POLL ALERT! Another on Bp. Tobin and pro-abortion Patrick Kennedy

USNews & World Report has a POLL on Bishop Tobin’s decision to ask pro-abortion Catholic Rep. Patrick Kennedy not to receive Holy Communion.

You know what to do.

Here is the question:

Should America’s Roman Catholic bishops ask elected officials who support abortion rights to forego Holy Communion, as Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s bishop has?

I voted YES using option A.

Here are the results at the time of this writing:

I voted in this poll and so far the white hats and sanity are leading.

Here is the link.  Cut and paste it into your browsers address bar:



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  1. al007italia says:

    I voted yes, which is now 69% of the vote & then got a Viagra ad with the results.

  2. Melania says:

    I voted “yes.” It’s now 69.09% for “Yes” and 30.95% for “No.”

  3. amsjj1002 says:

    Interesting. I cut and pasted, saw the poll, voted, and then the results page said:
    http://www.usnews.com/polls/results.html cannot be found!
    Please make sure to update any bookmarks and check that you didn’t make a typo in the address.
    Has the poll been pulled?

  4. Joan M says:

    I just voted. The results show A – yes 90.07%; B – no 9.93%.

  5. Adam Welp says:

    Voted yes and it is now at 91.88% Yes.

  6. I just voted yes and it was 92.11% for yes!

  7. SophiaGrace says:

    Option A (yes) is now at 92.22% including my vote!

  8. paterpetri says:

    93.43% Yes
    6.57% No

  9. racjax says:

    Looking at the comments under the USN survey, there is a complaint (time 10:07:50) about YOU, Father Z, for posting this. You really are succeeding in what you do!

  10. Hamburglar says:

    Speaking of polls, this headline was on the page Father linked to: “Poll: More Americans Attribute Biblical Passage to Obama Than to Bible”

  11. Allena says:


    You diabolical poll crasher lol

    94.51% when I did mine lol this is so funny to mess with the polls, I think you should have a daily poll :P

  12. Father Totton says:

    Page Not Found!

    I think they have shut down the poll!

  13. lofstrr says:

    Same, Page Not Found

    Seems like we were not voting correctly. :)

  14. Father Totton says:

    PaterPetri, are you a Dominican in Providence, RI?

  15. Trad Tom says:

    Page not found at 6:09 pm, Tuesday evening!

  16. Lynne says:

    1. 95.08% Yes
    2. 4.92% No


  17. frobuaidhe says:

    Search the site for the poll and will come up.

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