteville, North Car…
New York
Alexandria, Virginia
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Loughton, Essex
Mountain View, California
Columbia, Illinois
Fort Bragg, North Carol…
Buffalo, New York
Houston, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Rome, Lazio  [Greetings to the seminarians at the North American College!]
Leominster, Massachusetts
Montreal, Quebec
Norwalk, Connecticut
Alsfeld, Hessen
Midrand, Gauteng
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Effort, Pennsylvania
Knoxville, Tennessee
Novo Mesto, Bohinj
Columbus, Ohio
Greensboro, North Carol…
Grove City, Ohio
Washington, District of…
Tullamore, Offaly
Brainerd, Minnesota
Chicago, Illinois
Jackson Heights, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
Federal, Entre Rios
Rome, Lazio [Greetings to the men of that religious community!]
Nashville, Tennessee
Salt Lake City, Utah
Washington, District of…
Saint Paul, Minnesota  [Greetings to seminarians in St. Paul!]
Atlanta, Georgia
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Syracuse, New York
Lawn, Pennsylvania
Notre Dame, Indiana  [Greetings … Richard McBrien?  Fr. Jenkins?  Probably not…]
Perryville, Missouri
Oxford, Oxfordshire  [Newman Society member, perhaps?]
Leasburg, Missouri
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Dallas, Texas
Seattle, Washington
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Memphis, Tennessee
Bard-ls-poisses, Bourgo…
East Lansing, Michigan
Trenton, New Jersey
Cincinnati, Ohio
Bryan, Texas
London, London, City of
Norfolk, Virginia
Saint Louis, Missouri
Naperville, Illinois
Providence, Rhode Island  [Is that you iPadre?]
Newport News, Virginia
Toronto, Ontario
Atlanta, Georgia
Elizabethtown, Pennsylv…
New York
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
Raleigh, North Carolina
Minoa, New York
Narberth, Pennsylvania
New Baltimore, Michigan
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Champaign, Illinois
Grove City, Ohio
Zanesville, Ohio
Memphis, Tennessee
Elk Grove, California
Washington, District of…
Minneapolis, Minnesota
London, Ontario
Rockville, Maryland
Bismarck, North Dakota
Philadelphia, Pennsylva…
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rouen, Haute-Normandie
Philadelphia, Pennsylva…
Cincinnati, Ohio
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Rochester, New York
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Platteville, Wisconsin
Charleston, West Virginia
Alsfeld, Hessen
Manaus, Amazonas
Short Hills, New Jersey
Penicuik, Midlothian
Hollywood, Florida
Charleston, West Virginia
Scottsboro, Alabama

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  1. chironomo says:

    Hmmm… seems clear that those “up North” get up much earlier than those of us in Florida. Be assured that we are here though….even if we don’t get going until a little later!

  2. Jenny says:

    Glad to see TN represented in the list!

  3. liebemama says:

    that’s Muenster Germany!

  4. pattif says:

    We did indeed have supper in July, Father. And a nice ride on a Routemaster bus! Most enjoyable.

  5. chloesmom says:

    Bonjour, tout le monde from Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec (near Montreal)!

  6. BLC says:

    Hi Father Z from Sydney, Australia!

  7. ipadre says:

    That must be me from Providence, RI. I am one Cox.net at home and at the church.

  8. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Happy to see a good showing from Massachusetts!

  9. yatzer says:

    I’m disappointed there are not more from Indiana.

  10. viennaguy says:

    Newman Society indeed! Spent the year in Vienna, but back for my final year in Oxford now!

  11. irishgirl says:

    Hi Fr. Z, from Utica, NY-the hometown of Blessed Mother Marianne Cope [sorry, Syracuse] !

  12. maskaggs says:

    Greetings from Louis XVI’s village on the Ohio!

  13. jt83 says:

    ALOHA WDPRS-ers! Greetings from your brother in Kailua-Kona on the “Big Island” of Hawai’i.
    Please ask the intercession of Blessed Fr. Damien of Molokai as he will be canonized by the Holy Father next week. DEO GRATIAS! Our Lady of Hawai’i and St. Damien, PRAY FOR US!

  14. Salvatore_Giuseppe says:

    just outside of Jacksonville, FL over here. And I echo chironomo, there are plenty of Floridians here. I attribute it to the fact that its still 90 and sunny out, even up here in North Florida

  15. Fr. Steve says:

    Of course New Mexico is here even though we never make it on the list. But, I’m not complaining or anything…Really.

  16. greetings from Japan

  17. anthtan says:

    And Singapore sneaks in there again! Yes!

  18. Jaidon says:

    The aliens must be cloaked this time.

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