Patron for vampire hunters

I know that Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati is beloved of hikers and skiers, but this new icon at a parish in England leads me to think he could be a patron also of vampire hunters.

Someday I tell you about the super-secret Vatican Vampire Assassins…. but not today.

In the meantime, you might say a prayer to Bl. Pier Giorgio for both the National Catholic Reporter and The Tablet (aka RU-486).    They have both taken a hike far afield from the road the Church as indicated and they are sucking the life’s blood out of the faithful.

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  1. wchoag says:

    And to think that I thought only members of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church sui juris could be vampyre hunters! This inspires me to pursue a new avocation!

  2. Nan says:

    I thought the church frowned upon secret societies. Or is that only super-double-secret ones?

  3. MargaretMN says:

    I wonder why they decided to give him mini skis instead of normal sized ones in the background or something. Kind of reminds me of St. Pascal Baylon who is honored by Venezuelans as the patron saint of dancing because his last name sounds like the word for dancing. I’ve actually seen miniature dancing shoes left by his statue.

  4. Diego F. C. says:

    St. Pascal Baylon (Pascual Bailón) really danced!

  5. Diego F. C. says:

    In this case Pier Giorgio would be the paron of my compatriot Manu Ginóbili.

  6. Timbot2000 says:

    ”And to think that I thought only members of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church sui juris could be vampyre hunters! This inspires me to pursue a new avocation!”’Hey! I go to one of their Churches!
    St. George, Aurora IL.
    You should pay us a visit there Fr. You would be warmy welcomed there! Our Pastor Fr. Fred Peterson OSB, like you is a Lutheran convert, and very much a “brick by brick” guy, who along with Bishop John Michael Botean, are re-establishing authentic Byzantine practices in what was once a very Romaized community!
    Like you, Fr. Peterson is known for his voice. Imagine Roy Orbison doing Byzantine chant!

  7. dcs says:

    super-secret Vatican Vampire Assassins

    I saw one the other day, sharing a banana with one of the sacred monkeys.

  8. seanl says:

    Hahaha! That just made my day!I can see the headlines now…”Church promotes Blessed to combat popularity of the Twilight series”

  9. pelerin says:

    As Blessed Pier Giorgio sounds like an Italian, I wonder what his connection was with this church in England. Does anyone know where in England it is?

  10. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Kidding aside, he’s holding a pair of skis with black old style bindings. The artist could have posed them slightly differently, but until I can paint that well, I’ll withhold criticism.

    There is a good Frassati fellowship in NYC that sponsors a number of good activities. I imagine there is one in England as well.

  11. thefeds says:

    The Vatican’s Vampire Hunter would be Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing, Fr. Z.

  12. ssoldie says:

    Hey, Father, Have you ever read any of Wm. Biersach books? ‘The Endless Knot,’The Darkness Did Not’,’Out Of The Depths’, ‘The Search For St. Valeria’,’While The Eyes Of The Great Are Elsewhere’,really fun reading, from

  13. lucy says:

    As ssoldie said above, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read your intro. I just recently finished “The Darkness Did Not” and was somewhat disturbed to think that there was such a thing that some priests in the world were aware of. Does that explain the general bad air over L.A. ?

  14. Kimberly says:

    super-secret Vatican Vampire Assassins

    You really have me intriqued. I will be watching everyday for this great story.

  15. iudicame says:

    Father Z

    Do you believe in ghosts?


  16. iudicame says:


    Screenplay – OPENING SHOT: Dawn. A northern state, snow on the ground. Cam shot of a hand (pinkie ring) on a steering wheel, plastic Jesus on the dash, cracked windshield. Cam shot from the ground as a late 70s sedan skids to a halt. Door opens and we see a foot emerge – shod in rubber wellies – -the hem of a black cassock rides on the top edge of the boot (like Andy Griffith used to wear them). Pan up to a neon Krispie Kream sign…


  17. Thanks Fr Z for the chuckle. I say this as my wide reads one of the Twilight books.

    Speaking of Bl Pier Giorgio, I know it has probably been said by many young people, but this has to be one of my favourite “almost saints”. He was a normal person who also happened to live the Gospel (or did he live the gospel and happen to be a normal person?)! Normal in the sense that he didn’t spend his days in perpetual adoration, was not a cleric, and wasn’t one of the mystical stigmatics. I’ve even unofficially dedicated my fledgling blog to him.

    On a very side note: (and if anyone including Fr Z could point me in the right direction)Does anyone know why I seem to be unable to change the information in my profile for this blog? The link from my account is broken and no longer goes to my blog.

  18. Agnes says:

    I wonder if Buffy is a part of that super secret society… But if it’s super-secret, should we be blogging about it? *SHHHH!*

  19. FranzJosf says:

    MargaretMN: I don’t think they’re miniature. Only the tops of the skis are shown. At the bottom you can see part of the old-fashioned bindings, which would be in about the middle of each ski. When I first learned, about 35 years ago, I had that kind of binding.

  20. ssoldie says:

    Of Blessed Pier- Giorgio Frasati, I have a very good book by Robert Claude,S.J. on the life of Blessed Pier, He possessed in eminent degree what Newman described as “the gift of sympathy”.

  21. Subdeacon Joseph says:

    Oh no! Do not let the Ruthenian Catholic or Orthodox see this! God only knows whose graves they will dig up! There are canons in the Eastern Church about these vampire hunters!

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