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Dear Father Z:

My thirteen year old daughter asked me how to use a word in a sentence.  She was seeking to complete an assignment she had been given in her 8th grade English class at a Massachusetts public school.  The following are the words for the week:


As luck would have it, she asked me to use "ineffable" in a sentence.

Use them all in a sentence!

In honor of B. Trautman.

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  1. Makemeaspar says:

    With my usual,ineffable wit, I cauterized the whole congregation, with a bit of pith, it was a mediocre reception, however, whilst I made a surreptitious retreat from the room.

  2. Makemeaspar says:

    K, you forgot my K when you created my login, it’s Makemeaspark–with a k–thanks Father. Yours truly~Sparks

  3. cheyan says:

    The ineffable pith of doctrine can surreptitiously cauterize the wounded hearts of all who congregate to hear them, unless those teachings are watered down in a mediocre manner.


  4. Lurker 59 says:

    Mediocre men surreptitiously cauterized sacred chant pithly preached ineffable congregator ian c.

  5. seanl says:

    I’ve come across it in several readings for my Patristics class this semester. Always think of these posts when it shows up.

  6. BLC says:

    Last I heard it was in a homily, referring to the hypostatic union. Made me think of these posts too!

  7. Virgil says:

    They CONGREGATE each Sunday
    for the SURREPTICOUS rites,
    in the PITH of which
    they know the MEDIOCRE nature of their own righteousness,
    CAUTERIZED by the INEFFABLE mercy of God.

  8. Mark M says:


    I hope you do not mind me adjectiving a few nouns!

    “A pithy argument would be against the cult of mediocrity. So surreptitious is its advance, that without the ineffable goodwill of others so congregated it cannot be cauterised.”

  9. Seraphic Spouse says:

    The Holy Spirit cauterized the wound left by the words of her surreptitious
    advisors with the fire of His ineffable wisdom; thus were left the evil-doers to
    congregate and compare the pith of their mediocre arguments.

  10. The ineffable truth is that those who surreptitiously pith the brains of the congregation with mediocre drivel will be cauterized for all eternity.

  11. Mario Bird says:

    “What pith!” saith Traut. “What froth! What math!
    A surreptitious formula indeed —
    To congregate per black-red words
    And pitch our former mediocre creed.”
    The Pope hath cauterized an open sore
    And turned banal ineffable once more.

  12. DominiSumus says:

    The liturgical abuses which abound shall be cauterized despite the surreptitious movements of the heterodox liturgists. The meetings in which they congregate result in only mediocre worship services because they have forgotten that liturgical worship must reflect the ineffable nature of God. In their attempt to create liturgies which also serve as amusements they have created liturgies without pith. They shall be not be victorious!

  13. q7swallows says:

    In an unfortunate step for those who congregate, the bishop attempted to cauterise the pith of the “slavish” new translation of the ineffable Mass and in an unfortunate surreptitous manner struck yet another blow for the mediocre.  

  14. q7swallows says:

    Whoops! Left “unfortunate” in twice!


    In an unfortunate step for those who congregate, the bishop attempted to cauterise the pith of the “slavish” new translation of the ineffable Mass and in a hasty, surreptitous manner struck yet another blow for the mediocre.  

  15. thereseb says:

    For over 40 years we have seen the enemies of the Magisterium congregate to promote the surreptitious dilution of traditional Catholic teaching by draining the very pith and marrow from the texts of the Mass – but their designs have been thwarted by a great Pope, who in cauterizing the suppurating wounds of false ecumenism, has rejected the mediocre fruits of protestantization; and restored a sense of the ineffable to the Liturgy.

  16. cmahon says:

    Fearing the pith-helmeted locals might congregate on their hiding spot, and in spite of the mediocre medic’s surreptitious effort to treat the cauterized wound, the man of pith managed to keep his pain ineffable.

  17. Doc Angelicus says:

    Well, it just goes to show that the Massachusetts public schools are WAY behind the curve set by ICEL. When will they learn that educated adults can’t understand such vocabulary? The ignorance they show in teaching them to our youth!

  18. Francisco Cojuanco says:

    Not to mention young children comprehending the vocabulary… I mean even California public schools, infamous for the state they are in, teach these kind of words to the young…

  19. Kwiksatik says:

    Reading “A Wrinkle in Time” to my son last night before bed, I came across “ineffible” – used correctly! Immediately, all thoughts went to WDTPRS.

  20. q7swallows says:


    Touché! I enjoyed your post!

  21. thereseb says:

    Please spare a thought for +Trautmann. He was a disciple of Jungman, and therefore the promotion of the Paul VI liturgy must have been dear to his heart. Imagine the reaction of Honecker to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and you will have some idea of the feelings he must have.
    What – do I hear mocking laughter? Shame on you – only a heart of pre-stressed concrete could resist such a predicament.

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