Hermeneutical sighting!

I was sent a photo from a confirmation ceremony with the older, traditional form of the sacrament, which took place in England last week, in the Archdiocese of Westminster.

His Excellency Most Rev. George Stack, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster confirmed 32 people at St James’ Church, Spanish Place, in London. 

In this photo, Bp. Stack is accompanied by His Hermeneuticalness, the great pastor of Black Fen, Fr. Tim Finigan!

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  1. mattwcu says:

    For some reason Father – I can’t see any of your photos today. I am using Firefox on a Mac.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I wonder what he is saying to the young lady (the only one) that is wearing a veil?

  3. Gail F says:

    Did he slap people? I always thought it would be cool to be slapped by the bishop at confirmation.

  4. amsjj1002 says:

    I got slapped at my confirmation in Mexico (in the 90’s), a nice, good smack. When I returned to L.A., I looked forward to this at some confirmations there, but no. I was disappointed! :-D

  5. The Cobbler says:

    A friend of mine is looking into being Confirmed in the EF at an FSSP parish (if I recall correct) in NC after being abused by an anti-orthodoxy Confirmation program in her diocese that I should not get started on due to the length of the story and the degree to which I am infuriated by it.

  6. kbf says:

    I’m surprised that +George Stack conferred Confirmation in the EF. When he was Msgr Stack and Administrator of Westminster Cathedral he was no friend of the Latin Mass Society and would be persistently awkward towards them. At the annual High Mass he would refuse to allow them to remove the “temporary” altar that sat in front of the High Altar and which was moved daily for cleaning. Overall his disposition towards orthodoxy wasn’t that great at the best of times. During the Cathedral’s Centenary Flower festival there were prominent displays from the Hindu Temple and other non-Christian religions and I recall personally that after serving the 7pm mass one Sunday he pointed towards a group in the Lady Chapel who were reciting the rosary and told me he thought that it was “dead religion”.

    I doubt he has had much of a change of heart, he was cut very much of the same cloth as card Murphy-O’Connor. Perhaps it is because ArchBp Nicols is more liturgically sensitive even though I don’t expect him to be personally celebrating an EF any time soon, he seems far more genrous in supporting its provision than his predecessor.

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