The US Bishops asked Catholics to act.  Will you?

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CALL CONGRESS TODAY!: The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on Friday, November 6, or Saturday, November 7, on Speaker Pelosi’s "rule" that would establish a federal government program that would pay for elective abortions with federal funds — click here for guidance on how you can help stop her!

To learn more about this critical issue, click here.
Updated short factsheet here!

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for the alert and the very helpful link…I will be calling shortly, after 9 am ET, as suggested in the link

  2. mrsmontoya says:

    I followed a link from AmP and sent emails to all my representatives. I got a response from Senator Feinstein acknowledging that we disagree. No response from my Representatives (Eshoo and Pelosi).

  3. It might be helpful for people to call some of the 30 Democrats who are pushing for Pro-Life language to be added. Tell them, they need to stand strong even if it means voting down the healthcare bill.

    To me, this seems to have more potential effect than calling reps who are already very committed one way or the other.

    For instance, there is no point in me calling my very conservative, pro-life, republican representative. But a similar call to Bart Stupak (D-MI) might do great good.

  4. paglia says:

    I’ve sent emails to my Rep (Taylor) and Senators (Cochran, Wicker) as well as Pelosi and Hoyer.
    I’ll also try to make some phone calls later this morning. I’m in the process of forwarding the link to all the people I can reach in my parish and in our neighboring parish where a lot of my elder relatives are members. I’m not sure how many of them are aware of this.

  5. Jaybirdnbham says:

    Made the call. I’m in congressman Artur Davis’s district, and he is apparently one of the Democrats who is opposed to the health care bill. Hopefully he’ll continue to stand his ground on the pro-life side.

  6. wanda says:

    Made the call(s)both DC and local offices of Cong. Ruppersberger – MD. I also sent e mails to everyone on my list with the number to call and what to say specifically. Thank you Fr. Z. for your heads up alert. St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle..

    You know that our voices are being heard because Planned Parenthood (who have been pretty quiet publicly) are starting to make their voices heard, sending out letters requesting money and bashing our Bishops. As someone said here previously, the Bishops crosier is for guiding the flock and beating off the wolves.

  7. marthawrites says:

    My husband is on his way to D.C. (drove to Baltimore for train to Union Station from which he will walk to Capitol) to demonstrate on the steps and then attempt to visit with our south central PA representative. He has NEVER done anything like this before!

  8. Melania says:

    I made the call, but my representative is Lynn Woolsey. I think also calling each of the 30 Blue Dog Democrats would be a good idea and pledging to donate to their opponent if he/she votes for this bill. A lot of work, but the stakes are high.

  9. mjtanton says:

    Called, they said they would pass on the message. I’ll give another call if he votes for or against this, either commending him or condemning him.

  10. Supertradmom says:

    The voters in our family phoned an e-mailed after the Stop the Abortion Mandate broadcast.

  11. david andrew says:


    I’m in Robert Latta’s district (Ohio), and he’s a good man. I got right through, and the staffer was polite and didn’t argue, but didn’t affirm either. She said she would note my call and my concerns.

    I suspect the reason I got through is because the folks in this district who are against the current health care bill, together with cap ‘n tax know that Rep. Latta is on their side on the issues.

    Next step, on my knees.

  12. ckdexterhaven says:

    Called my libber than lib congressman, Brad Miller (NC). Told I’m against it and why, but he doesn’t care. This district is gerrymandered for maximum liberal ACORNage.

  13. MikeM says:

    I called yesterday. I recommend calling your congressman’s local office. The Capitol switchboard was jammed yesterday. I couldn’t get a call into Washington for 40 minutes yesterday. I got right through to my congresswoman’s local office.

  14. Francisco Cojuanco says:

    Called up my representative about this a few days ago. He may be manifestly corrupt, but there is no way he will go against the opinions of the majority of his constituents.

  15. I just phoned my Representative’s office (D-NJ). The timing is excellent as we just elected Chris Christie, Republican, as our Governor. Oliver Cromwell is reputed to have said when facing a siege of an English town in the English Civil War, “Give them a whiff of Nasby”, referring to a prior village where he had conducted a massacre. Hopefully, the election of Mr. Christie will serve as a whiff of Nasby to Dems considering voting on HR 3962.

  16. Lurker 59 says:

    Phone calling is a wonderful idea, so is faxing because it builds up a pile of paper in the offices. One can do both.

    If you are running Windows XP Pro, XP Business, VISTA Business, VISTA Ultimate, 7 Business, 7 Professional, 7 Ultimate, you have a built in Fax software called WINDOWS FAX AND SCAN.

    The program can fax any document file on your computer. It also integrates into Windows Office (Menu –> File —> Send to —> Fax ). The program will send the fax out over your phone line assuming you have a phone line modem attached to your computer. The fax prints out very clear so documents that have pictures and signatures in them come out very nicely. The fee for sending a fax is the same as you are charged for a normal phone call. A one page fax will take about a minute to send. The Windows Fax and Scan is very easy to use and walks you through everything step by step. Disconnect from the internet before you fax. A helpful hint: don’t use hyphens when you type out the phone number (at least in XP’s version of Fax and Scan) as the fax will not send but it won’t tell you why.

    It is possible to send faxes out over broadband but that involves using a 3rd party program which involves additional fees.

  17. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    I contacted my House Rep. Niki Tsongas. Spoke to a staff person in Washington, then was added to a telephone conference call for those in the district. She acknowledged many people had concerns about abortion provisions and about the costs of the plan, but basically repeated her Democratic talking points. One piece of news: She is only on page 500 out of the 2,000-plus pages of the bill which she is supposed to vote on tomorrow. I had hoped to ask a question on the Stupak amendment, wasn’t one of the callers chosen, so I emailed my query and am waiting to hear back. Personally, I like Tsongas, she responds to constituents, and I wish we saw eye-to-eye on the issues.

  18. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Sorry, the House vote is on Saturday, not tomorrow.

  19. MarkJ says:

    I encourage everyone to call Nancy Pelosi’s office 1-202-225-4965. Remind her what a Roman Catholic must believe on the sanctity of life, remind her that it is a major scandal for the Church to have her promoting abortion and now asking us to fund it, and let her know that we are all praying for her conversion. A few bishops and priests calling her might help, too. St. Paul started out killing Christians and then he converted. You never know what might happen if we really do pray for her conversion.

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