An important issue of seminary formation

During the USCCB plenary meeting there was a riveting report from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice about sexual abuse of minors by priests.

Armed with statistics, she hammered seminary formation in the 60’s and 70’s.  An increase in the number of homosexuals entering seminary in 70’s lead to an increase in abusers.

Furthermore, the studies confirmed that some 80% of the victims were male, boys.

However, there was also a comment made about whether homosexuality should be a factor in excluding men from the seminary.  The response came "If that exclusion were based on the fact that that person would be more probable than any other candidate to abuse, we do not find that at this time."

I will at this point recall to your minds that the Holy See issued a strong document treating this very subject and that document is not optional

But you can be sure that this response during the Q&A period will be trotted out by all who desire to set aside anything from the Holy See on this matter, or common sense for that matter.

One sally onto to this field comes from, big surprise here, the Jesuit weekly America.  James Martin, SJ wrote:

Let’s hope that this study helps the bishops to continue their work in combating sexual abuse in the priesthood, and also begins to bring to a close the false conflation of homosexuality and pedophilia, and the vilification of celibate gay priests.


Leaving aside the question of how a homosexual functions as a priest, alter Christus, for a Church which is Christ’s Spouse, other points of concern remain.

First, look at the sex of the great majority of victims.

Second, reread the Holy See’s document on seminary formation.

At the same time, this is from Fr. Martin, SJ, saying "This is either the funniest thing I’ve ever seen or the scariest.  Or a pretty good hoax.  "


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