Minnesota Groceries

You betcha!

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  1. RichR says:

    Me thinks a cooking post is in the near future.

  2. ssoldie says:

    O’ Boy, O’ Good.

  3. irishgirl says:

    I’m thinkin’ the same thing, RichR….

  4. adamwelp says:

    Isn’t SuperValu headquartered in Minnesota?

  5. Clinton says:


  6. Agnes says:

    Methinks he’s going to fix up some creamy wild rice soup. (to be eaten an hour before Communion tonight, of course)

    Just wonderin’: Are the fasting requirements different for priests than for laity?

  7. William says:

    Nah, nah. Minnesota Groceries means coming home from Green Bay with the bacon!

  8. biberin says:

    Oh, no! I used to just have to hit the refresh key to get your photos to come up (firefox and vista), but now I can’t see a thing! I am imagining a Sabine moose wandering by. . .

  9. lacrossecath says:

    Funny how they are selling Wisconsin bacon in Minnesota these day, doncha know!

  10. Clinton says:

    Cryovac lutefisk? Just when you thought the stuff couldn’t get nastier…

  11. Agnes says:

    Oh ick. How Lutheran.

  12. JustDave says:

    Yum! Don’t knock it until you have tried it!!

  13. Bryan says:

    JustDave: I’ve tried it. It was good for a 500 day indulgence. I’d rather chew on sweaty gym socks.

  14. Kimberly says:

    Never tried it and I’m from Minnesota. Is this a sin?

  15. bookworm says:

    If I remember correctly, a character in “Lake Wobegon Days” refers to lutefisk as an “annual purgatory” (because it was eaten during Advent).

    If even Garrison Keillor, a member of a church he refers to in LWD as the “Sanctified Brethren,” admits the purgatorial nature of lutefisk, it MUST be good for more than just a 500 day indulgence :-)

  16. lacrossecath says:

    My German Catholic grandpa always used to tell us grandkids, “I’ve never tried lutefisk before, but I think I stepped in some once….”

  17. irishgirl says:

    Sounds gross….and yet I like fish!

  18. Agnes says:

    I don’t believe in culinary self-flagellation. Suffering comes unbidden in this life – one must not go looking for extras.

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